If you wanted more apples: #Satspanks, #Wewriwa, #SnipSun, and #SeductiveSnS

Today’s snippet comes from Mira’s Miracle. Set within Maren Smith’s Castle world of a BDSM/kink playground, Mira from Desire in Any Language discovers what it is like to experience her first love. Previously, Hana questioned why Mira didn’t buy more apples.

She takes the bag from me and sets it on the table. The only apple lies mushy and broken, a testament to our phone call.

“If you wanted more apples, you shouldn’t have distracted me.” I lift an eyebrow at her, as if I can tell her what to do. She rests her hands on my bottom, giving a squeeze to make me yelp. This is the first time I have entered her home, and it’s the first time we don’t have to worry about strange gazes from other people. Diplomat security plus dormitory rules don’t make for an easy courtship.

“If you didn’t want to be distracted, you should have answered my question the first time.” Before I can complain, she bends down to drop onto my lips a kiss so sweet, so tender, and so gentle I lose track of any thought I ever could have had. It’s a good thing I’ve already set the apple down because nothing would survive this embrace.

(For an extended preview of the preceding scene, please click here.)


Mira’s Miracle

Whisked away to the fairytale Castle for a dream vacation, Mira confronts her darkest fears.


Vacationing at Master Marshall’s world-renowned Castle should have spelled Fantasy Land, but for Mira the trip means paying a debt. She promised to work hard at her translator’s certificate course while her advisor went on maternity leave, but distraction arrives in the form of her first love. Diplomat Hana Takahashi, from Desire in Any Language, captures Mira’s total attention. Between Hana’s stringent embassy security and Mira’s draconian school dormitory curfew, their stolen kisses drive Mira wild with desire. Hana makes a bet with Mira: keep up with her schoolwork or take a trip of Hana’s choice, according to Hana’s rules. No veto power.

When Mira presents her inadequate end-of-term report, Hana books a dream vacation—of Hana’s dreams. Safe within the Castle, the elaborate role playing kink haven, Hana turns Mira into her little girl. Complete with a private nurse, playroom with its nanny in charge, and a schoolroom filled with naughty pupils and a stern teacher, the Castle’s ageplay wing reduces Mira to a child from the moment of her arrival. Hana’s word is law, and all of the Castle employees carry out her orders for Mira.

However, Mira’s natural resistance leads to tantrums, defiance, and spankings from every adult who assists with her care. When she encounters a tutor who triggers her deepest fears, she must face her residual trauma over the duplicitous “Mistress Susan.” Is Mira ready for the maternal nurturing offered by Hana, or will her unhealed wounds drive everyone away? Can she become Hana’s little girl, or will she safeword out of the Castle to return to everyday life…without Hana? Will there be a miracle for Mira?

Warning: contains ageplay, mouth-soaping, spankings, and sex scenes

25 thoughts on “If you wanted more apples: #Satspanks, #Wewriwa, #SnipSun, and #SeductiveSnS

  1. Julie says:

    Mira’s Miracle is a wonderfully written book, Ana. I continue to love and be impressed by how you go beyond surface details to give your characters depth and create a sense of realism for their experiences.

    And if I may say, the spankings are written exactly how spanking *should* be written. 🙂

    I think people are going to find Mira and Hana’s story very interesting. Congratulations!


  2. minellesbreath says:

    Just so perfect. I love stories that can really capture the excitement of first love. You have a talent for carrying us back to our ‘loves,’ and these moments when everything around you is in hyper detail! Delightful!


  3. Joelle Casteel says:

    I love it, Ana! Hana and Mira are great. Now I have to make a decision- I was trying to decide if I was going to pick up this and “Kaylee’s Keeper,” start with Maren and then move onto Mira.


  4. P.T. Wyant says:

    “If you wanted more apples, you shouldn’t have distracted me.”
    “If you didn’t want to be distracted, you should have answered my question the first time.”

    Great comebacks!


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