Two new story snippets!

Kat has a new story snippet on her blog.

Also, here is a 250-word snippet with Karielle (technically, she’s off-screen) and Soris from Becoming Clissine. Before marriage, their courtship (if you can call it that!) appears in the short story, “The First Submission” in MilestonesAt that time, they are known by their adolescent names, Karie and Sori.

How does a girl in Bastia learn how to become a Dis? This flash fiction from Thursday Threads gives a peek.

Bred from birth to obey, Sori held the whip even though she wanted to throw it onto the ground. Trentha, her “Dis,” raised Sori’s wrist.


“Hold steady. One sharp flick and lift.”


“Why should I?” Sori bit her tongue, too late. “I know,” she said before her Dis could speak. “It’s my duty.”


“To become a good Dis.” Trentha took the whip. “Karie will never submit unless you make her.” An expert crack followed.


“I’m not ready to marry,” Sori muttered.


Trentha brought the whip down in crescent arc. “You will lay the whip across Karie’s back, and you will teach her to fear you. Here.”


Sori flailed the whip, scowling. Give her a case to study and she could excel. This silly charade of dominance, however, made no sense.


“Use your wrist,” Trentha chided.


Sori flicked without success. “Why can’t I make Karie obey me another way? Why do I have to hurt her?”


Trentha made Sori bend over the punishment bench and raised the whip. “Basti created us as Dis and Nur, one to rule and one to obey.”


Sori’s body jerked at the cut of the leather. “Ow!”


“Do you understand your duty?”


Pain flooded Sori’s consciousness, crowding out every thought.


“You will do anything to make this stop, won’t you?”


Sori nodded, struggling for breath. Trentha took a step closer, brushing Sori’s hair with unexpected tenderness. “In Bastia, all must obey. Disobey at your own peril.”


Sori wept as she gave herself to Basti’s divine will.




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