Mira’s Miracle sneak peek #2: F/F ageplay romance

How far would you push your boundaries for someone you loved? Mira, the study-abroad schoolgirl heroine of Desire in Any Language, has found a new crush in Hana Takahashi, a Japanese diplomat to South Korea. When Mira loses a bet, Hana whisks her away to the Castle (of Maren Smith’s Castle series) to try out Hana’s ageplay fantasies. Mira becomes her little girl, complete with a schoolroom and its strict teacher. One of my favorite fantasies is of getting in trouble at school and then having to bring a bad report home. Anyone else? Surely someone… 🙂

Yesterday, Hana’s aunt, Atsuko, writes to her best friend from childhood, Miranda, who helps to run the Castle. She asks Miranda to let Hana and Mira stay at the Castle. Here is Miranda’s reply:

Sneak peek #1 (Atsuko’s letter to Miranda)

Postscript from Atusko’s letter to Miranda:

P.S. Enclosed is a photo I found of us on graduation day. Can you believe it’s already been years since our last day at Miss Sadler’s Finishing School? Sad to think of Miss Sadler gone and her protégés scattered all over the globe. Still, sometimes I close my eyes and can see you laughing on the dormitory bed across the room from me. Dare we ever tell our children about our wild days? Just remember—the bedsheet rope was your idea!


Miranda Hardwick’s response letter to Atsuko Takahashi:

Atsuko, you silver-tongued flatterer,


You still try to blame your escapades on me! You’re lucky you didn’t break your neck climbing out of our dorm room window. I can’t believe we were ever that young. Poor Miss Sadler, driven to an early grave by the antics of her students. If she’d taken the cane to you a bit oftener, she would have saved herself a great deal of grief. Ha! And never you mind how often that cane was taken to me!


Of course your niece Hana is welcome to visit us next month, although we will miss you greatly. I have already cleared the matter with Master Marshall, who bids me let you know just how much he shall miss you and your ever-patient shibari tutelage.


As for dear Hana, heavens, how they do grow up. It seems only yesterday she was desperate to tag along behind us, following in all our naughtiest and grandest adventures. We were a horrible influence on her, but gazing on her has always been so much like gazing on a mirror to our wayward youth. I can’t wait to see her again. Tell me, Atsie, has she any special requests either for herself or her new partner? How lucky she is to have found someone. I admit, I envy her that.


As for me, my online search has hit an interesting turn in the road.  I am chatting with Ana daily now. She knows me only as “Miss M.,” and I have not let on that I live quite close to her. Mere hours are all that separate us. I want to meet her, but she is reluctant and I’m afraid of scaring her away. She is brand-new to the lifestyle, can you imagine? I must go gently so as not to frighten her, but I long to see her for real. I know you worry about me, as always, but I am careful. Everything about her checks out. I think she might even be my one.


Must dash—one of the silly new visitors has lied on her paperwork, as if we wouldn’t spot her lack of experience straightaway. Sometimes I’d like to give them all a good thrashing. The only problem is, they’d like it!


Send me the dates for your niece’s visit and let us know which wing she will want to stay in. I’ll go through my lists to ensure she has the best of care while she is here.




Miranda Hardwick

29 thoughts on “Mira’s Miracle sneak peek #2: F/F ageplay romance

  1. Michael says:

    Ana, even your sneak peeks get me revved up. I can’t wait to read Mira’s Miracle. I enjoy ageplay stories, especially F/F, and your story is looking like a real winner. And I love the tease that Ana may be the “one” for Miranda. Excellent!


  2. pao says:

    Is that you boasting about never having brought a bad report home before? 😛 I fantasise about that too, but when it happens (and it has)… ooh, so not fun. Will we see this Ana mentioned in the letter in any other books? 😀 I’m excited!


  3. Irishey says:

    Oh, Ana, getting in trouble at school and bringing home a bad report… not so much a fantasy. Nope. That would not have been good. Yikes, my palms are sweating and my heart rate is going up just remembering how much real trouble I would have been in at home – nothing compared to what school would have dished out. Sheesh. All I read was the first paragraph, and went right to the comment box. I can’t even read the rest of this post! Lol! Umm…I think I hear lunch calling my name. Maybe I’ll come back later. @..@

    I still like you, though. 😉 Hugs!


      • Irishey says:

        Lol! Well, of course you still like me!

        And, nooooo, not that fantasy for me! That was a phobia, and it stays right where I left it – on the stage at graduation. Phew! Lol!

        Truthfully, I understand and appreciate the fantasy part. I’m only halfway serious here, the rest is playing. The serious part is very real, though. I had forgotten how much I dreaded possibly getting in trouble at school. Thank you for resurrecting THOSE memories, dear friend of mine. @..@ Hey! I bet you would get a kick out of my nightmares over it! You could write volumes from that wickedness. Lol!

        Okay, done poking at Ana. 😉 Have a great weekend!


  4. SH says:

    Ooh and the plot thickens 🙂 Can’t wait to read it!! I think I will go now and read Desire in any Language again and Maren’s Castle books again. My reading, and re-reading list, just keeps growing but I love it!


  5. JC says:

    The sneak peek makes me want to read the book. It sounds very exciting! I love the Castle books. Will look forward to another book set there.


  6. JoanneBest says:

    I’m so happy I have all these wonderfully naughty new books to read! These little sneak peeks pull me right in, and I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Miranda’s new crush is named Ana ;-D


  7. sassytwatter says:

    I think I found my new favorite book!! Stop teasing and release it already!!! I am both touched (not that way you dirty bird)and enthralled with where the story is heading.

    It is good to push boundaries but requires a lot of trust to open yiurself up and step outside yiur comfort zone- amazing things happen outside of ones comfort zone but leaves us feeling. Wry vulnerable.


  8. angel says:

    You are killing me!!!!! I do not like waiting when I really want to read something and your sneak peaks are just to Good and make me want to read the book NOW……… Please don’t make me wait to long


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