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And now for my story! I had planned to preview a scene from the next book in the Mira and Hana series (including Desire in Any Language, Mira’s Miracle, and a not-yet-named third book), but yesterday’s flash fiction on Siobhan Muir’s Thursday Threads changed my mind. I’m breaking with tradition and presenting a scene from Seoul Searching, my newest work in progress. It’s an experiment of mixed formats, and the story contains free verse as well as traditional prose narrative. Indigo, a 23-year-old recent college graduate, receives a one-way ticket to what she thinks will be a job interview…in Seoul, South Korea.

[excerpt has been removed in preparation for Seoul Spankings, the full-length version of this snippet!]

Please use one or more of the following discussion prompts:

  1. What do you think will happen next?
  2. Have you ever experienced a situation similar to Indigo’s? In what way?
  3. What parts of the story did you like and/or dislike?
  4. If you were Indigo, what would you do?

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66 thoughts on “Love Spanks 2014! Seoul Searching

  1. pao says:

    I think… Indigo and Miss Ko will get together! 😀 Haven’t had the exact same thing happen to me… but it’s sure is within that definition of stupid that Indigo was thinking about. Also, mm, spicy spoiled cabbage.


  2. Arleen says:

    I loved the delivery of the story. I couldn’t help but be captivated by Indigo’s thoughts about the former boy friend while being semi affected by Miss Ko. This is definitely a story I will be looking for when it’s finished.


  3. Joelle Casteel says:

    Oh Ana! You had me biting my lip first thing in the morning 😀 But definitely if I was Indigo, I would obey and taste the meat (even being a vegan, yup, I wouldn’t hesitate that command). As always, you’ve brought such beautiful detail and texture to this.


  4. Rayanna Jamison says:

    Question #3- Can I be honest? I’m a bit bummed. There is no spanking in your love spanks post, and i have no idea whats going on. but there’s a man in this story, so I’m a bit intrigued. Also, this has nothing to do with Valentines day, as far as i can tell. 😦 Sorry, just being honest. I wish you would have done Kat and Natalie, or Mira and Hannah for this one.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Ah, but Rayanna, the spanking scenes happen during the most pivotal parts of the story. I did consider posting that, but it would have been too much of a spoiler.

      Mira and Hana’s Lunar New Year celebration will be posted next week. 🙂


  5. angel says:

    I think Miss Ko and Indi will get closer maybe even get togeather but I think Miss Ko will have ti get Indi to step outside herself first… I have def been at that stupid side of myself a few to many times But seems something great usually comes out of the icky situiation .. I love how you bring the story to life and the ending ties so nicely in to Love spanks logo Looking forward to reading how thing go


  6. SH says:

    I am intrigued with this part of your WIP! I love the mixed formats, makes for an interesting read 🙂 I am dying to know what is gonna happen next and it makes me excited to read the book!!

    SH VIP
    shavro6 @


  7. Missy says:

    Well i think shes gonna get a spanking on The Picknick Matt 🙂 oh I’ve had the cheating man and felt stupid when I found out. Too short to decide what I like or disliked but in her shoes if someone gave me a ticket and I had no responsibilities and obligations, I would go 🙂


  8. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    Interesting delivery. I felt like I was inside Indigo’s mind in a stream of consciousness. She seemed a little lost and uncertain, causing me to feel the same way. Why is she wearing borrowed clothes and high heels that leave her wobbling uncertainly? All that definitely puts her at a disadvantage. Since she’s in a haze and in a docile frame of mind (allowing someone else to send her off to a foreign land, and mold her in their image) I assume she’ll eat the meat she’s been offered. And no, I’ve never been in a similar situation, nor could I ever imagine I would want to be. Yes, it’s nice to get away, but a one-way ticket to a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language would set off all sorts of alarms in my head. Still, I enjoyed your story, and I’m intrigued to find out more. Very descriptive.


  9. Reanna says:

    I liked the excerpt, I think Indigo might just fall in love or at least start a relationship with Miss Ko.

    I’ve had a guy I was living with cheat on me, the split was difficult and like Indigo I kinda got svrewed on the livong arrangements but it all worked out in the end.

    I like the mystery surrounding the excerpt and if I were Indigo I would just go with it, take a chance she can’t go bacl so move forward.


  10. Renee says:

    Really liked this snippet. Oh so naughty though… starting us out in the middle of a scene. Leaves the reader feeling a little uncertain and off balance, just like Indigo is feeling in the story. I liked the realism. So often in life the filter between our brain and our mouth disappears and we blurt out something uncomfortably honest. Especially when we are feeling awkward or unsure. If I were Indie I would smile and enjoy the experience. Try the new foods, clothes, traditions, and experience a different culture with an open mind. Looking forward to reading the rest of the story.


  11. Blondie says:

    1.What do you think will happen next? Indigo will take the offered bite and find that it is the most amazing thing food that she had ever had. She immediately sits down and Ko continues to feed her bites of food.
    2.Have you ever experienced a situation similar to Indigo’s? In what way? No, I haven’t had much excitement in my life. Except. I did work in the University Pub back in the day.
    3.What parts of the story did you like and/or dislike? I enjoyed the memories that Indigo was having regarding Greg and Aunt Matilda. It explains who she is and why she is doing what she is doing.
    4.If you were Indigo, what would you do?
    Go with the flow. When in Korea, do what the Koreans do or at least what her hostess does. VIP


  12. Olivia Starke says:

    I believe Indigo will realize she’s been offered a wonderful chance for a new beginning while in South Korea and she’ll discover a fresh perspective on who she is. I had the chance to move to a different state and it was a wonderful three years. It was fun to kind of hit reset and discover who I am. I love she has this opportunity to forget Greg. And I love Korean food! She should indulge 🙂


  13. Marybeth says:

    Hmmm….Indigo seems to be at a disadvantage. In a foreign country, unable to speak the language, no way to get home if she needs to. I’m hoping her great aunt Matilda didn’t sell her! I’m thinking that she will most likely eat the meat.


  14. nancygoldberglevine says:

    I enjoyed this snippet and love the character names. What do I think will happen next? Well, I think Greg is finished. I also liked the memories of Greg and Aunt Matilda. I’d love a positive chance for a new beginning. I’ve never been in a situation like Indi’s–my husband and I met 40 years ago in March and were always in love (he passed away in 2001 and I still miss him every day). BTW, I have a friend whose name is Greg and we have been having a difference of opinion for the last couple of weeks so I say Indi should dump him–LOL.


  15. abby says:

    Well, i think she will love the bit of meat…want more….but have to earn it. I loved the background information, i feel like i know Indigo. I think there will be some sort of training in her future…and she will forget what’s his name…
    hugs abby amb


  16. JC says:

    Sounds like a great story. I think the two will get together and doesn’t sound like it will be.very long before Indigo gets spanked if she can’t start paying attention. That always seems to be a no no in these stories.


  17. sassytwatter says:

    Delicious story! I would take the bite from the chopsticks she sounds no nonsense. I loved how the scene went back and forth between what happened & what’s going on. I think the will send up together & Indigo will end up sitting on a well spanked bottom. Looking forward to the story.

    sassytwatter VIP


  18. Lonnie says:

    I really liked that this was set in South Korea, it’s an interesting place. I think that Indigo will like the meat but will refuse to eat the Kimchi. She’ll be punished for this, of course.


  19. catrouble says:

    Lovely excerpt Ana. I’ll answer question 2…short answer = yes.

    After my divorce, I started dating a man I had actually dated back in high school. My ‘sister’ reconnected us…when we started dating, I told him about the cheating in my marriage and that if he felt the need and/or desire to be with someone else, to please have the honesty and courtesy to tell me. He agreed.

    We were together for two years until I received a voice mail (he knew I would be at work where my phone didn’t get coverage) with the message that we needed time apart, not to call him that night (Friday) as he would be busy but he would call me the next day.

    After repeatedly telling me that it wasn’t me, he just needed time to ‘find’ himself and get his life sorted out, I found out from his daughter that he and his ‘girlfriend’ were expecting a child and that was the reason he had dumped me.

    No, he wasn’t in to DD at all. Looking back, I can see he was actually a wuss and did me a huge favor. If he hadn’t dumped me like that, I wouldn’t have met my Matthew. And I wouldn’t change the time we had together for anything!

    Okay…enough of my book…off to read some new stories!!!!!

    Hugs and Blessings…
    Cat VIP Amb
    catsbrighteyes at


  20. robskatie says:

    Loved reading this Ana!! As always I so enjoy your work! 🙂

    I’ll answer number four. If I was Indigo, I’d open my mouth and take in all that promised new experiences for me. It requires some trust for sure, but also a level of courage. I stand by the fact that we sometimes have to go out of our comfort zones to grow. Indigo has a path behind her that doesn’t bear repeating. At the same time she has a promising future that has yet to be explored!

    Looking forward to reading of her adventures! Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie T, VIP Amb


  21. Roz says:

    Wonderful Ana, love the mix of her current an old life. Oh yes, I think she will definitely taste the meat 🙂

    I have had times where my old and current life have collided. Though not in quite the same way. In fact, it’s funny because this just happened this week as my ex and I dealt with an emergency with the last of our dogs we had raised together and watching him slip away. Sorry, not quite the comment you were expecting I know! lol



  22. Natasha Knight says:

    Ana, I think it’s really wonderful to see someone you’ve known for a while grow and get even better in her writing. I loved this and look forward to Seoul Searching, so appropriately titled. I loved the way you’ve woven the whole piece together, from the details of her dress (and I understand about the ruffles getting caught and how you do feel like a bumpkin – or like you’ve put on mommy’s too big clothes. Wait, back to my thought, like the way you worked Greg in and her having his apartment sprayed – good for her. What will happen? I think there will be some loving discipline and direction but honestly, I do not know what to expect next. I suppose I’ll have to wait to read it. 🙂


  23. Sidney Swann says:

    What parts of the story did you like and/or dislike?

    I liked the description. You have such a talent for pulling the readers into your character’s mind, of endearing them to her. Indigo’s uncertainty was palpable. That’s what I liked. What I didn’t like was when I had to stop reading.


  24. Holla Dean says:

    I have a feeling Miss Ko and Indigo will end up together. I have never been in such a position and would find it quite scary. I do want to read more of this story. I’m not signed up for this because I know I won’t be able to read all the entries by tomorrow night. But I will read as many as I can.


  25. A Hamblin says:

    Nothing really happened in the story extract it was just a bit of background so it was hard to like or dislike. I would suspect that Indigo is somewhat trapped but finds love and kindness and doesn’t want to go home


  26. JoanneBest says:

    {waves hard while feeling guilty for not being around due to internet wonkiness caused by way too much snow- because everything is my fault :P}
    Now that I’ve attempted to humble myself 😉 I’m going for:
    4.If you were Indigo, what would you do?
    Ah if only I were Indigo! What a wonderfully exciting way to get over Greg and embrace a whole new life. I think perhaps Great Aunt Matilda knows Indigo better than Indigo knows herself and that’s why she sent her to South Korea. So even though Indi wished she was going somewhere she could order a croissant (which is about all I could do since I only took a semester of French) if I was in her kitten-heeled shoes (again, something else in common since I’ve always been taller than the men have been in my life) I would be so relieved to be given the chance to start over I would embrace the experience fully. I have a feeling she’s going to be very grateful Great Aunt Matilda gave her a one way ticket, I know I sure would! 😉
    I’m really looking forward to finding out what happens next…

    ps: I’m torn as to whether I should write AMB because I haven’t been around as much as I wanted so maybe I should just write amb (does it count that I’ve reblogged and tweeted and facebooked? :D)


  27. Tara Finnegan says:

    Oh goodie, another WIP. YAY.

    Aunt Matilda is a wise woman. If Greg was moving in because he wouldn’t commit to Indi, then the chances were, it wouldn’t change his mind.

    I also had to smirk at how cynically Indi could use her body to get bigger tips….a slippery slope using your body to earn money 😀

    Loved it


  28. Author Jessica E. Subject says:

    Oh, wow, I thought this might be a 1Night Stand story. And at the mention of Madam Eve, I know it is. So, therefore, I kind of know what will happen next. And I’m curious to see who her date is. Yippee! Glad you’re writing a 1NS!

    ~Jessica FF Participating Author


  29. Melissa Grace says:

    AV: 1. What do you think will happen next?

    MG: I think that Indigo gets a very important life “lesson” from Miss Ko which begins a whole new life that is a lot more exciting and interesting than the one she had with Greg. That one piece of meat she was offered on that bamboo mat turns into a whole smorgasbord of delicious adventures!

    Very descriptive! Thank you.



  30. Erzabet Bishop says:

    Wonderful story Ana! I love the blend of the old life and the new. A wonderful cliff hanger ending too! I think Greg was a jerk, but like a lot of girls, Indigo gets hung up on what the men in her life think no matter how destructive it is for them. I hope she goes for it!

    Erzabet Bishop- participating author


  31. minellesbreath says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this WIP. What is so fantastically titilating – is that ‘so much’ IS happening to Indigo all at once! Here she is mad and sad about her judgement of Greg…feeling like she was played a fool. Then she is rescued from her sadness by dear Great Aunt Matilda…( Not a Knight in shinning armor)
    I think Indigo will take the bate and eat off of the chop stick. Her new life full of love and maybe a bit of discipline will begin! It may be a fight with herself at first, but love will prevail in the end!
    Obviously she didn’t realize that Aunty was ‘in her corner’ all along!


  32. Tracey Horton says:

    I liked this story snippet. I think something will definitely happen between Indi and Ms Ko. The tease was very good. Looking forward to more.

    Tracey Horton VIP


  33. Michael says:

    Ana, I enjoyed the excerpt from your new book, and I especially like the title – “Seoul Searching.” I am intrigued that you will be using a mix of formats. Can’t wait to read what marvels you will unveil with that experiment.

    As for a discussion prompt I choose #3 – “What parts of the story did you like and/or dislike?”

    First off I like Indigo. I like that she was strong enough to leave Greg, though Great-Aunt Matilda should have spanked her for moving in with this cretin in the first place. I like Indigo’s courage to go to a foreign land for a once in a lifetime adventure. Traveling more than halfway around the world on a one-way ticket takes true courage. Ana, I love how you also balance Indigo with trepidation and confusion as she is caught up in her Cinderella adventure and makeover, but never weaken her with fear.

    I like how even though we don’t meet Greg other than through Indigo’s eyes, Ana, you illustrate through his awful actions what a human cockroach he is. Oh, it goes without saying that I dislike Greg.

    What I like best, Ana, is that in only a few paragraphs I care for Indigo and want to read the rest of her story. Thank you, Ana.



  34. Cara says:

    I’ll take 3 and 4.

    3) Indigo seems close to her great-aunt, but it’s not explained or implied in what’s written why she’s so close to a relative who’s two generations older than her and two steps removed from her biologically. She trusts her great-aunt enough to accept a one-way ticket to somewhere she’s never been without asking any questions. Why?

    4) In all honesty, I’d be asking lots and lots of questions to try to figure out what I’d gotten myself in to and planning what I’d do if I didn’t get satisfactory answers.


  35. Penelope says:

    I loved this piece, Ana. It’s so intricately woven, so elegant (as always) – I love the way you take us inside Indigo’s thoughts and feelings, put her vulnerabilities right there on the page.

    What I like best about the story is the way the narrative flows between inner and outer life; the way past, present and future interweave and interact in such a compelling way.


  36. Sally says:

    My first comment disappeared. I think after some shock about why she is there Great-Aunt Matilda will end up being great at matchmaking and we will get a happily ever after.


  37. shadowluvs2read says:

    Wow! Great little teaser! Looks like its heading towards a charged moment! Ive never been in this type of situation. Definitely think these two are gravitating towards one another! 🙂 Cant wait to see how everything turns out! Thanks for sharing and for being apart of this amazing hop thingy! lol Have a great night!


  38. Irishey says:

    Hmmm… Hi, Ana!

    1. What do you think will happen next?
    I have no idea. I am just as perplexed as Indi. What was Aunt Matilda thinking to send us off like that? Yes, I was on that plane with Indi.

    2. Have you ever experienced a situation similar to Indigo’s? In what way?
    Never. Shipped off like that by an elderly aunt? Ha. Lol! If you mean have I ever been on the cusp of what Indi appears to be getting herself into – but of course!

    3. What parts of the story did you like and/or dislike?
    I love the way you describe things with such natural detail. Once again, I feel I am right there, physically and emotionally, seeing and tasting, hearing and touching and feeling right along with Indi. I want to shake our dear old Auntie Matilda. Wicked old woman anyway. I think we suspiciously dislike her tactics, but we probably love her, too. Sigh. Lol!

    4. If you were Indigo, what would you do?
    Firstly, I would not have gone to Korea or anywhere else on a one-way plane ticket without any information regarding why I was being sent, where I was to go or what was going to happen after I got there. However, if I somehow was conned or coerced into doing this by a snarly Aunt Matilda (pfft), and I found myself hanging in Indi’s current situation being commanded to eat meat from a skewer pointed at my face, I’m sure I would… Wait, you probably do not want to know what I really would do with those chopsticks…

    Umm, okay, let’s see, we’re in a FF scenario, so I would be absorbing the nuances, assessing her commanding manner and presence, trying to figure out how that was making me feel, wondering at the butterflies in my stomach while trying to ignore them, suspecting I was to become the fatted calf – I mean, umm,.. Lol!

    Ana, I don’t know. I’m wondering if we, Indi and myself, are about to be intrigued into switching our preferences, or learning we were mistaken in them to begin with, or?? What ARE we going to do? I think we’ll play this by ear and let it unfold, but let’s consider: We are damning and cursing Greg to hell for his behavior to us, and we have reason to have a adopted a fervent, singularly directed reason to be man-hating on a certain man. I can see us being open and receptive to following through with exploring other considerations – if all goes well and we find it appealing. I suppose I could imagine a few scenarios with a single, tingly outcome to this encounter.

    Good grief. It’s one thing to feel I am ghosting your characters as they progress through your stories. It’s another thing entirely to be sucked into one of your stories and have to BE the character.

    (I read your story first, almost as soon as it was posted and drafted up this comment, but I wanted to go read everybody else’s stories, then come back to see where other commentors took us – I mean, where they took Indi. 😉 This was fun. Thank you.)


    Irishey – VIP Amb (FF – considering it)
    irisheysisle @ gmail .com


  39. Kitty says:


    1 What do you think will happen next?yum ithink she’ll eat it the scene is sexy.
    Have you ever experienced a situation similar to Indigo’s? more’s the pity no.
    What parts of the story did you like and/or dislike?the end with the food yum
    If you were Indigo, what would you do?i think she’ll dump this greg at least i would.


  40. Regan Nicole says:

    What a great snippet! I definitely liked…all of it! Indigo seems like a character I could really relate to. She’s currently down on her luck and not only has her live-in boyfriend cheated on her-but got the other woman pregnant! So instead of moping about and drowning her sorrows…Indigo agrees to a new adventure. This snippet leaves me with a lot of questions and wanting to know what happens next. I like reading about characters entering cultures that are unfamiliar to me and this one definitely would fit that! Plus Indigo was right…her French isn’t going to help her in Korea.


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