Mira’s Miracle sneak peek #1

As promised, today I’ll show you a sneak peek of Mira’s Miracle. For those of you who haven’t read Desire in Any Language, here’s a quick synopsis: Girl studies abroad, discovers that corporal punishment is used in the schools, and immediately begins a flight of fantasizing that focuses on her tutor. Mira’s Miracle, the sequel, tells the story of Mira’s new crush, a diplomat named Hana.

Whisked away to the fairytale Castle for a dream vacation, Mira confronts her darkest fears.


Vacationing at Master Marshall’s world-renowned Castle should have spelled Fantasy Land, but for Mira the trip means paying a debt. She promised to work hard at her translator’s certificate course while her advisor went on maternity leave, but distraction arrives in the form of her first love. Diplomat Hana Takahashi, from Desire in Any Language, captures Mira’s total attention. Between Hana’s stringent embassy security and Mira’s draconian school dormitory curfew, their stolen kisses drive Mira wild with desire. Hana makes a bet with Mira: keep up with her schoolwork or take a trip of Hana’s choice, according to Hana’s rules. No veto power.

When Mira presents her inadequate end-of-term report, Hana books a dream vacation—of Hana’s dreams. Safe within the Castle, the elaborate role playing kink haven, Hana turns Mira into her little girl. Complete with a private nurse, playroom with its nanny in charge, and a schoolroom filled with naughty pupils and a stern teacher, the Castle’s ageplay wing reduces Mira to a child from the moment of her arrival. Hana’s word is law, and all of the Castle employees carry out her orders for Mira.

However, Mira’s natural resistance leads to tantrums, defiance, and spankings from every adult who assists with her care. When she encounters a tutor who triggers her deepest fears, she must face her residual trauma over the duplicitous “Mistress Susan.” Is Mira ready for the maternal nurturing offered by Hana, or will her unhealed wounds drive everyone away? Can she become Hana’s little girl, or will she safeword out of the Castle to return to everyday life…without Hana? Will there be a miracle for Mira?

One of the most fun parts of writing Mira’s Miracle was creating a link between Maren Smith’s Castle world and Mira’s world in South Korea. We plotted and planned until I hit on an idea–Hana’s aunt, Atsuko, has connections to the Castle! In fact, she is the childhood/lifelong best friend of Miranda Hardwick, one of the founders of the Castle.

Today I’ll show you Atsuko’s letter to Miranda arranging Hana’s trip to the Castle with Mira. Tomorrow, I’ll show you Miranda’s reply letter. For the weekend snippet, I’ll show you eight sentences from a spicy scene with Hana and Mira.

For those of you who were unsettled by Becoming Clissine and wished for a happily ever after, Mira’s Miracle is the story for you. Heart, soul, love, and a fairy godmother in the form of an aunt who gives Mira the vacation of her dreams.



My dear Miranda,


I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying your work, as always.


I apologize for my absence next month. I dearly wish I could get away for some rest and relaxation at your magnificent Castle, but my presence has been requested at the international summit I’ve been dreading. I would much rather enjoy myself teaching your staff the delights of a new shibari technique I’ve invented. By using Yakitsu’s new midori rope, I have combined three of my favorite designs. You have quite a promising future shibari student. I would love to give her a private lesson the next time I visit.


I must confess I need to make an imposition on you. Since I won’t be taking up my usual residence next month, could you possibly allow my niece, Hana, to visit in my stead? She trained under me as best as she could at a distance, but she has never shown interest before. A pity, when she shows real talent both in physical skill and emotional control. If only I could interest her in more than a small, playful act here and there! Still, she has found herself a nice submissive girl and wants to introduce her to the lifestyle. Nothing could be better than a visit to your lavish playground of the mind. It’s time to see whether the girls can handle the Takahashi discipline. Hana is long past time to come into her own. I’ve worried about her for years, but just a few months ago she wrote to me of her new relationship. Nieces! With nothing better to do than worry their poor Obas.


How has your search been for your own submissive? Do be careful online. It’s so easy for people to pretend to be something they are not. Don’t sell yourself short. You deserve the best and shall get it, if I have anything to say.


With much love,


Atsuko Takahashi

31 thoughts on “Mira’s Miracle sneak peek #1

  1. JoanneBest says:

    Oh Ana, there is so much for me to catch up on reading wise, I’m anxious to catch up on all your books and I want to hide in Hana or Mira’s luggage and visit this Castle, I love the idea of your characters playing in Maren Smith’s Castle (more books for me to read! yay!), something so cool about that. As I’m now the proud owner of a Kindle Fire thingy and have been lucky enough to win some books and a gift card 😀 I can’t wait for the flurry to be over so I can spend time reading more. Hope you had a great Christmas and, as always, thank you ❤


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      I love Kaylee’s Keeper. It’s such a great mixture of a newbie plus an experienced environment, and I think we can all relate to it in some way.

      Yay about your new Kindle Fire! I love mine because PDFs are such a breeze to read. Enjoy your reading.


  2. sassytwatter says:

    More…more please!! I ❤️ Mira. And Desire in Any Language is a favorite took that I have read several times. I can not wait to read this it’s going to be even better not sure how that’s possible but the snippet was just amazing the words brought excitement and a little fear for poor Mira. I love how you crossed over and made the connection. Sounds like a typical loving meddlesome aunty. I love the idea of age play it breaks another level of trust. Your writing and growth is evident to me reading this. I can say there is no book I am more excited to read. I thourghly enjoyed Maureen Smith’s book ao I am so excited for this book. Of all your books I think the one know I don’t have is Clissine I will have to check it out. As soon as Mira’s book is realized it’s going to the top of my reading list.


  3. SH says:

    Sounds like it is going to be a fabulous book!! I will watch for it! I love that you have tied it into Maren’s Castle world! Wouldn’t it be something if that Castle did exist? Wow!

    On another note, when can we expect the follow up book to ‘Becoming Clissine’? I know you have been a little busy, ahem, but some of us are not the most patient sort 🙂


  4. quiet sara says:

    Sounds really good Ana Wouldn’t it be fun to go to one of those places for real? I recently found out there’s one not too far from me. I was shocked but curious too. I don’t plan to go there though. I am not that brave! 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. ❤


    • quiet sara says:

      Honestly I am certain SM would take me there if I wanted to go but that step is something I would not be ready for! lol It is so interesting though! I wish I knew someone who did it but it isn’t like I can ask around. “Hey have you ever been to such and such where they… ooh and whips and chains yes… and xxx uh huh…” LOL


  5. pao says:

    Whee, another book coming soon 😀 I like this sneak peek… is this part of the book as well? i have not heard the word obasan in a while! 🙂


  6. robskatie says:

    I enjoyed this and look forward to hearing the response letter!! 🙂 I too think it’s cool how it is all tied in to the castle! Neat! SO much fun reading ahead! Thanks Ana! Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie


  7. angel says:

    wow you write great ……. Glad to see you made it through the holidays and where even able to get up today the naughty elves didn’t do to much I wonder how many gray hairs they added lol lol I will be back tomorroe to see what the responses was Have a awesome night


  8. Roz says:

    HI Ana, I love this sneak peek. So many books to read 🙂 I too think it’s so cool that there is a tie in to Maren’s castle. Looking forward to the response letter!



  9. catrouble says:

    Thanks for the sneak peak Ana…this is going to be another great story. Would love if you wrote a story about Ana getting sent to the castle for some lessons! 😉

    Hugs and Blessings…


  10. Michael says:

    Ana, you’ve whetted my appetite and can’t wait to dive back into Mira’s world. And now I want to check out Maren’s Castle series. Since hanging around here my reading list has expanded dramatically. Lucky me!


  11. Irishey says:

    Ana, you mentioned Clissine and some readers not liking the lack of happily ever after. The story is far from over. I don’t know if you’ve devised a fairytale ending for the next book, but I am really interested to see where you go with it, and what the prequel has to tell us.

    I’m not totally on-board with mucking about in people’s minds. I’m not sure where I can go with that statement in a brief comment related to this post about Mira and Hana’s mental playground at the Castle, or Clissine’s very real reconditioning. It simply makes me wary because of very real people mistakenly trying to emulate fantasy fiction in real life, and having things go horribly wrong.

    Bah. On the other hand, it’s fascinating to watch as emotional and behavioral changes occur at the direction (or manipulation) of a person wielding charm, appeal, fear or some other element that lends them authority, essentially, to mind-bend. When used in a benevolent way, it can be so inspirational and assuring. When used in an ugly way…shudder.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to see where Mira and Hana led you in their story, and where you took them. 😉

    My mind is fried and my emotions are frazzled. Just providing those facts to explain and apologize if my comment seems odd or “off.” No need to worry, I’m dealing well enough. 🙂


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      That’s absolutely true (about Becoming Clisssine’s story not being over). I don’t know if Bastia can ever have a fairytale ending and stay true to its story, but there is genuine love within its world. Does that make the brainwashing okay? Not really, but there still is a struggle to do right and make moral choices. How can we decide that another society is completely wrong, unless we’re willing to look at our own society in the same way?

      As to the way Hana and the Castle mess with Mira’s mind, it’s a completely different kind of journey. Yes, her limits get pushed and her boundaries tested, but it’s within a safe space where everyone is looking out for her best interest.

      Whether people imitate stories without understanding the full context, that’s absolutely true as well. I think that’s why it’s so important for couples to recognize that their own dynamic/journey may not look like anyone else’s, whether that’s friends, bloggers, or fictional characters. We all have the responsibility to remain rooted in reality, even if somethings this is a difficult thing to do.


      • Irishey says:

        I knew you would understand what I was getting at, and know I was thought processing and not directing it at your stories in any negative way. So much of what you write, even the silly and fun stuff, has commentary on our reality, the things people do to one another. In the end, no matter what is “done” it never should be to harm anyone. I think you like to find/see the good that can come out of almost anything. I do, too. I also think you like to point out how even the most broken of us can overcome whatever “evils” have befallen us, to become even better than we might have otherwise – with a little help from our friends. 🙂


        • Anastasia Vitsky says:

          Absolutely. I’m not a fan of groupthink. We all come from different perspectives and (usually) have valid reasons for our ways of thinking/acting. Even when we don’t have valid reasons, it can help to understand our invalid reasons (abuse, etc.) in order to overcome them. I just experienced something hurtful, and while it did hurt a lot it was helpful to reframe the situation as, “This person is hurting and trying to communicate by hurting me.” I think it’s a trap we all fall into sometimes.

          And we have to believe we can overcome…otherwise, how could we get up day after day and participate in this world? We’re all messed up in our own ways, but we have love in our lives somehow. Even when we don’t expect it. 🙂


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