Mira’s Miracle now available for sale!



Mira’s Miracle is now available on Blushing Books! Look for it to go on sale at Amazon within the next day or so.

Don’t forget to visit today’s interview with Maren Smith on creating the first F/F couple in her Castle! Leave a comment today and Friday (on Maren’s blog) to win your very own vial of cinnamon oil. Cinnamon oil? Why would you want that? Read Mira’s Miracle to find out!


Oh…and we like cats. Just saying. 😀

Dickens Quote

16 thoughts on “Mira’s Miracle now available for sale!

      • Irishey says:

        Chuckle! “My thing…” You know, going down rabbit holes and chasing a crazy rabbit, or being a spoiled southern belle struggling to survive during the Civil War, aren’t my things, either, but I read and enjoyed the stories. I think I’m up for a little ageplay between interesting characters, especially in a wonderful fantasy castle setting. 😉


  1. Michael says:

    Congratulations and much success with “Mira’s Miracle,” Ana. I just purchased it at Blushing Books. I also see it is available in a two book box set – “Mira’s Desire” – along with Mira’s first adventure in “Desire in any Language” and in a four book box set – “Masters of the Castle” – along with two of Maren Smith’s Castle world books.
    Wishing you good luck, Ana. 🙂


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      That’s right! Lucky readers can get a big discount if they purchase the boxed sets. We separated them into a Mira set and a Castle set so readers could have more choices. 9.99 for all four books is a great deal. 😀


  2. Terry says:

    I ordered Mira’s Miracle along with Desire in any Language as a 2 pack from Blushing Books last night. I now have 5 of your books whispering in my ear “Read Me”. My end of the year craziness in RL has settled down so I’m about ready to be able to listen to those little voices. Age play is not something I’ve read many stories about but I have read 2 of the books in Maren’s castle series so I’m intrigued with how your book will play out with Mira and Hana. Congratulations on your new book.


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