Another Fireside Chat with Kat and Natalie (Advent Calendar, Day 24)

Apologies for the late post today! I wish I could blame it on helper elves, but alas. They’re all in separate corners nursing soundly thrashed bottoms. The hijinks they played yesterday! Governing Ana may never recover. And Michelle B, what were you thinking? I told you no to that abomination! Sigh.

*Ahem* I shall take back my blog today. I promised you a post about Christmas at an orphanage, but unfortunately we have run out of days! How did this happen? I will write the post about Christmas at an orphanage next week or the week after. See? I promised you that the Advent Calendar fun wouldn’t end.

For today, I’d like to (re)introduce you to two of my favorite people. Not characters, people.

Last year, I began a tradition of a fireside chat with Kat and Natalie for the Advent Calendar.

Oh, you don’t know who they are? You can read their most recent adventures here:

What a turkey!

Spanking the Cockroach

Study Date

Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Kat’s Christmas Wish

Around fourteen years ago, I scribbled my first spanking stories. I’d read every single spanking story I could find online (Laura’s Spanking Corner was one of my favorites, along with alt.spanking and Bethany’s Woodshed). While I thrilled at reading actual spanking in actual public stories, a part of me sighed at never finding any stories of a woman spanking another woman. For me, it was not about sex. I wanted a story of love, friendship, trust, and guidance. One rare exception was the Julia and Lily stories (I have forgotten the author), although it was a story of girlfriends rather than platonic friends.

I started with a simple image, as I usually do. A girl, locked in her apartment fighting nausea as her best friend pounds on the door. Her friend panicking and breaking in to find the girl incoherent from a drug overdose.

I told the story of the girl’s recovery, of the friend who loved her enough to make sure she was all right.

Nearly two years ago, I dusted off my sole surviving print copy of the story, called “Kat-Sitting.” I typed it into the blog and posted a section at a time. The response was amazing! I met wonderful friends and readers who came to the blog for the spanking stories, and I wrote all day and night. I’d experienced a heartbreak of my own, and writing the stories healed me. The stories came so thick and fast I had to move them to their own blog, one I called Kat-Sitting. Years ago, I wrote of a girl at the lowest point in her life. This time, I wrote about how she got there and how she pulled herself out. No, how her best friend Natalie reached down to pull her out. And spank her on the way up. 🙂

Then Minelle wrote to Celeste saying she should check my stories out, and Celeste told me I should try to publish.

I said no, oh no, publishers will make me change my story. I don’t want to change the spanker into a man or put romance into the plot. As I wrote earlier, I believe, with every bone in my body, that the world needs a story of women without the objectification found in many stories of women. And yet, LazyDay Publishing read my story overnight and said they would be thrilled to publish it. “It’s like Beaches with spanking,” I said. “You’re so right,” came the answer. The Way Home released on March 6th, and Lighting the Way came out for Kat’s birthday bash on June 6th. We had a wonderful line-up of posts from Kat’s friends far and wide. Amongst the celebratory posts, one that stood out was a combined effort from Rogue (*sniff*…miss you, Rogue) and Christina. They crashed Kat’s birthday party and offered her unusual advice how she and Natalie could mend their relationship.

What I’m trying to say is that Kat and Natalie were my first, and in some ways my most real. I’m thrilled about Mira’s Miracle coming out this weekend and the relationship between Mira and Hana, and I love all of my characters in their own way. But Kat and Natalie are real in a special way. Kat has her own email account and even began a friendship with PK’s Cassie, from Cassie’s space.

What are Kat and Natalie like? I’ve invited them here today to tell you themselves. Be gentle with Kat, though. She hates speaking in public.

Another fireside chat with Kat and Natalie

Natalie: Hi again, Ana. You’ve got a much bigger crowd this year for the Advent Calendar. How did you adjust your marketing strategy?

Ana: Marketing strategy? Um…I…

Kat: I have cinnamon rolls.

Ana: Oh, thank you! Your mom’s special recipe, right? When will you give it to me?

Kat: Oh, I’m sorry but I can’t. Natalie says I have to be careful about people I meet online.

(Ana sputters with indignation)

Natalie: Are you having a good Christmas, Ana?

Ana: Online…people you meet online…of all the…I mean yes, very much! What are your plans this year.

Natalie: We just got into our parents’ last night. Kat tried to get time off earlier, but she had to put in extra hours to make up for her reduced shifts this fall.

Ana: That’s right, Kat’s started her nursing classes in earnest. How are they, Kat?

Kat: Really hard!

Natalie: Good thing you study all the time, but I wish you’d be at home more.

Kat: Maybe if you’d put that wooden spoon away for once!

Natalie: You’d hate it if I stopped. Remember?

Kat: Well, maybe. But I better not be getting another hairbrush as a Christmas “gift” this year. I should have burned last year’s as soon as I took it out of the wrapping.

Natalie: Why? You have very pretty hair, darling. I’m sure all the brushing has been good for it.

Kat: Maybe if the brush got used on my hair now and then, it would help!

Natalie: No, I promise. Mom and Dad and I all went in together for your gift.

Kat: Phew, if they were part of the gift it can’t be too bad. What is it?

Natalie: I can’t spoil the surprise!

Kat: Tell me!

Ana: Please, Natalie, our Advent Calendar players want to know, too.

Natalie: All right, but you have to promise to act surprised when Mom and Dad show it to you. Dad has a friend who’s great at woodworking, and he made a cradle for the baby.

(stunned silence)

Kat: But…Natty, I told you we could pull out a drawer and line it with a blanket. That’s what my mom did for us kids.

Natalie: I’m not letting our child sleep in a drawer!

Kat: I told you no! You said you would respect my decision.

Natalie: Not an unsafe one. We have to show the adoption agency we’ve prepared for the baby, or they won’t approve our homestudy.

Kat: It won’t be just your baby, you know! You can’t ignore me every time you think you know better.

Natalie: Why do we have to go through this argument again?

Kat: Stop acting like you always know what’s best!

Ana: Um…I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to start anything. Kat, Natalie, are you okay?

(Both take a deep breath. Natalie sighs.)

Natalie: I guess Kat’s assertiveness lessons have worked. I’m sorry, Kat, but I can’t let you do something unsafe. Not for you, and not for the baby.

Kat: My mom used a drawer for us when we were babies. I wanted to do the same thing. I wish…I wish…

Natalie: What do you wish, Katya?

Kat: That she could be here. For Christmas, and to see the baby, and to tell me what I should do.

Natalie: Oh, honey…

Kat: It’s okay. I’ll be fine.

Natalie: If you need telling what to do, I’ll do it.

Kat: Natty!

Natalie: I’m just teasing, and I wish your mom could be here, too. Even if she wasn’t always very nice to you. You miss her, and your dad, so much. I wish you’d talk about them more.

Kat: I’m sorry about the cradle. It’s a lovely gift.

Natalie: Let’s just have a nice Christmas, okay?

Kat: Merry Christmas, everyone. Oh, we have to hurry! Mama Jane told us to be ready for church. I love the Christmas Eve service.

Natalie: Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and Happy Advent Calendar to everyone.


Today’s Advent Calendar questions (pick one or more):

1. Have you read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, or are they new to you?

2. What would you like to say to Kat and Natalie? What advice would you give, if any?

3. How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate?

4. If you are a parent, how have you settled parenting disputes with your partner or other significant people in your life?

5. If you have experienced loss during this holiday season, what has helped you get through it? How would you try to help Kat if she lived near you?

6. Any final thoughts on our last official day of the Advent Calendar?

(Don’t cry! We’ll have a rollicking prize announcement tomorrow, the sneak peeks of Mira’s Miracle on Thursday and Friday, and a special Tuesdays with Ana post next week. Plus a Lunar New Year’s celebration in January followed by Love Spanks February 7-9.)


55 thoughts on “Another Fireside Chat with Kat and Natalie (Advent Calendar, Day 24)

  1. sassytwatter says:

    First Mazel TOV! A baby!! Thibgs are changing! Oh my what a lovely moving post. You have me balling! Thank you for sharing a tidbit of how you started. I love the name Kat-Siting. I love Kat & Natakie and have read I think most if not all their stories. Jut shows how special they are your love comes out in your words as I read. Ok can’t really think what the question was to excited for the baby. Im just wrapping baby gifts for my sister who is newly pregnant the little fertile wench so perhaps I’m a bit more emotional but can’t wait to read more I hope their story continues each year so we can see their relationship progress and you grow and blossom in your writing style.


  2. sassytwatter says:

    Oops may have forgotten to answer a question….celebrating traditional Swedish Xmas starting w the porridge in the morning and cooking baking most of the day. Lots of good herring smoked fish cured meats cheeses ham game hens cookies candy and repeat oh and lots of vodka.

    Happy holidays! 💋


  3. TL says:

    This was such a sweet post, Bucko and I are hoping that next Christmas a baby will be our gift to each other. This conversation touched my heart. I have read a few of the Kat and Natalie stories and I enjoy how sweet and loving they are together.

    Christmas eve is one of my favorite days. Today I’m wrapping presents and making cookies. Bucko and I have a silly tradition for our Christmas eve dinner. I just hope next year we’ll be planning for baby’s first Christmas.

    This calendar has been amazing. Thank you to you and all your helper elves.

    Merry Christmas!


  4. JC says:

    I have never read any of Kat and Natalie stories. But will be looking into them.
    Today I will celebrate Christmas with my mom and step-dad. We will do Christmas Eve dinner with ham and all the fixings before going to Grandmas. It should be a relaxing day with family!


  5. P.T. Wyant says:

    1. Have you read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, or are they new to you?
    I’ve read bits and pieces — I think that’s how we got to be friends, talking about nursing school.

    2. What would you like to say to Kat and Natalie? What advice would you give, if any?
    Natalie, nursing school is hard and stressful. Be nice to Kat!

    3. How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate?
    I’m “celebrating” by going out in the snow to go to the grocery store for stuff I need for tomorrow.

    4. If you are a parent, how have you settled parenting disputes with your partner or other significant people in your life?

    5. If you have experienced loss during this holiday season, what has helped you get through it? How would you try to help Kat if she lived near you?
    A friend committed suicide on Friday the 13th. I cried a lot. And then at the weekly get together of the group we were both in I hugged another friend (a 6/4″ teddy bear) and let him cry. And we both comforted ourselves with the knowledge that he was someplace “safe” now.

    6. Any final thoughts on our last official day of the Advent Calendar?
    Last day? It can’t be the last day! It’s not allowed to be the last day!


    Oh, Annnnnaaaaaaaaaa…. come here, sweetie…. I have something for you….


  6. Tara Finnegan says:

    Day 24 already? Can’t we start over at the beginning? Or do a January Jaunt or something like that? Come on – surely it doesn’t have to end.

    Yep, sure have read and loved Kat and Nat stories. I envy those who still have that to look forward to. They’re fantastic.

    Eek, I have to say I can see conflicts coming in the future – they can’t even agree on a bed. 😦

    One piece of advice I’d offer is keep those arguments as far away from little ears as is possible, because once little monkeys see any sign of weakness between parents, they learn to capitalise on it from a very early age and will merrily play one against the other to their advantage, even if it’s only to gain an extra sweet.

    The second piece is try not to let stress and tiredness spoil any minute of the early days. They’re over in a blink of an eye and that little angel that once thought of their parents as God, only too soon thinks they are old-fashioned, mean, stupid and all the other hurtful things they say when they are upset or chastised.

    Thanks so much for the Advent Calendar, I really loved it. I’ll miss it and all the people who played.

    Wishing you and all the participants a very merry Christmas.



  7. thelongbean says:

    1. Have you read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, or are they new to you? They are new to me….

    2. What would you like to say to Kat and Natalie? What advice would you give, if any? Stop bickering. Kat should learn to think occasionally.

    3. How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate? Today, Christmas Eve will be visiting a bar. There are no church celebrations, although there may be the odd party prior to the name day tomorrow….

    4. If you are a parent, how have you settled parenting disputes with your partner or other significant people in your life? I haven’t got any children and am unlikely to have any.

    5. If you have experienced loss during this holiday season, what has helped you get through it? How would you try to help Kat if she lived near you? No, I have not. However Kat should think of the good times with her mother and overlook the bad things.

    6. Any final thoughts on our last official day of the Advent Calendar? No final thoughts, except to say it has been fun, but you have been naughty in not posting at a regular time each day. I think Kat’s hairbrush could find another bottom it could used on…….


  8. Kelsey Summer says:

    1. I have read several of the Kat and Natalie stories, but not all of them.

    2. I’d tell Kat and Natalie not to argue (about cradles, brushes, studying, etc) and to enjoy the moment and cherish the time they have together during the holiday season

    3. I’m stuck at work until noon, but I brought my youngest in with me to keep me company. We’ll go to a 4:00 children’s service and then some of us will go to a midnight mass tonight I’m not sure who yet – either my husband and I or my two older kids and I – someone needs to stay home with the 7 year old. I’ll definitely be going because I love the candles and music.

    4. My husband and I tend to have very similar parenting philosophies. We really don’t argue too much. If we disagree we’ve learned to speak calmly and to discuss the whys and then we usually come to agreement. My parents tend to be more difficult. I grew up in a fairly conservative household and it was just me and my sister. I have two sons and they don’t always “get” boys. They also don’t understand that times have changed some. I don’t let my kids run wild, but I do give them a little more freedom than I had as a child.

    5. The holiday season is tough if you’ve experienced loss. I encourage people to talk about their loved ones and to remember the good times. I still do that with my husband (about his parents)

    6. I’m sad that it’s almost over. I’m also very thankful that I had this to help me get through. Work this year is not fun and I’ve had the Advent calendar to look forward to each day at work. I can’t wait for the next events!

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Happy New Year to everyone!


  9. abby says:

    I am familiar with the stories. I have to admit, i read my first one with a lot of doubt…i was not a f/f fan….but those two changed my mind. A baby… wonderful!

    Kat and Natalie, you are in for a wild, but wonderful ride!\

    On Christmas eve, we leave a snack for Santa and let the kids open 1 gift…PJ’s,

    Well, if am being stubborn,,,,disputes are handled with a special paddle!

    My dad died just about 3 years ago……we knew it would be his last Christmas. We took lots of pictures and continued with our traditions..with heavy hearts….but lasting memories.

    You know how much i have enjoyed this advent calendar event. I am so happy that i was able to participate…..and how can it possibly be the last day already??

    A very Merry Christmas to you and all your elves.

    hugs abby


  10. Michelle B says:

    Have you read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, or are they new to you? Yes I believe I even had the privilege of reading it just before it went public 😀

    How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate? Hubby’s family is in Germany, mine is in New Brunswick Canada… so hubby and I will be “celebrating” today the very lazy way… by doing as little as possible! 😀

    Wow I didn’t think I would be able to sustain 24 consecutive days of commenting but oh the things we do to appease our friends 😉 Over the past 10 years or so, she has threatened me with “whaps” from freshly baked & stale (virtual,pixelated) baguettes and nowadays with spanks using all sorts or accoutrements! Learning that she’s been fantasing about these scenes for at least 14 years now, explains a lot… just goes to show – no matter how well you know someone, something will come up and surprise you a long the way! :*

    Season’s Greetings to all, regardless what you may or may not be celebrating! xo


  11. Joelle Casteel says:

    1. Have you read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, or are they new to you?

    I loved “The Way Home.” I could have sworn I’d bought “Lighting the Way,” but I couldn’t find it on my Kindle. So when my Master bought Himself $11 worth of old video games on some site, I decided I deserved “Lighting the Way”- if He noticed I bought it without permission, no I haven’t specifically gotten a spanking for it 😀

    2. What would you like to say to Kat and Natalie? What advice would you give, if any?

    When it comes to safety, try getting two or three expert opinions and then way that against common sense. While what our parents did (ie Kat’s “baby in a drawer”) might be a treasured memory, sometimes memories should remain in the past. I have to agree with Natalie- a drawer sounds horribly unsafe to me.

    3. How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate?

    Well I wish it was more of a celebration, but my Master and I will be going over to His mom’s, but it’ll mostly be as a baby-sitting thing, as her caregiver wants to go to some party/family thing

    4. If you are a parent, how have you settled parenting disputes with your partner or other significant people in your life?

    I’m trying to think of an example. With my son, whom my Master is “step dad,” He’s mostly taken a hands off approach, only doing things direct things (like lectures to now-teen) when I’ve asked for help. I wished I asked for His help earlier, but it’s hard because He was coming into His own as “step dad” and we have some very different parenting beliefs. Try talking it out though and Natalie, you really need to listen to Kat’s concerns and ideas, even if they seem silly

    5. If you have experienced loss during this holiday season, what has helped you get through it? How would you try to help Kat if she lived near you?

    I would want to share Jelly Bellies with Kat- if the CEO of the company would apologize for the political decisions/activism stuff he’s done in California that I disagree with

    6. Any final thoughts on our last official day of the Advent Calendar?

    hm, I’m very sad to think it’s over. While I will endeavor again to make it to Ana’s blog more often, I know that’s difficult. I’m always way over-committed and with taking on caretaking (soon 24/7) with my mil and bil, I’m not sure what this next year holds for me.


  12. Emily Tilton says:

    Ana, thank you so much for a wonderful Advent experience. This community is a very special thing, with a wonderful, caring culture, and a holiday concerned with bringing a people together to witness the act of a loving God to save the world is an appropriate time to celebrate it, it seems to me, especially with a new birth in the offing!

    In my little family, parenting issues are generally resolved by choosing the most conservative solution, in the true sense of the word: what will keep our kids safest is usually our choice.


  13. Renee Rose says:

    I agree with Em, this is a beautiful experience for the entire community. THank you for being such a loving, welcoming hostess, holding space for everyone’s emotional content, religion, race or creed around the holiday. I love you!!!


  14. Leah says:

    1. No, I haven’t read any Kat or Nat. I’m going to download one shortly.

    2. First of all, I’d say congratulations! Then I’d say to pay special attention to each other after the baby comes. And they should let all their friends in blogland babysit a lot =).

    3. I’m following the kids’ (ages 6 and 10) lead today. Our have-to stuff is done so we may bake or watch movies or may just snuggle and read. We’ll go to church then have dinner then hopefully get the little ones down early enough to play Santa Claus at a decent hour. I cannot sleep Christmas Eve waiting for the little ones to wake up.

    4. The only real difference that we’ve had is that I’ve felt like my husband doesn’t enforce the rules with the kids as consistently as I’d like. We’ve talked about this some and he’s doing much better (coincidentally as we’ve started ttwd). I’ve let him know how much I appreciate this.

    5. I once heard advice for dealing with holidays after a loss is to make a plan.

    6. I’m sad this is the last official day and look forward to what comes next. I’m also grateful that I’ve met knew people, found new blogs to explore, have a jillion recommended books to read, knickers to purchase, sex toys to try,..

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  15. quiet sara says:

    I have read a snippet from one Kat and Natalie story and found it to be very cute.

    Today we will have my parents over and do a special breakfast for dinner, then let the children open gifts, then watch a movie and have hot cocoa.

    Ugh, parenting disagreements are horrid. We have very few of them luckily but when we do it mostly comes down to what is moral, safe, and best for them in general.

    Final thoughts: You put a lot of hard work into this. Thank you for making it fun, special, and memorable. Have a Merry Christmas.



  16. M. Palmer says:

    Thank you Ana for this lovely chat with Kat and Natalie! I have not read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, but I am very excited to hear that they are planning for a baby. They will have such a special and exciting time ahead of them – but they will have to be very patient, because adoption is a challenging process.

    There have been several Christmas seasons that were filled with loss for us, but one of the hardest was the year our first adoption was delayed. We wanted desperately to have a baby, and we were supposed to have our little girl home from China in early Fall. But a change in Chinese adoption procedure caused the adoption to be pushed back indefinitely. That Christmas was supposed to be our first as a family, and instead, I was watching Elmo Saves Christmas by myself and sobbing. But this story has a happy ending… just a few days later, on Epiphany, we got the call that our precious daughter was waiting for us, and incredibly, three weeks after Christmas, we held baby Natalie in our arms for the first time. That was a gift well worth waiting for!

    Thank you, Ana, for this great community. It’s been so much fun!!


  17. Leigh Smith says:

    I thought maybe you got caught in the ice storm. LOL

    Yes, I used to read the Nat and Kat stories before you had to take them down.

    Maybe Nat could ease up a little.

    Yes, but they are alive in my heart and mind and always will be there to tap into.

    This was a great treat, thanks to you and all the elves (even the ones in the corner). Have a wonderful holiday and look forward to your future posts. Even if I don’t always comment, I always visit.


  18. terpsichore says:

    I love Kat and Natalie…they have a special bond and friendship I hope is always there. I will be going soon to spend time with family and eating Chinese Food… 🙂 Hugs to all. This has been such a fun and festive activity each day…thanks for all the smiles… Best wishes


  19. Renee Meyer says:

    I have not read any of Natalie and Kat’s stories. I have added them to the top of my to be read list. Today is a preparation day of cleaning, baking and cooking. Oh yeah and wrapping gifts. We will celebrate tomorrow. I would tell Natalie that patience and consistency would always win. When it comes to parenting, I take the lead in our house. Raising children with special needs (autism) requires really consistent expectations and discipline. Hubby lacks the steady consistency the boys required so I became the primary (alpha) caretaker many years ago. Both our boys are bigger than me now so I must remain the dominant figure in this area or they would walk all over me. Luckily we have good kids so it is not that difficult. I am sorry to see this event end but I will continue lurking on Ana’s blog and all the others I have met this past month. Thank you and Happy Holidays everyone.


  20. JoanneBest says:

    Oh Ana what can I say to describe how much you (as well as every single one of you here)have helped me through what I thought I’d never make it through?
    Learning how you started your career as a published author gives me hope that yes, maybe I really can make that dream come true for myself. Before I start making myself cry I better move on to the questions:
    1. Well would you look at that, I actually read Kat’s Christmas Wish at Kat-Sitting not realizing it was you! I still have more to read, as in every word you’ve written, but it makes me smile knowing I ‘liked’ Kat’s Christmas Wish before I knew.
    2. I’d love to tell Kat and Natalie how lucky they are to have found each other, it sounds like they’ve got everything else covered, you know, the love and respect every couple deserves. Oh and I would tell them the story of how my Dad and his twin brother (who died after a few months) both slept in drawers lined with blankets as they were too poor to buy a cradle, and that it’s not where you sleep that counts, but the love, always the love is most important. (But Kat, Natalie’s right about the adoption agency so at least play along till you have your precious bundle of joy officially yours 😉 )
    3.Today I will begin some of the cooking for tomorrow’s dinner, finish wrapping gifts, hide the pickle ornament in the tree and put up the Nativity scene I inherited from Mom (geez, it’s over 65 years old and still all intact!), tonight we’ll giggle as we all try to hide gifts from each other and open one gift each while eating my famous baked brie as well as other little appetizer type food then it’s off to bed before Santa gets here.
    4. Unfortunately I never had children, one of my biggest regrets in life. To all you young’uns out there, make sure to discuss this before you get married or you may end up childless as I am.
    5.Oh this question….if only I could give Kat a hug and tell her to get her cute little rump over to Ana’s Place, there’s magic in these here pages I tell ya, pure magic! See answer to question 6 for further information.
    6.Final thoughts huh? As you all know, losing my Mom has been the most horrible thing I could ever imagine, and believe me, I feared that day as long as I can remember; when I was 5 years old my Mom slipped on the ice and to this day I can still hear her head banging on the concrete, if I stayed overnight at my Aunt’s I would cry like a baby until my Aunt would call my Mom to prove to me that she got home safely. I was born a worrier and I’ll die a worrier but I’ve learned to hide I mean control my fears over time.
    You all know how devastated I’ve been and you have all opened your hearts to me; through this past month I have healed more than I thought was possible. I honestly thought I would never feel anything but numb for the rest of my life but instead my heart feels near full and it is with total sincerity that I say it is because of every single one of you. Ana, your Advent Calendar has been my salvation, I have had the privilege of meeting the most wonderful people I could ever hope to meet and you will be in my heart forever. You have all made me laugh and cry and giggle and squirm (and stare longingly at the corner wishing for a spanking :D), it’s no exaggeration to say you have changed my life for the better. And I have learned so much about myself as I allowed myself to be censure-free here and again, that is because of you; I’ve learned to be braver, stronger, and I believe you have made me a better person than I was 24 days ago.
    I won’t say goodbye to anyone, because I feel I have found some lifelong friends here. I have moved in heart and soul and I look forward to learning more about each and every one of you through your blogs as I go back to day one and reread everything, follow everyone I may have missed in the pre-Christmas flurry, and read every book I can get my greedy little hands on.
    I’ll be back later to chat with you all, and I look forward to next year’s Advent Calendar with Ana and all of you here. And who knows, if I stick to my guns and follow my New Year’s resolution, perhaps I will be able to donate my own book as one of the prizes, that is how much you have helped me, you have made me believe in miracles ❤
    Have the Merriest Christmas, the Happiest Holiday, however you celebrate, I wish you all a magical day filled with love.
    All the Love in my heart to each and every one of you, you have all made a difference in my life and touched me in so many ways (still waiting for a spanking though :D) I will never ever forget the Month That Changed My Life ❤
    I love you all!
    Love, Joanne xox


  21. Terry says:

    1. I haven’t read any of your Kat and Natalie stories but after finding this Calendar and your blog I plan to read them.

    2. Since I’ve never been a Mom before I’m not a good one for advise except to say Kat and Natalie should read the advise from the experts, asked family and friends who they think have been good parents and then trust in their own judgement. As I’ve mentioned in the past weeks I have a new step grandson that I feel blessed to be able to take part in his raising.

    3. Right now I’m wrapping gifts and watching my grandson while his parents work part of the day. I actually had the day off! Tonight my husband and I will celebrate Christmas Eve with my grandson and his parents. We are going to BarBQ part of our dinner so I feel a bit closer to everyone here who live in a warmer climate than I do as we will be having a white Christmas this year. Christmas Day will be the first time in many years we aren’t visiting my older step-daughter and her family so we will spend the day with some very close friends who weren’t able to visit their family either. My older step-daughter and family are coming to spending New Years with us so we will have another “Christmas celebration” next week.

    4. Since my husband and I haven’t had children together I can’t answer this question except to say we mostly have similar ideas when we’ve talked about our grand kids and other peoples’ children. He says I would have spoiled any kids we would have had like I spoil our dogs. I agree somewhat but I’ve seen to many out of control children whose parents don’t teach them manners or responsibility. I like to think I would have been loving enough to any child of mine to be tough when they needed me to be.

    5. I haven’t lost anyone right around the holidays but the first Christmas after my parents died were very difficult for me. The loss of their love and presence in my life was a deep emptiness that hurt so much. I would tell Kat to try to be with the people who care about her especially if they knew her Mom also. When she can, Kat should put together a reminder book about her Mom including pictures, thoughts about her Mom and write down things her Mom did durning holidays, birthdays and just day to day life while they are fresh in her memory. In the future, Kat can use the book to tell her child about his/her grandmother.

    6. This has been a great month. I’ve learn many new things, laughed, cried and felt a connection to people all over the world. I have looked forward to each day of the calendar and wish it wasn’t going to end. Ana, I’m glad you have plans beyond Christmas to continue to have a way for this group to stay connected. I have to sign up for your new post alerts.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Thank-you for letting me share a part of your life and letting me share with you.


  22. hollawrites says:

    The fireside chat was wonerful! I wish I had time to answer all the questions but we have much to do before the family descends upon us tonight. I have only read some of the blog posts of Natalie and Kat. I laughed at Spanking the Cockroach.
    We will be celebrating with the entire family tonight. The little children will open their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa, aunts and uncles. We will stuff ourselves with our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, talk and laugh with brothers and sisters whom I haven’t seen since last Christmas. It will be a late night with lots of food and drink.
    Now before I get caught commenting on this blog, I have to go and arrange the cookie trays for tonight and make the spaetzle!
    Merry Christmas to all!


  23. Michael says:

    Morning Ana. I was a bit worried when I didn’t see the new Advent post up this morning and thought you may be ill. Glad that is not the case. Then of course my naughty imagination took hold and I thought little Ana may have been naughty and was late with her post because she was over Mrs. Claus’ lap for a meeting with the wooden spoon. Maybe imp Ana was caught trying to peek at her Christmas presents. I told her that trick of slicing the tape with a sharp razor then re-taping wouldn’t fool Mrs. Claus.
    Or that maybe Ana was under the bad influence of her helper elves and made a bonfire out of all the wooden spoons in Mrs. Claus’ kitchen.
    Or perhaps Ana, along with some other imps such as Marybeth, JC, Irishey, Angel, Tara and Joanne just to name a few, tried sneaking sips of Mrs’ Claus’ rare and favorite brandy and Mrs. Claus branded their behinds but good. If they were all just now being released from the corner that would explain the tardiness of today’s post.

    Have not yet read any of the Kat and Natalie stories but I intend to.

    I would like to say to Kat and Natalie that it is wonderful you have found each other, and that together you are stronger than you were before. Keep doing what you’ve been doing and continue to be happy.

    My final thoughts for Advent Calendar are a mixture of feelings. I am exceedingly happy I accepted Ana’s gracious invitation to her Advent event and joined in all the fun. I could never have dreamed the fantastic experience I would have and the amazing people I would meet and the new friends I would make. This has been an experience I will fondly remember for very long time. But I am also a little sad as Advent draws to a close. I know there will be more to come after Christmas, but I am still a little melancholy about the end of Ana’s Advent Calendar event.

    As for final thoughts, I would like to thank you all for welcoming me in such a warm, not to mention warm bottom, way. Your love, caring and good fellowship (impship) touched my heart and left an indelibly happy mark.

    And of course I want to thank Ana for making all this possible. We were acquaintances at the beginning but now I feel Ana and I are good friends. She has been so busy rubbing…er…running to and fro creating an awesome experience for us all. And a bonus from all her running is that it is harder to spank a moving target.

    You are a very special person, Ana, and thank you for all you do for our community. 🙂


  24. angel says:

    I love Christmas……I lost my mom when I was just three I put out something special each year for her to help my kids know their grandmother This year I have missed my mom more then ever and I think it is because I am not going to my Nana’s and Poppop’s ( They raised me)…………….. Being raised by my grandparents is why I am so well behaved well that is what my hubby says my Aunts and Uncles say that if they did half of what I did Sitting wouldn’t have been a option I say they are just brats and that I never got in trouble because I was just always good…….. Thanks again for doing this it has been tons of fun and I made lots of partners in crime hmmm I mean friends


  25. octoberwoman says:

    I’m sneaking in here while things are quiet at work for a few minutes, and I read down as far as where the chat starts but I’m running out of time so I’ll have to come back later to finish. But to answer two of the questions quickly – I haven’t read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, but I do want to, from the beginning of course. And I pretty much ended all my parenting disputes (and we had a ton and a half of them) with my husband by leaving him.


  26. Blondie says:

    What would you like to say to Kat and Natalie? What advice would you give, if any?
    Do your research on adopted children. Be honest and open and always make sure that he/she was the best choice you ever made. Good luck to you both.

    How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate?
    Go to church for Christmas Eve service. And now there are no believers in Santa, our family will have some hot cocoa and snacks before bed – just enjoying each other (yeah, I know I have four teenagers but one can dream)

    If you are a parent, how have you settled parenting disputes with your partner or other significant people in your life?
    You have to always come across to your children that you are a team. If there is a disagreement, the parents need to discuss it out of earshot of the kids and work on an agreement. Parents can change their minds, kids need to know that we make mistakes too.

    Any final thoughts on our last official day of the Advent Calendar?
    Thank you for making the month of December fun. Visiting the calendar always left me in good spirits, which is something being that the holidays are kind of tough. This was a lot of fun!


  27. Ria says:

    Hi Ana,
    1. No, I not read anything with Kat & Natalie
    2. I like Natty’s idea of a cradle. My kids always slept in a crib; they never had a cradle. However, once when I had to go to the office with my youngest who was a month old, I put him in a printer box cover while I attended a meeting. Thank God for great friends who looked out for him, 🙂
    3. Since I sing in our choir, I will be attending church both tonight and in the morning.
    4. Since I do not have a partner nor a significant other, I do not have any parenting issues to settle, 🙂
    5. If Kat lived close by, I would take a trip down memory lane with her, remembering the good times and try to show how she can share similar thought with her new baby. She can put a scrapbook of her parents/mom together to share with her daughter
    6. Final Thoughts? Thank you for a rollicking time this season. It has me smiling into the new year.


  28. chickie says:

    1. I haven’t read any. I thought they were real people at first, then was irked when they weren’t lol. I do plan to read though. My to-read list has grown very big.

    2. What would you like to say to Kat and Natalie? What advice would you give, if any? Relax, stop trying to do everything right because there is no right way. What works for you is what is right. And even that will change each day.

    3. How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate? So far the usual way. Husband informs me he didn’t get presents for his parents despite his repeated promised he’d take care of them this year. Me and two little ones in the madhouse called Kohl’s. My 4 year old had the ladies in the bra section rolling though. He was petting and squeezing the bras. I *needed* brown cable knit leggings and so the boobies were grand entertainment.

    4. If you are a parent, how have you settled parenting disputes with your partner or other significant people in your life? We’ve been really lucky with this since we parent similarly. Where we do differ, I’ll make my opinion known and then defer to him if he doesn’t like it. He’ll usually come around with an “I told you so” on my behalf when his way didn’t work. I certainly don’t know everything but children are my career so he will usually defer to my professional opinion.

    5. If you have experienced loss during this holiday season, what has helped you get through it? How would you try to help Kat if she lived near you? I haven’t experienced loss during the holiday season, but it’s always empty when thinking who isn’t here anymore. Kat just needs a big giant hug.

    6. Any final thoughts on our last official day of the Advent Calendar? Wish I had time for typing all the blabbedy blabbedy today as I like to do! I really had a lot of fun.


  29. Katy Beth McKee says:

    I have not read any of their stories before.
    We are celebrating very low key. Do so baking this afternoon. Tomorrow just sit around and visit. We have an open door if anyone wants to stop by.

    This has been so much fun. Thanks again to Ana for hosting and for everyone who worked so hard. And to all those who donated prizes. And everyone who stopped by. Its been so much fun to read through every day.


  30. Sherilyn says:

    Loved the interview with Kat and Natalie! I may have read one of their stories back when I was sneaking out to .alt/spanks. That was a while back!

    They reported on the news a little while ago that Santa was over Mauritius! I hope Zee got goodies! Maybe a new wooden spoon….

    To answer the questions super quick:

    1. I might have read a very early Kat & Natalie story, but don’t really remember. I plan on reading them in the next couple of weeks.

    2. My son slept in a cradle my father made for him until he could roll out of it. I love the idea of a cradle, but have a crib on standby! And given my experiences with early rollers, a drawer is not a safe idea. I know honoring your memories sounds wonderful, but the baby’s safety has to come first.

    3. I will be cleaning, finishing Ana’s ornament (putting on the polka-dot knickers!), and wrapping presents. I also have to break down my clay table because granddaughter will be here the rest of the week!

    4. Mostly I took the lead with the kids, as I was their actual parent. My husband stepped in when I was ready to shove the teenagers out in the snow! I advise Kat & Natalie to talk about what they can in advance and to always back each other up, even when they disagree about a parenting decision.

    5. We lost my first grandchild and my dad close to Christmas in 2010. Even with the blessing of my first living grandson being born on Dec. 15th that year, it was a pretty desolate holiday. My husband was a rock! If I could, I would gather Kat, Joanne, Renee, and P.T. together to tell stories and cry together. Not being alone helps a lot. Just keep talking; holding it all inside is disastrous.

    6. Final thoughts: Ana and elves, this has been just wonderful. I have enjoyed the Advent Calendar enormously! I really hate that it’s ending. This will definitely not be my last visit to your blog, Ana, especially since my browser just automatically comes here. Has Mrs. Claus been chasing it or something? Thank you so much for all your work. This really has made a huge difference to me and several others. Given that I finally determined to quit being ashamed of myself for wanting to be spanked, I could not have asked for a better bunch of people to talk to and play with.


  31. laurellasky says:

    I have read Kat and Nat stories and loved them. In some way they helped me heal a little more.
    I lost my mother 3 years ago at this time of year. I am so happy that I was able to forgive her and myself. We became friends and had a more grown up relationship. Ed and I were living in Israel when my sister, Pat, passed away. I was with her for the last month and although it was painful and sad, it was also joyful and we had quality time together. She was 53. My mom was alone and depressed, my brother, mike, lived in California, so after 6 years in Israel we came back to help with my sister-in-law and my mother. Mom told me that I added years to her life, she passed at age 90, and since we lived on the same street I saw or spoke to her every day. Ed and I took her to England with us and a cruise to Alaska. I am so happy to have these memories. This time of year is when I miss mom and Pat very much.
    My darling Ed is slowly withdrawing, either to his age,88, or his Alzheimer’s but we still have good days.

    Thank you all for allowing me to use you as a sounding board and just for being there. This month has been extraordinary and healing.
    I wish all of you a happy, healthy and peaceful year.
    Love Laurel


  32. pieclown says:

    1. Have you read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, or are they new to you?
    No, I have not read any of their stories.
    2. What would you like to say to Kat and Natalie? What advice would you give, if any?
    Love your kid, and be a parent not a friend.
    3. How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate?
    I am going to my x-wife to have my kid open some presents.
    4. If you are a parent, how have you settled parenting disputes with your partner or other significant people in your life?
    We try to talk, but we don’t always settle. TOUCHY SUBJECT!!
    5. If you have experienced loss during this holiday season, what has helped you get through it? How would you try to help Kat if she lived near you?
    Find out what she did with her mom and dad. And do it as a way to honor them. Maybe they had a favorite restaurant or activity. By doing this, one can remember the great time.
    6. Any final thoughts on our last official day of the Advent Calendar?
    I did not have time to read the postings, I plan to go back and read some of the silliness.


  33. Roz says:

    This is such a lovely, sweet post Ana. I have read some Kat and Natalie stories and love the intimacy, love and banter between them.

    It’s Christmas morning here and I’m just popping into blogland before the chaos of the day starts. Off to family BBQ this afternoon and visiting friends tonight.

    I have really enjoyed the advent calendar this year. It has been so much fun and wonderful to meet new people. Thank you so much Ana for all your hard work. Thank you to the helper elves (naughty as they are :).

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and safe and happy holiday’s.



  34. Janey says:

    I have read just one or two Kat and Natalie stories but want to read more.
    Now parenting issues….. That is our main reason for arguing and I have been in trouble over things associated with this so often. I cannot seem to give over any control of our boys to him. When they were babies I didn’t even trust him enough to change a nappy! I never let him take them out alone, I had to be there taking charge.
    I’ve realised that now and tried to change it but it hasn’t stopped me jumping in when H has a disagreement with one of my babies. I feel the need to defend them and have (more than once) put H down I front of them.
    I sometimes think that if it wasn’t for our children we would never argue, but I’m sure we would find something to disagree about really!


  35. Erzabet Bishop says:

    1. The stories are new to me…but I think not for long.

    2. I don’t know them well enough yet. 🙂

    3. I worked. Now I am finally home with my fuzzy socks, puppy at my hip and a nap in my future.

    4. I am a dog Mom and sometimes things come up where I don’t think my husband is as involved as he needs to be.

    5. I lost a friend who came to the store nearly every day. He was a light that will be dearly missed. Coping…one day at a time.

    6. I don’t want it to end. 🙂 I wish we had a Facebook group.

    Now I need a Christmas nap. Hugs to all and to all a good night…



  36. nancygoldberglevine says:

    I read all of the Kat and Natalie stories except What a Turkey, (I nissed that one) and snippets. I love your writing because you do such a good job showing their friendship and caring for one another. I didn’t experience a loss at this time of year, but last year, my parents had to go into a nursing home and I’m still having a hard time dealing with that. I am an only child, so everything falls on my shoulders and it’s way too heavy. In 2011, holiday time, I had knee surgery and almost died from pneumonia I got (the surgery went fine). So I get pretty down at this time of year. Thanks for all the fun. I have all of your books on my wish list (no money to buy anything).


  37. catrouble says:

    Okey dokey…here are my answers:

    1. Have you read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, or are they new to you?
    Oh yes, I have read their stories and love them.
    2. What would you like to say to Kat and Natalie? What advice would you give, if any?
    Be good to one another and remember that everything you two do for your baby should be a joint decision. Kat dear…just because your parents put you in a drawer does not make it the best choice for a baby…old ways aren’t always the best. Nat dear…please quit making decisions without discussing with Kat…and remember, not all new ways are the best either.
    3. How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate?
    I already celebrated with my youngest. Will talk to my oldest and grands on the phone and then drive (depending on roads) to my mom’s.
    4. If you are a parent, how have you settled parenting disputes with your partner or other significant people in your life?
    Those disputes were always settled outside of the children’s hearing and we discussed what was in the boys best interest.
    5. If you have experienced loss during this holiday season, what has helped you get through it? How would you try to help Kat if she lived near you?
    I lost my dad in September and my uncle in November of the same year so that Christmas was extremely rough. Last year was my first Christmas without Matthew since I had lost him and his family right after Christmas. It was actually my friends here in blog land that I could talk to about Matthew (including the spanky parts) that got me through. My advice to Kat would be to stay active and just remember that you carry your loved ones in your heart and honor them when you find joy in life.
    6. Any final thoughts on our last official day of the Advent Calendar?
    I don’t want it to be the last day! *pout* I have enjoyed it so much…meeting new people and having so much fun teasing, playing and showing lots of support for each other. Thank you Ana and all the awesome elves and thanks to all the awesome visitors that helped make this such an awesome time!

    Blessings to all and to all a good night! 😉 Cat


  38. Kitty says:

    Have you read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, or are they new to you?
    they r new to me. from what i read above i look forward to checking it out.

    How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate?
    today grumble has been hectic just as yesterday was didn’t get back till 1am my time cal time. still have a lot of cleaning to do and wrapping all the prezzies i got and my friend has me doing all hers. also she doesn’t cook either. come to think of it i do all the work around here. tonight we’ll stuff the stockings together. give the children there night ware gift to open.

    If you are a parent, how have you settled parenting disputes with your partner or other significant people in your life?
    no i have no children but i’m almost a second mom to my friends daughter a doubly handicapped 15 year old phisically/mentally

    Any final thoughts on our last official day of the Advent Calendar?
    i agree with P.T. Wyant this has been a blast.


  39. angieia says:

    1. I have read one of Nat and Kat’s stories in Coming to Terms.
    2. Talk to one another and work with each other when you get the baby. It is hard with a little one and you need all the support of your partner. Be willing to talk about everything with the baby and be willing to make compromises. The drawer worked when Kat was little, but Nat is right the adoption agency will frown on it.
    3. We went to my mom’s and celebrated with her tonight. Tomorrow we will celebrate with our kids.
    4. My husband usually made most of the decisions, but I would voice my opinion when I thought I had something good to contribute.
    5. I would be Kat’s friend and listen to her and help her in any way that she needed.
    6. I have really enjoyed Ana’s Advent Calendar! It has made me make comments and that is something that is really hard for me to do. I don’t like putting my self out there it is scary.


  40. Tracey Gramiak Horton says:

    Thank you Ana for all you have done with this Advent Calendar (we thanked the elves yesterday). I just want you to know we are all better people having done the calendar this year–improving our attitudes, giving, relationships, and overall improving upon our Christmas Spirit. I truly hope you have an awesome Christmas and a very happy New Year in 2014!!


  41. minellesbreath says:

    Gosh I am so sorry the Advent season is coming to an end. I wish I had more time this year to appreciate all the banter and hilarity that was enjoyed.
    I remember when I discovered Kat and Natalie, I couldn’t get enough of their story. I felt that there was so much trust, love and honesty in their relationship. I am not saying that it was all easy, far from it. My advice would be that each of them work on listening to what is really important to the other. Sometimes what we are saying isn’t the true message, it is what is behind the words.
    I think being a parent is hard at times you may want to provide a united front, but sometimes we fail. For us it was important to resolve conflict and try and support one another.

    Thanks Ana for a wonderful time!


  42. Marybeth says:

    1. Have you read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, or are they new to you?
    No, I haven’t read any of these stories. But, I’m interested and will look them up in the new year.

    2. What would you like to say to Kat and Natalie? What advice would you give, if any?
    From the snippet that Ana gave us, I would say that they need to talk more. One parent can’t be the only one making decisions.

    3. How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate?
    Hmmm….today we go to a neighbor’s house for Christmas Eve. Then, my husband and I start wrapping. We also get stuff ready for tomorrow’s dinner.

    4. If you are a parent, how have you settled parenting disputes with your partner or other significant people in your life?
    I think that my husband and I only argue about the kids. He is one of 4, but younger than the others by 6 years. So, he was really raised as only child. I, on the other hand, am the youngest of 6. We are all very close in age and were used to siblings about. I try to discuss the decisions with him, but if it comes to a dispute, I am the primary caregiver, so I make the decision. This has been a source of problems throughout the years. Luckily, those years are almost over.

    5. If you have experienced loss during this holiday season, what has helped you get through it? How would you try to help Kat if she lived near you?
    I have not experienced loss through the holiday season. I would advise Kat to remember the good times and to let herself grieve.

    6. Any final thoughts on our last official day of the Advent Calendar?
    I can’t believe its over. I plan to check in with this blog throughout the year. And I have found other blogs with the help of Michael. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


  43. houston_switch says:

    Not read any Nat and Kat books. We will spend time with daughter and wife…go to movies and later, dinner with extended family.

    Thanks for the Advent Calendar. … never seen one before. … enjoyed posting, reading and being a part.


  44. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    I’ve read a lot of Kat and Natalie’s excerpts and a few exchanges between them, but I haven’t read their books, yet. I really want time to be able to sit and read for awhile. Today is hubby’s b’day, so I finished all my decorating, wrapping the few gifts I had left over and did some straightening. We went out to dinner and just watched “Home Alone,” and now we’re about to watch “Home Alone II.” Macaulay Culkin was a cute kid and they are humorous Christmas stories, even though they are dated (before TSA took over our airports and before cell phones) and there are a lot of continuity errors in both of them, there are some funny moments and good lines, too. Anyway, I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a wonderful holiday. I won’t be on much tomorrow, but I’ll try to check in. Hugs to all. To Ana, Kat and Natalie especially.


  45. Katie says:

    Whoa! Just in the nick of time!!! Merry Christmas Eve Everyone, and Merry Christmas to all in the land who are already celebrating. 🙂 It’s been a busy day and still stuff to do, but wanted to get here and enjoy the last little bit of this neat experience.

    I have always loved the Kat and Natalie books. The characters are so real and endearing in so many ways. I look forward to reading more about them- especially about their journey into parenthood. Very cool!

    I would tell them to listen to really listen to each other. I would tell them to be open and accepting, and to remember that it is about caring in the best way that they can, through thick and thin. That they each come from experiences that are different, and therefore perhaps bring their own interpretations to the table- about baby and other things too. They are such cool characters!!!

    We celebrated tonight with good old friends coming over for dinner. A little different than past years but a really great time. And now Katie T has lots of work to do because all these big kids still like the whole idea of surprise/stockings/Santa with candy canes on tree anyway- and Katie T and Rob enjoy giving to them in that way. Rob usually heads to bed after staying the course for a while. I could SO be more organized. It is lots of fun!!! 🙂

    We used to have trouble with parenting disputes at times. Mostly we talk things out now and then Rob decides. Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs ever- with the most rewards though I think!! 🙂

    I have experienced loss of a younger sib around this holiday in years past. I would say that she is missed, and thought of often. Mostly I can smile at the memories of sneaking around and looking at gifts together- something that we used to do. Initially- after she had first passed, there was a sadness that was pretty rough. Time has helped a lot. I would listen and encourage Kat in a gentle way, to remember. That kind of thing is very helpful I think.

    Just want to say thank you, and Merry Christmas to Ana and all who made the Advent Calendar so very special to all of us! It was a lovely experience! Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie


  46. Irishey says:

    1. Have you read any of the Kat and Natalie stories, or are they new to you?

    I’ve read many of the first stories from the blog, excerpts, comments from Ana and a book! I feel I knew them so well – they are like relatives I never met. 😉

    2. What would you like to say to Kat and Natalie? What advice would you give, if any?

    When are you going to come visit?! Make sure you bring the baby when you come.

    Love is an action word. Make it a way of life.

    3. How will you celebrate today, if you celebrate?

    Overdoing it. Too much cooking, eating, visiting with family – happy chaos!

    4. If you are a parent, how have you settled parenting disputes with your partner or other significant people in your life?

    Living issues with the ex as we speak. 😦 Going to pass on this one. 🙂

    5. If you have experienced loss during this holiday season, what has helped you get through it? How would you try to help Kat if she lived near you?

    Coffee on the porch, wine by the fire, companionable silence, a shoulder to cry on… then finding joy, inspiration and silly irreverence in our memories.

    6. Any final thoughts on our last official day of the Advent Calendar?

    The elves will be released from the corners and unattended?! No more Mrs. Claus and her spoon?! Ummmm… nobody caught the turkey, either. Yikes. Run, run reindeer! 😉

    It’s been wonderful. Thank you to Ana and the many elves who helped, and everyone who commented. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Big Hugs! Blessings to all and to all a good night!


  47. octoberwoman says:

    Now that I’ve actually read the interview part of the post I would definitely offer Kat this piece of advice – give up the drawer idea! I work for an adoption agency, and I can guarantee that none of our agency’s social workers would write them an approved home study if they plan to put baby in a drawer.


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