Thursday’s Thankfulness, 3 days early (or 4 days late): Stunning reviews for Mira’s Miracle!


Today, you can read the second half of my interview with Maren Smith on her blog! Don’t forget that you need to comment on both part one AND two in order to enter the contest for the cinnamon oil.

Find out more about Bill Emerson, Miranda Hardwick, and how Maren managed to push all of my F/F desire buttons at once. During an interview when I was trying to be professional, too. MAREN! 😀 Plus, learn more about Trinity and the role of a Nurse within the Castle.

As well, please read this stunning review by Erzabet’s Enchantments:

I fell in love with Ana’s book Desire in Any Language and was thrilled to see what came next in Mira’s adventures. Hana was still a bit of mystery at the end of the last book- I admit I was pretty transfixed on Mira’s fascination with her tutor myself.  Finding out more about Hana and Mira’s relationship was very exciting. Going to the Castle on vacation was even more so. All the possibilities-especially in a shared universe like this one. When Mira gets to the Castle, she finds out that the luxury vacation she thought she was getting is very different from the reality that awaits her. Each step took me deeper and deeper and I didn’t want it to end.

Thinking about how this book made me feel left me with twisting emotions indeed. I loved it completely. It explored age play and that is something I have discovered is a trigger point in most cases. So…I identified with Mira’s terror at being touched by the male teacher in the school. When something bad happens to you like what she experienced, it leaves scars. I will be the first to admit it-I still have them and they pop up and the damnedest times. Journeying with Mira at the Castle, I felt like I was there with her as she was dressed in in children’s clothes and made to behave as if she were a child. It was hard for her and for more than one reason.

Full review continues here. It’s worth the visit to read! Wow. When I labor over a book never to hear responses afterward, it can be disappointing. Then Mira’s Miracle came out and the response was wonderful! Here’s crossing my fingers that it will continue. I bet even Cat will like ageplay more than she thinks, and Irishey, too. 😀 I’ve promised Irishey that I will accept her challenge: She said I could write about the dynamics between bubble gum and concrete and still keep my readers interested. Later this week, I will write a very short (100-300 words) piece about bubble gum and concrete. You can all be the judge whether I’ve fulfilled Irishey’s mandate. 😀

Plus another 5-star review from Kristin Elyon:

5 STARS PLUS!! This book was d*mn near perfect for me! I looooooved it!!!! If you LOVE The Master of the Castle series by Maren Smith, like I do then this story is just an added bonus! Ana’s amazing characters visit that castle! All the characters, the interwoven storylines, the drama, the love, the passion, the angst, the fear, the doubt, the sheer happiness – it was all so good!! I know I really like a book when I start reading it really slow, taking in all the details, because I simply don’t want it to end! That’s how this one was for me! One of the best books I’ve read and it’s f/f!!

Kristin Elyon also wrote this wonderful review of the first book, Desire in Any Language:

Well, I am thoroughly de-virginized now. My Anastasia Vitsky f/f cherry has been popped and I enjoyed it immensely. I’ve heard so much about this wonderful author I just had to take advantage and read her story!

It was a perfect mix of sweet seduction, spanking, wicked activities and loads of emotional connection. For the first half of the book I devoured each page, turning and turning without taking a breath. I can’t wait to read the second book and read more of Mira and see her new adventures!

I am definitely putting Anastasia Vitsky on my must read list and hope to happily devour more of her books in the near future.

Oh, I nearly forgot! Roz posted this amazing review of Editorial Board. Wow! Thank you so much, Roz!

I was thrilled and excited to win a copy of Editorial Board by our very own Anastasia Vitsky in Ana’s individual blog competition over at Governing Ana as part of the 2013 Spank or Treat blog hop.  It has taken me a while to get the chance to sit down and read this and therefore to write this review.  Ana I apologise 🙂  I have to say though, it was well worth the wait!

Ana offered me a number of titles to chose from and I decided upon Editorial Board.  I chose this book because I liked its premise and the main character, Spring Meadows (yes, you read right.  She also has   sister’s Autumn and Summer) sounded appealing to me.  She sounded as though she could be rather Scrappy and that I would therefore relate well to her 🙂

Please visit Roz’s blog to read the rest of the review. Worth the visit, again! I loved Roz’s review so much that I actually took out Editorial Board and re-read it start to finish last night. Now I’m plotting sequels. I’d love to see more dynamics between Rachel and Spring. Maybe Spring drops some bubble gum on the sidewalk…


Thank you to everyone who has read my books, reviewed them on your blog/Amazon/Goodreads/Facebook, told a friend about them, bought one as a gift for a friend, or in other ways shared the word. THANK you! Thank you so much. I’ve just gotten word that Becoming Clissine will receive a 5-star review, too. Wow! For ages I go without a single review or feedback, and then it all happens in a day or two. Is today my lucky day? Sure feels like it.

Oh, and don’t forget to enter the contest for cinnamon oil! SH, you are NOT excused! No trying to cheat. 😀

Love you all. Thank you, each one of you, for giving me such a wonderful response. Bless you.

By the way, I had to giggle at re-reading Cat Victoria in Editorial Board. Probably one of my favorite characters and definitely my favorite non-human character of my books. The image of Kayley trying to walk Victoria on a “leash” made of her belt…is it wrong to admit that my own words made me giggle?

Ah, well. Cats will be cats, and we love ’em anyway.

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15 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thankfulness, 3 days early (or 4 days late): Stunning reviews for Mira’s Miracle!

  1. Celeste Jones says:

    Ana–I am just getting out of the holiday vortex and doing pretty well at knowing what day it is…and then I see Thursday Thankfulness. Glad you clarified.

    I’m so thrilled for you. I can’t wait to read this one. Mira might be my favorite character of yours (don’t tell Kat) so I’m eager to see what happens next for her.



    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Giggle. Reminds me of when I posted a Monday Morning Fika on a Saturday and confused the heck out of Renee. Plus, it’s Thursday in some time dimension.

      I hope you like this one. I’m curious to see what you think of the ageplay. Somehow I don’t think ageplay is typically your cup of tea, but we all know that I don’t do typical. 😀

      Mira’s my favorite at the moment, but it’s always the one I’m writing currently. When I write Kat, I’ll love her best.

      Thank you so much!


  2. SH says:

    Me cheat, no I wasn’t really trying to cheat, really, um I was just graciously giving the opportunity to win to someone much more deserving than me, yeah that’s it, honest 🙂


  3. Roz says:

    HI Ana, you are so very welcome and thank you so much for the shout out! I thoroughly enjoyed Editorial Board and just love Spring. Many congratulations on all of the wonderful reviews dear 🙂

    Wow … OMG … a sequel?!!! If my review prompted you to start plotting a sequel I am absolutely thrilled. I most definitely would love to read more of Spring and Rachel’s story. I’m so excited!



  4. Irishey says:

    I think I’ve timed my comment to be days late. 😉 Not on purpose, though. Technical difficulties of sluggishness and perpetual dumps not worth whining about.

    Five stars is wonderful about Clissine as well as Mira! It’s getting very sparkly in Analand! I’m truly happy for you. Congratulations and hugs!

    About that concrete and bubble gum… lol! Everybody should know you turned my ridiculous hypothetical example of your writing skills into a mandate. I can’t wait to read how you meet the challenge of incorporating this into an interesting read. 🙂


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      You wouldn’t believe how excited I am, Irishey! I’ve got a few ideas percolating, and now I’ll have to choose just one. I love challenges like this. Plus, in all honesty I was flattered by your comment.

      You should know by now that I love off-the-wall comments. Poor chickie sure knows that. 😀


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