The other half of the interview!

Read part two of my interview with Maren for Mira’s Miracle, the newest book in the Masters of the Castle series!

Maren Smith

Update: And now it is live on both Blushing and Amazon! Yay! And you can get it in boxed sets with either my first two books or with Ana’s Desire in Any Language, which features the first story involving Mira and Hana. 🙂

As promised, on my last post, here is the other half of our shared interview with Anastasia Vitsky to celebrate the release of her new book: Masters of the Castle: Mira’s Miracle!


Anastasia Vitsky: One particularly fruitful development resulted when I asked you about the schoolroom. When you told me Bill Emerson would teach the class, a part of me rebelled. A male teacher? For my Mira? No way! However, because this was your world rather than mine, I had to respect your established structure. Had it been my story, it would have been Mrs. Emerson in the classroom.

Maren Smith: You know, this was…

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