Advent Calendar winners!


Phew, we made it! After midnight mass, I returned home last night eager to find out the lucky winners of the grand prizes. Yesterday was a long, busy, gloriously jam-packed 19-hour day, filled with all the best parts of a holiday. Today, I’m going to make this year’s second batch of my great-aunt’s vanilla caramels using a new candy thermometer I received as a Christmas gift. I burned myself with the caramel from the first batch (perhaps I may have been talking on the phone at the same time), and let me tell you that caramel burns are no fun! I’ve always been distrustful of candy thermometers (no legitimate reason, just that my mom, grandma, and aunts never used one) and instead drop a bit of the caramel into a cup of ice water. If you can reach into the ice water and squish the caramel into a firm ball, it’s ready. If you burn your hand while dripping the caramel and have to scramble for cold water, the caramel heats past the firm ball stage and becomes toffee that’s too hard to cut. Still tastes good, but you have huge slabs of candy instead of bite-size pieces. Then, if you lift the slab of caramel and slam it against a cutting board on your counter top (because you’re frustrated at letting the caramel cook too long and the knife not cutting), you spill half of the shattered pieces onto the floor.

All that work for so little reward! I don’t know if others have a better way of making caramels, but my great-aunt’s recipe requires approximately an hour of near-constant stirring. I almost cried when I saw the pieces falling to the floor.

Today, my new candy thermometer should make everyone much happier. 😀

I also used my brand-new spatula for…ahem…shall we say…less than culinary purposes? Ana & Co. are having a wonderfully spanky holiday, and we hope that you are, too.

Enough about me! 😀 I know we’re all a bit sad that the Advent Calendar has finished (I giggled through mass last night as the priest said we’d had four weeks of Advent…of course I finished it with “Calendar!” in my head), but I’m so excited about the prizes and our secret that I may burst if I don’t announce them soon.

Click the image below to receive your Ana’s Advent Calendar 2013 party favor! Helper elf Michelle B put in 6+ hours to compile our holiday recipes into one easy-to-read PDF file. Please give her your thanks! Helper elf Tara Finnegan made sure everyone’s recipe was included and helped with proofreading.

Mrs. Claus' Naughty Holiday Recipes

Congratulations to all of the winners! Please consult the Prize Donor Contact List and send an email to your donor by midnight EST on December 29th. If you miss this deadline, your prize donor may contact me to draw a new winner.

If you have received a physical prize and do not with to give out your mailing address, let both your prize donor and me know. I will draw for a new prize winner.

All decisions are final!

Reminder: Authors may not solicit book reviews, place you on mailing lists, or in any way ask for compensation for prizes. However, please follow up with a thank you note to the prize donor.

Grand prize winners, be sure to let me know when you have received your prize.

If you have won a book as a prize, let the author know which format you prefer (mobi for Kindle, epub for Nook and other ereaders, and PDF for computer reading).

Phew…I was up until 2 AM and got up at 5:30 this morning to sort through lists, draw for all of the prizes, and get this post up as quickly as I could. So…fair warning…if you don’t like your prize (or wish you had won a prize) and complain to me about it, I will bite your head off and may even enjoy it. 🙂 Also, please understand (due to the holiday and the huge volume of messages) that I may not be able to respond to emails immediately. I will respond to messages about grand prizes first, then regular prizes, and then catch up on other emails.

Look for sneak peeks of Mira’s Miracle tomorrow and Friday, and don’t forget to come back next week for exciting new fun at Governing Ana!


Prize Donor Contact List

Main page

Kindle Fire/Nook HD Blushing Kitty
2014 VIP discount Loose Id Renee Meyer
Beginning boot camp & 6-month membership Learning Domestic Discipline Constance
6-month subscription to Discipline and Desire Discipline and Desire Mona Lisa
Paddle Blondie’s Place bn100
Paddle Nickie Flynn Roz Harrison
Spoon & spatula Katie Joelle
St. Knickerless knickers Ami Starsong Quiet Sara
Knitted slippers Celeste Jones Ria
Content edit Lina Sacher Emily Tilton
10% discount to Adam and Gillian Adam and Gillian Celeste
Blog feature Fallen Over Book Reviews Tara Finnegan
$50 gift certificate to LazyDay LazyDay Minelle
$50 to Blushing Blushing Holla Dean
$50 to Adam and Eve Kate Richards JC
$25 to Cane-iac Cane-iac Janey
$25 to Blushing Abbie Adams Terpsichore
$25 to Blushing Penelope Hasler Leigh Smith
$20 to HoneyBaked Ham Yong Takahashi Abby
$5 to Amazon Elise Lansing Clara Baker
$5 to Amazon Mary Sue Wehr Joanne Best
$5 to Amazon Lina Sacher PT Wyant
 Christmas photo card Rogue (contact Ana) Angie
 Christmas photo card Rogue (contact Ana) The Long Bean
 Christmas photo card Rogue (contact Ana) Pieclown
 Christmas photo card Rogue (contact Ana) OctoberWoman



Alice Dark Spanking Detective
Linda Hamonou        Demon Soul

Liz Borino Mine
Karen Michelle Nutt Magic of the Loch


Constance Masters The Man of the House
Sharon Buchbinder Desire and Deception
Leigh Smith Living the Dream
Patricia Green Correcting Kathy


Adaline Raine Becoming a Lady
Anastasia Vitsky Daughter of Discipline
Rie Warren In His Command
PK Corey Cassie’s Space


Anastasia Vitsky Simple Gifts

Sue Lyndon Christmas with the Professor

Jaye Peaches Trust Me To Keep You
Bella Bryce The Solicitation


Sue Lyndon Christmas With the Professor
Jolynn Raymond Lessons of Love
SJ Maylee Taking Chances
Starla Kaye winner’s choice from booklist


Anastasia Vitsky, et. al Love’s Reprise

Virginia Nelson Taking Control
Alison Grey Hot Line
Alice Dark Killer Heels


Cynthia Kimball L’Amore Perfetto

Thianna D Erotic Shorts, Volume III

Jaye Peaches Trust Me To Know You
Liz Borino No Flag


Louisa Bacio All-Girls Academy
Kate Richards Spanking Ms. Whitman
Jade Cary Bella Rosa
Liz Borino Mine


Jessica E. Subject Alien Adoration
Natasha Knight Taken by the Beast
Anastasia Vitsky The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus
Patty Devlin The Naughty List (5-book set)


Annabel Joseph Fever Dream
Erica Scott Correspondence Hall of Shame
Thianna D Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale
Lucy Felthouse A French Affair


Sue Lyndon Christmas With the Professor
Lucy Appleby The Cattle Rustler’s Bride
EJ Runyon Tell Me (How to Write)
KT Grant The Gate


EJ Runyon Claiming One
Ann Mayburn Still
Tara Finnegan signed book (US & Europe)
Sue Lyndon Christmas With the Professor


Tara Finnegan Mastering Maeve
Zander Vyne Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter
Emily Tilton Explorations: The First Notebook
Ann Mayburn Ivan’s Captive Submission


Nancy Levine Dark and Funny
Lucy Appleby My Texas Cowboy
Leena Darling Little and Loved
Gabriella West Time of Grace


Erzabet Bishop A Christmas to Remember
Anastasia Vitsky Desire in Any Language
Alta Hensley Ruby Rose
Mahalia Levey Forbidden Deception


Charley Descoteaux Toy Run
Rollin Hand The Ladies of Heatherton Hall
KT Grant Sharp Bite of Pleasure
Jolynn Raymond Dark Obsessions


Patty Devlin Christmas Joy
Liv Honeywell Coming, Ready or Not!
Celeste Jones Lady Katherine’s Comeuppance
Erik Schubach Valkyrie Chronicles: Return of Asgard


Erik Schubach Karaoke Queen (Music of the Soul)
Heather Geoffries South Sea Siren
Celeste Jones Lady Katherine’s Conundrum
Cynthia Kimball Budde Bear Quilt Top Pattern

Michelle B

Patty Devlin Tyler’s Resolution

Love’s Reprise

Liz Borino No Flag
Jaye Peaches Trust Me To Own You


Starla Kaye winner’s choice from booklist
Natasha Knight Captive’s Desire
PT Wyant Song and Sword
Mila Kerr Aspen Meadows


Natasha Knight Aching to Submit

(Contact Anastasia Vitsky) Coming to Terms

Louisa Bacio A Date with the Death
Nattie Jones The Prince’s Lash

PT Wyant

Emily Tilton Explorations: The First Notebook
Cheryl Dragon Sorority Girl Pledge Time

(Contact Anastasia Vitsky) Love’s Reprise

Sandra Bunino Tie Me Free

Renee Meyer

Leena Darling Michael and Jenna’s CDD Marriage
Constance Masters The Grass is Greener
Paloma Beck Touch My Heart

(Contact Anastasia Vitsky)  Love’s Reprise

Sassy Twatter

Jolynn Raymond Elizabeth’s Destiny
Mila Kerr Aspen Meadows
Suzy Ayers Master-bation, At Sir’s Command
Kathryn R. Blake Acting Lessons


(Contact Anastasia Vitsky)  Coming to Terms

Liv Honeywell The Journal
Nickie Flynn Old-Fasioned Christmas
Holla Dean Santa Spanks!


Lucy Appleby The Texas Rancher & the English Rose
Zander Vyne Amaranthine Rain
Anastasia Vitsky The Way Home
Olivia Starke Her Moonlight Lover


Courage Knight The Christmas Fraternity
Adaline Raine Marked by the Alpha
KT Grant Christmas with the Countess’s Bride
Anastasia Vitsky Lighting the Way

Thianna D

Abbie Adams A Little Trouble
Liv Honeywell The Journal
Saranna DeWylde Desperate Housewives of Olympus
Sue Lyndon Christmas With the Professor



Leigh Smith Lonesome Oak Ranch
LA Cloutier The Story of L: Enlightenment
Liv Honeywell Coming, Ready or Not!

Katy Beth

Abbie Adams A Little Training
Jessica E. Subject Alien Lover
Ann Mayburn Guarding Hope


Holla Dean Santa Spanks! 2
Tara Finnegan My Naughty Little Secret
Saranna DeWylde Desperate Housewives of Olympus

Michelle Palmer

Olivia Starke Dreaming in Blue
Anastasia Vitsky Simple Gifts

(Contact Anastasia Vitsky) Love’s Reprise


Leena Darling Little and Loved
LA Cloutier The Story of M: A Seduction
Donna Steele Nowhere for Christmas

Quiet Sara

(Contact Anastasia Vitsky)  Love’s Reprise

Donna Steele Wraith’s Heart (US)
Emily Tilton Explorations: The First Notebook


Erzabet Bishop Holidays in Hell
Jaye Peaches Taught to Serve
Leena Darling Michael and Jenna’s CDD Marriage

TL Bucko

Cara Bristol Destiny’s Chance
Paloma Beck Hold My Hand
Tara Finnegan My Naughty Little Secret


Prize Donor Contact List

Main page


33 thoughts on “Advent Calendar winners!

  1. angieia says:

    Thank you Ana and all of your elves for a lot of fun and for all of the hard work you put in on the Advent Calendar! Michelle I am excited about the cookbook! Tara thank you for making sure all of the recipes were included.

    Ana I hope your caramels turn out. I have never made any but they sound really good.

    Merry Christmas!!


  2. Terry says:

    Thank-you Ana and all the elves especially Michelle. I’m so happy to have not just 1 but 4 new books to read. You also put together an e-booklet of all the recipes that I had asked about!!! That is a wonderful surprise bonus. Thank-you even more.

    Congratulations to all the winners.


  3. quiet sara says:

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for the fun Advent. It was my first time and such fun to play along.

    Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the elves and the sponsors. What a wonderful turn out you had for everything!

    much love


  4. Leah says:

    Oh my goodness! All of the prizes look amazing and the cookbook is fantastic! After all the sweets I’ve been eating, the mushrooms and baked potato skins look the most appealing right now.

    Good luck with the caramels. There is not much better than homemade candy. My mom always did the candy ball in hot water method.

    Ana, I hope you and the elves get to sleep for the next three days. Thank you for all the hard work!


  5. Angel says:

    Thank you Ana and All the Helper Elf’s Thank you everyone for all the laughs and fun it was a great time Everyone have a awesome day and Merry Christmas I am going back to the mad house We are way out numbered with the kids friends we have like 10 teenagers and 7/8 kids and only 4 adults You guys have a great time today Thanks again I will try to sneak back later today Thanks again


  6. terpsichore says:

    Thank-you everyone for making this special event possible. I enjoyed participating each day, finding something to think about or smile about each time. And thank-you for the collection of recipes and book gifts I know I will enjoy…thanks! And thanks everyone who’s comments and conversations inspired me or made me giggle. Wishing you all a season of joy!!! 🙂 Hugs, Terpsichore


  7. Joelle Casteel says:

    thanks a bunch, Ana and all the helper elves. Teen looked on the book with me and laughed and made fun at my chocolate-y pancakes :D. I was so glad my parents didn’t think to come over and see why I was I c/p what I won into a file.


  8. Katie says:

    This was such a special event all month!!! Big thanks to Ana and all of her helper elves!! Thanks to Tara and Michelle for all of their hard work compiling the recipe book! It is a wonderful treat to have/souvenir. Awesome!

    Thank you for the books that have come my way. I will contact the authors asap. Excited to add to my TBR list!

    I see that Joelle has won the Katie T spatula and spoon set! Coming your way Joelle!!! Enjoy!!! I think… LOL!!!! You can let me know. 😉

    Hope that your caramel turned out just the way you like it, Ana- and that you have recovered from your burn. Hot caramel on skin does not sound like one bit of fun. Ouch! Ice and cold water for sure.

    Season’s Greetings to Everyone and wishing you wonderful holiday celebrations with the ones you love. Many hugs,


  9. Sherilyn says:

    Thank you so much for the past four weeks!! I hope everyone has some joy today, especially those who are struggling. My bunny chewed through my computer cord, so I need a new charger before I can see what everyone has said. What I want all of you to know in the meantime is I love you and wish you the most Merry Christmas you can have!


  10. Kitty says:

    squeels omg. i was so happy when i won renee roses ebook. i’m in shock. i’ve had a blast here. i will be seeing u all here whenever i can for the regular stuff.


  11. catrouble says:

    Congratulations to and happy dance for all the winners!

    Thank you Ana and all your helper elves for such a lovely time!!! Thank you Michelle and Tara for your hard work in compiling the recipe book! What an awesome party favor!!!

    Woohoo! Four new books!!!!!! Thank you so much…will definitely be emailing the authors as soon as I can! PK isn’t listed on the contact list so I will email her at her elisspeaks address unless I hear differently.

    I truly hope that everyone who came to visit during the Advent Calendar keeps visiting here and with others around blog land.

    Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!



  12. Roz says:

    Oh wow I won a paddle! Thank you so much to Nickie Flynn for donating this prize and to you Ana. I’m not sure who is more excited, me or Rick! LoL. I know he is definitely looking forward to using it 🙂

    Thank you also to Michelle and Tara for your hard work in putting together the recipe book. Was an awesome surprise!

    This has been such a wonderful and fun event and my sincere thanks go to everybody involved in organising, helping, donating prizes and participating.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.



  13. Irishey says:

    Ouch! Ana, I hope you are not badly burned.

    Thank you to everyone who submitted recipes, and to Michelle B. and Tara for putting them into a single pdf for us! Who contributed the dominatrix with the crop?! @..@ I’m trying to think of a way to explain that when my family find these in my recipe book. Do you think they will believe they are Catwoman Recipes? 😉

    Helper elves – you rock! What a feat to have helped keep Ana’s event running smoothly all month.

    Thank you so much to all the sponsors and prize contributors. Your generosity is truly appreciated.

    Big congratulations to all the prize winners! It was a wonderful prize/gift to me to know I could come here every day and be assured of a warm welcome, acceptance, kindness, openness, tolerance and generosity of spirit from everyone else who was commenting. We never knew if the day would bring laughter, life stories, anecdotes, information sharing or tears. We even had panty raids and turkey runs – who knew? Anyway, it was fun to see who won what on the prize announcement posts and clap for the winners. 😉

    On a personal note, I truly enjoyed sharing in the revelry and camaraderie shown here every day throughout the Advent Calendar. I promised myself if I decided to participate the first day, I would make a point to come back every day if at all possible. The last few days were particularly challenging with the limited internet and barely there tower signal/phone service. Harrowing! Lol! I so hoped to jump in on many more comments and give a little more on some of my own comments, but I still made it, read all the comments, and somehow managed to squeeze in a comment when the wind was blowing the right way. 😉

    Ana, thank you and big hugs to you. I have one more person to thank for my being here with you through this month. Will you join me in sending up a special Merry Christmas, hugs and heartfelt thanks to our dear friend, Bas?

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings to everyone!


  14. Michael says:

    Thank you, Ana, helper elves and all the generous donors. What a great bunch of people and a great set of prizes. I know you all put a lot of work into AC, and I, and I’m sure everybody else, want to thank you all for the extraordinary experience you provided.


  15. Michael says:

    Michelle and Tara, thank you so much for the AC recipe book. I love it and when I showed it to Season and pointed out her brownie recipe is included she smiled and thought it was great. And thank you Ana for giving your helper elves free reign to create such a wonderful party favor. I don’t know why they are always complaining about what a taskmaster you are, and that you are the one who needs to be spanked and not them.


      • Michael says:

        Okay, you are correct, Irishey – bet you love hearing those words – so let me restate what I said. Ana AND her helper elves, starting with you, little miss Irishey, need to be spanked by Mrs. Claus. Enjoy the carpet gazing. 😈


  16. minellesbreath says:

    Gosh Ana this was such a blast. All your hard work created such a wonderful joyful place for all of us to stay each day! I am so thankful to be among the winners above. Thank you, thank you!
    Michelle and Tara, the recipe book was a fantastic party favor,I am looking forward to using all the recipes!
    See everyone here again!


  17. Mona Lisa says:

    I have really enjoyed the AC. Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend all days, the time simply was not enough but I’ve tried to read anyway ..
    What a nice community!

    Thanks, a thousand thanks til Ana and her elfs for all the work you have done. The cookbook is incredible!

    what have I gained? Is that true? ThE is the second Ganen in central web. (The first time was when I was 10 and won a book at school .. lol ..)


  18. Mona Lisa says:

    Sorry, tha last centense is like this:
    What have I won something? Is that true? It is the second time in my life. (The first time was when I was 10 and won a book at school .. lol ..)


  19. Renee Meyer says:

    Thank you to everyone who worked on the AC. It has been so much fun. I am so excited that I won prizes. Oh, I loved the recipes, thank you Michelle for putting it all together. Have a happy.


  20. chickie says:

    Thank you Ana and the helper elves and all the sponsors! This was so much fun and it really brightened my month tremendously. I can’t wait to try out some new recipes not to mention my new books!!!


  21. octoberwoman says:

    Belated congratulations to everyone and a big thank you to Ana and all the helper elves and all the prize donors. I’ve enjoyed checking in every day throughout December and reading the posts and the comments, it certainly added a bright spot to each day!


  22. pieclown says:


    I want to say Thank you to Ana, for setting up and hosting this. Thanks to the helper elves too. I also wish to say thank you to those that donated the prizes.

    I am also letting Ana know that I have received all my book prizes at this time.

    Happy New Year
    and Many Spanks to all

    pie pie 4 now


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