Hello everyone! Just popping in for a quick hello. I’m medicated (again)…have not taken this many pills in a very long time. Eh, I figure that the crown will be worth it. Though, honestly, I’d prefer a tiara. Or at least a scepter. πŸ™‚

Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes, cards, notes, and other sweet gestures in the past week. I am glad you liked the snippet from last week. I really enjoyed writing it, and I’m glad that it brought tears to your eyes, Cat.

I’ve always been very low-key about birthday celebrations (at least my own), and this year surprised me. One sweet friend surprised me with a Mother Gothel doll. Mm, Mother Gothel. I had to giggle because the doll was from a vanilla friend. I’m sure a spanko friend would have included a hairbrush. πŸ˜€ I didn’t have the heart to tell my friend I’d already purchased another Mother Gothel doll last year. I figure I can now have one pristine doll in the box and another doll to use for still shots. Oh wait. With what camera? πŸ˜›

Other friends surprised me with various baking toys and supplies. I’m eager to try them out, and I’ve already used some new spices. Did you know that you can get seasoned salt? I sure didn’t. I tried it in a pizza-potato casserole tonight. Yum. I’m also well-enough stocked with butterscotch and chocolate chips to make a boxload of cookies. Good thing I didn’t give up baking for Lent.

In other news, I’ve learned the secret to filling teeny-tiny communion cups. There’s a cup with a push-button pump, and it allows for easy aim and control. It’s like setting up a tea party for grown ups. I’ve also learned the words parament, paten, purificator, burse, pall, and sacristy. Is it very wrong that my naughty mind spins with naughty ideas for a naughty story involving said sacred items? I am sure I will find a cozy spot in a very warm place when I die, so I might as well enjoy the ride before I get there. πŸ˜€

I went to my first church potluck in many years, and I have to say…these quilting grannies know how to cook. Wow. I have to find out who made the clam chowder so I can get the recipe. Preferably with a tutorial in person. There’s something comforting about church potlucks, right down to the obligatory lemonade-from-a-mix served for children and those few adults who don’t drink coffee. I remember when drinking coffee meant becoming a grown up. Then I became a grown up and realized coffee had nothing to do with it.

I’ve recently discovered Lizzy the Lezzy and have laughed myself sick. She’s crass, she’s foul-mouthed, she’s strident and in-your-face and completely inappropriate. Yet I still find and watch her videos. She slams pretty much everyone who believes in a religion, her singing voice is terrible, and her cartoons barely qualify as animated. I watch anyway because she finds a way to take the most annoying, irritating assumptions about F/F and make them ridiculous. I try to bring F/F to people’s awareness with empathy, connecting with characters, and earnest sincerity. Lizzy snarks at everyone and everything, but while getting people to laugh she sneaks in some great points. It’s nice to see a champion of F/F, even if everything she says makes me blush.

Oh, and finally–Governing Ana can neither confirm nor deny rumors that Ana may in fact be Kristine Claus. Mrs. Claus is too busy to make a statement on the matter, but she’s recently restocked her arsenal of wooden spoons. So I would advise you to be careful about staying on Ana’s good side, just in case. πŸ˜€

Good wishes and blessings to you.


17 thoughts on “Celebrating

  1. sassytwatter says:

    Loved this post! Made me chuckle. Sorry you are feeling so ill. It’s a nasty cold season. Flavoured salt is amazing. So many different types of salt to cook with all give distinct flavor. Sounds like you are keeping busy. Seems like time is flying but wanted to pop in and say hi. Hope you at least are some cake on your birthday!


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Look at the naughty one chuckling. I’m suspicious it means you are up to no good. As usual. πŸ˜€ No cake, not a fan of that, but I had some yummy food. And some wine that hadn’t been sitting in my fridge for nearly a year.


  2. pao says:

    Wow, they actually have something to pump the syrup into the communion cups :O I’ve seen the trays of cups making their rounds in church but never thought about how difficult it was to pour liquid into them.

    And seasoned salt! πŸ˜€ I’ve seen and tasted ‘chicken salt’ and we usually have them with chips. I’m glad you had a good birthday, discounting the fact that you’ve been under the weather πŸ™‚ I think I can get used to your posts mentioning food… maybe make that a thing for each post? πŸ˜›

    Mrs. Claus is definitely Ana… methinks.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Yes, those cups are tiny! I don’t know how people do it otherwise. A very careful, steady hand, I suppose. The cup filler is perfect. No leaks, no mess, and exact measurement.

      I have never heard of chicken salt, but it’s probably a similar idea. This kind had paprika, onion, and some other flavors. Yum!

      Then you better behave, Elf Pao!


  3. catrouble says:

    Hey Ana…happy to hear from you. Hope you get to feeling better soon! That’s very funny that a vanilla friend gave you a Mother Gothel doll! Oh yes, anyone from blogland would have included a hair brush…of the wooden paddle variety. LOL You’ll have to share your recipe for pizza potato casserole…sounds tasty! Oh yes, there are all kinds of seasoning salt mixes that can be very fun to cook with.

    Pffft…Ana is not Kristine Claus…Ana gets her buns warmed by Kristine Claus…just like the rest of us! πŸ˜›

    Sending lots of prayers and healing energy!

    Hugs and Blessings…


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Mother Gothel transcends all areas of my life. πŸ˜€

      Some hair brushes are practically a wooden paddle. Ouch!

      The pizza potato casserole was not fancy at all. Something easy to do while chatting. I like slicing potatoes, and they turn out so nice and soft in the oven. Mm.

      Ana will submit a naughty report for Miss Trouble to make sure she gets an extra share this year. Barn burners indeed!

      Thank you for the prayers. I’m thinking it’s time for more pills. Bleh!


  4. abby says:

    Hi…Sorry to hear you are ‘under the weather’….altho around here the weather is cursed every day lately…..new low temp. for March this morning minus 8! Hmmm, i never know that about the wine cups,,,,amazing what one can learn reading blogs. Well, sounds like instead of calling you a cook, we will be referring to Ana the chef!!!! Take care of yourself….
    hugs abby


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Minus 8, brr! I bet you are finding ways to keep warm. Giggle.

      Mister Rogers and communion wine. Yep, that’s Governing Ana. LOL.

      Ana the chef sounds lovely. First step: Requisitioning extra wooden spoons. πŸ˜€


  5. minellesbreath says:

    You Kristine Clause? I don’t think so Missy. AND if I were you…. I would RUN and quickly rectify your lie!
    That is very interesting about the communion and wine cups.
    Hope you are going to share that potato recipe?


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      First step after requisitioning the wooden spoons: Making sure you get an extra one…right across that naughty bottom, Missy! Let’s see how well you can cook in the corner.

      Now why so I suspect you’d skip the cups and drink the wine straight out of the bottle?

      Well, since you ask so nicely. πŸ˜€


  6. Sunny girl says:

    Sorry to hear you’re under the weather, but the weather has been so bad, it is easier to be under it than out in it. So glad you’ve learned so many new things and if that chowder is the NE kind, please share the recipe (hopefully it has less than 5 steps and 5 ingredients)

    Hope you’re feeling better soon,


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      LOL Sunny. I’m guessing it has more than 5 steps and ingredients. Sure was yummy, though, and I’m not even typically a clam chowder fan.

      And you’re right about being under the weather instead of freezing in it. I’ll enjoy my snuggly bed. πŸ˜€


  7. Irishey says:

    Nodding my head in a very sage and wise manner. Copious amounts of medication. That explains it. πŸ˜‰

    Root canals and crowns… I thought you had finished with all that dental stuff weeks ago. Or perhaps that was when you blogged about it? You’ll have to forgive my memory – I’m old(er) and didn’t take notes. πŸ˜‰ Just be good and take your meds so you don’t have to go through it another time (she says with the voice of bad experiences). Maybe you’ll earn that tiara AND sceptre for being such a good girl. πŸ˜‰

    Pristine Mother Gothel. Snort! It’s good to have a spare. Rotf!

    Lizzy. Omg. Rotf again! Wicked, Ana!

    I’ve been on the lookout for a nice, rugged digital camera for my daughter, but I am not as impressed with the cameras as their manufacturers’ prices think I should be. I want a steal of a deal! If I see a good special, I’ll drop you a note. Errr, digital or film or both? Just a handy pocket camera, or one that means business?

    Seasoned salt. Yep. Don’t use it often, but it’s a must for my spicy Italian pasta salad. Even zesty Italian dressing and Italian herb blends need that extra punch from seasoned salt. I think it counters the blandness of the macaroni and sweetness of the veggies. Did your pizza-potato casserole taste good?

    Holy cow, what sacrilege! I think. I cannot imagine a naughty whatever those things are, because I do not KNOW what those things are. Sigh. Google, here I come. I do know how to fill a communion cup, though. Odd.

    My largest, thickest wooden spoon, the only one with a bowl deep enough to spoon out a serving of stew or soup, has a long crack in the bowl. It’s my best and newest spoon, and I was horrified and saddened to see it in this condition. I only use it to cook (very true), and I am very careful about usage and cleaning of my wooden kitchen tools. My cooks-in- training are more lax. I’ve found my wooden spoons and spatulas resting in the pots and pans, handles against the top of the pan, being blackened where they rest against hot metal. Most of my wood utensils now sport ugly little collars, but not my big spoon!

    I have an angel of a teenager who cleans up most of the kitchen after supper – without being asked, because I “went to all the trouble of cooking for everyone.” I know! Be jealous, oh readers of Ana’s blog. πŸ˜‰ I think my angelic offspring put my spoon in soapy, hot dishwater and let it soak with the pans while he was doing whatever else. πŸ˜₯ It’s still okay to use for stirring, I suppose, but then what? I can’t clean deeply inside that crack. No botulism allowed on Irishey’s Isle!

    I think I will sand it down, fill the crack with wood glue, paint the entire spoon, draw on a face, attach pipe cleaners as bendable arms, adorn with yarn hair, a Mrs. Santa cap, dress and apron, and affix a mini large wooden spoon to her hand, then mount her in a stand. I can use her as part of a centerpiece next Christmas. I think I shall name her…..St. Ana Klaus! πŸ˜‰


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      LOL. Irishey, you don’t even know the half of it! Not even medication can explain. And nope, the root canal was what I blogged about a few weeks ago. Temporary crown this week, aka two hours of sitting in the dentist’s chair and trying not to gag. I’m docking you five points and will see you in detention. Naughty.

      OMG…it’s good to have a spare? How can you be so sordidly wicked using completely innocent words? :-O

      The camera I looked at was (I think) a Canon Powershot 2500. It’s currently $59 on Amazon. It’s not a horrible or fantastic camera. The biggest annoyance is that it doesn’t come with a USB cord to upload photos (and doesn’t have wi-fi capability, either). Of course I’d love a real DSLR camera (Nikons are awesome), but short of winning the lottery…

      Parament: A kind of banner that’s hung up in the church
      Paten: The plate used to hold the communion bread/wafer
      Purificator: A little white cloth laid across the top of the communion chalice (wine cup) and used to wipe the cup if you do common cup communion
      Burse: A container/protector that goes around the chalice for communion
      Pall: A cover that lies across the top of the chalice (on top of the purificator)
      Sacristy: A little room, usually next to the altar in the sanctuary, for storing communion supplies and altar cloths.

      You can see pictures here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altar_cloth

      I always forget and leave my wooden spoons in the water. Usually the dishwater. I get annoyed with myself, but I also don’t spend too much money on wooden spoons. One for business, one for pleasure. πŸ˜€ Except if you’re around, more like two for business and one for pleasure. In case you’re wondering, whacking naughty Irisheys is business and stirring my pizza potato casserole is pleasure.

      Can your teenager visit me? I promise not to mind if the wooden spoon gets wet. I will feed said teenager fresh bread and cookies.

      LOL about St. Ana Klaus. Saint is right!


  8. Katie says:

    Hi Ana, πŸ™‚ I’m late around the land- I apologize. Maybe this time I can finally keep up. πŸ™‚ Belated Happy Birthday and many congrats on your two years of posting! Wishing you tons of joyous days ahead!

    Your gifts sounded very nice. I guess that one can never have enough Mother Gothel dolls. πŸ™‚ Great character in a fabulous movie!

    Hope that your dental issues are resolved soon. Sorry that they are uncomfortable enough to warrant pain meds, but glad that you have those to help you through. Sounds like you have been keeping busy with some super fun activities. Feel better. Many hugs,

    ❀ Katie


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      It’s not as if I’ve been very active here lately, either. It’s a busy time of year, in a lot of ways.

      And yes, yay for Mother Gothel dolls. I wish I could figure out how to get her a hairbrush.

      I’m not a fan of dentists at the moment, and I usually like dentists. Oh well, I’m glad I can get my teeth fixed so hopefully there won’t be any more problems.

      Hope you are well.


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