Love Spanks 2014 Question Sheet

Do you have a question? Are you having trouble accessing a blog, leaving a comment, or figuring out how to play Love Spanks 2014? Never fear! Ana and the Love Spanks authors are here to answer your questions. Please leave a comment below, and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

11 thoughts on “Love Spanks 2014 Question Sheet

  1. Cara says:

    I don’t know if Erzabet is moderating, but as far as I can tell Erzabet’s blog is eating my comments. Even the preview function isn’t doing anything.


    • Cara says:

      I’m having the same problem on all blogspot blogs. I don’t know what exactly the cause is, but I found a workaround: if I open the frame that includes the comment script in a separate tab and publish from there, my comment shows up on the page. I’m going back to Erzabet’s blog and the others that weren’t working for me earlier.


  2. Laura says:

    I have now tried 26 times to answer the question on Saranna DeWylde’s blog and am still unable too. Every other one was fine. Here is the answer I wanted to give.

    Wow, wow, wow! This was just terrific. I would love to see River Song and Rose from Doctor Who or Faith and Buffy. Thanks so much for this.

    I’ll keep trying until midnight and see if the glitch fixes itself. I have had a blast. Thanks 😉


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