Taste Us! You’ll Like Us: Meet Kate Richards! Plus, the cinnamon oil winner!

Today marks an exciting beginning! Over the next three weeks, I’ll introduce you to each of the Love Spanks authors. Some names you know, some are new, and some are new names but familiar faces.

As part of the Taste Us! You’ll Like Us! series, each Love Spanks author filled out a brief (or not so brief) interview form. You’ll get to know a bit about each author before we delve into the Love Spanks fun February 7-9. We’ll begin today with a familiar face, Kate Richards who not only participated in Spank or Treat 2013 and Spankee Doodle 2013, but who has appeared on Fika to give advice to aspiring authors. She is a co-owner of Wizards in Publishing, a consulting company for authors, and senior editor at Decadent Publishing. In other words, she is one busy woman! We are lucky to have her with us.

Sharp eyes will recognize Kate as one of the helper elves from Ana’s Advent Calendar 2013. 🙂

Before we “meet” Kate, however, I’d like to announce the lucky winner of the cinnamon oil! I promised one random commenter from Maren’s and my interview (to celebrate the release of Mira’s Miracle), and Sassy Twatter will be one sore, sniffling, repentant young lady as soon as her package arrives. Miss Sassy Twatter, I’d advise you to spend some time in the corner reflecting on your misbehavior before you experience the cinnamon oil for the first time. Perhaps that way, you’ll avoid meeting Nurse Trinity’s pocket paddle. 😉 Congratulations, Sassy Twatter! May you finally learn to behave…for at least one second. 😀

And now, without further ado, let’s taste Kate…I mean meet Kate…I mean…you know what I mean. Taste Kate! You’ll like her! Wait…

(Kate says: “Wait who’s going to taste me? I need references.”)


I’ve been writing FF for about four years, and reading it forever. Vampire’s Bard was my first FF story and my first self-published work as well. I taught myself formatting, conversion and upload on that book—valuable lessons that took me far longer than I like to admit. Trail of Hearts is another one, a 1Night Stand series story published by Decadent Publishing. I am also proud of a short story called simply Kimmy, in the anthology Love’s Reprise at LazyDay.

One of the reasons I began writing FF was the intensity of emotion I found in the stories I read about love between two women. In fact, when I was writing Vampire’s Bard I began to fear I was doing something wrong, because it felt so different from the MF stories I’d written. I had to slow down, read it over, and talk to some friends to realize I was expressing a different kind of love. Sex was there, I am an erotic author after all, but approached from a slightly different angle.

My favorite recipe varies by the season, and my mood, and how deeply I am involved in what I am writing. Yesterday, embroiled in a sex scene between two customers in a tent (Camping sex rocks, just saying) I burned water. Yes, it is possible. And could well be the subject of a spanking scene. But when I am paying the slightest bit of attention, I understand I’m not a bad cook.

I like to go to the farmer’s market and see what’s in season and create from there. Usually I prefer simple recipes, with a few ingredients like roast chicken and mashed potatoes or my grandmother’s German pot roast. We also enjoy smoking meat in the back yard. Ribs, pork chops, and a rib roast that has made us famous.

Rib roast is a fancy cut and I had my doubts about taking it out to the smoker, until we did it and now it’s the thing we do when we feel like a giant splurge or expect visiting royalty for dinner.

Smoked Rib Roast

Couldn’t be simpler. Pat dry one rib roast and coat with salt and pepper to taste, pierce and insert slivers of garlic, place in the smoker Follow smoker directions and cook at 175-180 degrees until roast reaches 116 degrees with an instant read thermometer, for a four rib roast probably four hours or so, but smokers vary, then place in preheated 400 degree oven. Turn oven off and go away for forty minutes. Do not open the oven, at all, until the time has elapsed. Then remove the roast which will have developed a perfect crust and be meltingly tender inside. Let it stand for fifteen or twenty minutes on the counter before slicing.

Kate Richards divides her time between Los Angeles and the High Sierras. Wherever she is, she loves to explore all different kinds of relationships in her stories. She doesn’t believe one-size-fits-all, and whether her characters live BDSM, ménage, GLBT or any other kind of lifestyle, it’s the love, the joy I one another, that counts.

Facebook Fan Page http://on.fb.me/14Vqx48

Goodreads Page http://bit.ly/19yVcWh

Twitter http://bit.ly/17AeWeM

Blog: http://katerichards.wordpress.com

49 thoughts on “Taste Us! You’ll Like Us: Meet Kate Richards! Plus, the cinnamon oil winner!

  1. katerichards says:

    Good morning! this recipe (I should have said) actually gives you rare to medium rare so if you like it a little more done, you can just leave it in the smoker to a hgher temperature, just allow for the ten to fifteen degrees of carryover you get in the oven.

    And…I didn’t know about the cinnamon oil before either! I learn so much from Ms. Vitsky!


  2. Ami says:

    I am totally lost between cinnamon oil, F/F fiction, and smoked rib roast. Help!

    I just wish I lived in such fancy locations and had such fancy equipment to enable me to attempt to ‘smoke’ my own meat. We have a coastal Smokehouse where you can buy kippers and smoked salmon, even smoked oysters, but their equipment is very elaborate. Also, I am not sure what you mean by a ‘rib roast’? Rib of Beef over here is extremely expensive and you roast it in the oven so that it is pink and juicy in the centre; then you eat it with Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes and veggies.

    It’s very interesting to hear what people in other countries cook. Thanks Ana for inviting Kate along to chat, and thanks Kate for your insight into a very different culinary lifestyle.



    • katerichards says:

      Hi Ami. That’s the kind of roast I mean and the first time we did it I was terrified that if it didn’t work we’d wasted a lot of money…but now my only regret is that it has to be a rare treat. Mostly we do regular old spare ribs…Which…we like a lot too!

      Truly a smoker isn’t a big and fancy thing necessarily. Our first one was a very inexpensive barbecue/smoker combo. Worked great! I’m in California though so we can cook outdoors anytime of year and that probably makes a difference in what’s available at the hardware store.

      Yorkshire pudding and roasted potatoes cooked in the beef fat are two of the best foods in the entire world and when you smoke the roast you miss that! And I’m jealous that you have that wonderful smokehouse with all that seafood. I guess there are culinary advantages and disadvantages wherever we are


      • Anastasia Vitsky says:

        Oh wow…I’m very hungry now. I’m not much of a meat eater (squeamish about preparation and touching raw meat), so I didn’t know rib roast was expensive. Now your comments make sense. Roast potatoes and veggies. Yum.


  3. Roz says:

    Thank you Ana and Kate. Thanks for sharing Kate, great getting to know a little more about you an OMG , Ami’S comment and your reply is making my mouth water!



  4. tarafinneganromance says:

    It’s great to get to know more about you, Kate. That smoked rib roast sounds delicious.

    It’s also nice to see Terpishore is still getting up to mischief! Congrats Terpischore, ( or should it be commiserations?)


  5. Irishey says:

    Omg, how funny that Sassy won the cinnamon oil! Rotflmbo!

    How quickly we all scamper for the gutter at the mere mention of smoked rib roast… rump, butt, pink, moist, and then on to meat and…well, of course *I* could go on! I am surprised nobody mentioned one of the old- fashioned ways to tenderize. Lol!

    The recipe sounds wonderful. I wish we could get rib roasts around here, but the local grocery’s butcher section sticks to fairly basic cuts. D loves to fill the grill with a variety of meats and use the side smoker to cook them.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      To be fair, I kept things above-board. This is all Kate’s bad influence. She’s rather proud of that.

      I remember meat tenderizers, the spiky metal hammers that you’d beat the meat with. Is that it?


      • Irishey says:

        Omg! Well, Ana, those spiky hammers are one way, and I’ve certainly used mine often enough, although they may be a bit extreme in the double entendre realm. 😉 I was thinking more of just a general kneading and beating. 🙂

        Also not what I was thinking, originally, but my grandmother used to use a thin, narrow-bladed knife or sharp meat fork to puncture the tendons and gristle in cheaper cuts of meat.

        Kate, D likes to use dry rubs or marinades or both to prep the meat for smoking, depending on the type and cut of meat. Sometimes, he uses his own concoctions, other times he will go for commercial blends. He most often likes to use hickory or applewood in the smoker, but occasionally mixes it up with other woods.


        • katerichards says:

          We largely use dry rubs, mostly of our own concoction because the commercial ones are saltier than we like, and my hubs leans toward fruit woods, like cherry, peach, apple, but he likes alder a lot too


  6. sassytwatter says:

    Food Porn!!! Yummy!!!! Ty for wonderful recipe Kate what a treat I’m also in SoCal when home so can’t wait to give your recipe a try.

    I have to admit I did not know what GLBT was but said it mostly to me while on the subway back from dinner with a gay couple & the first thing out of their mouth was what are you reading now. I loved how you described the difference in writing for you between mf ff. I look forward to reading and popping over to amazon next.

    Hmmm…..yea I won! I love the smell of cinnamon! There’s no rule that says I have to use it the way Ms Ana says and there is no way I am giving my Giant any ideas. Plus thankfully not home & plan on jumping out of the cab & hiding the package before he can ask what’s that. And really Irishey giggling at me…..😋 I’ve been perfectly behaved….mostly. The corner will have to wait…..unless I can bring my phone…..

    Ana as always your posts are both fun & educational!


      • sassytwatter says:

        You had me at cake……

        Except it’s not really cheating you can’t expect me to say hey sweetie would you please massage some of the cinnamon oil on my derrière & to set it on fire. We all have that self preservation button.


        • Irishey says:

          Laughing with you, Sassy dear! Self-preservation is applauded. I agree Giants do not need to be bothered with minutiae. Just put a few balsa sticks in the container and use it for homey kitchen aromatherapy. That is quite a proper use.

          Mrs. C and Hana are much too busy keeping Ana occupied and well-behaved to worry over how you use a gift. After all, once something is gifted, it is the recipient’s choice what she does with it. Who violates good gifting manners? Pfft.



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