Wacky cold remedies

After almost a week with a bad cold (hope I don’t scare my guests away), I’m hoping I’ll sound sort of human by tonight when they arrive. πŸ™‚

What do you do for a cold? There aren’t quite as many funny “cures” for a cold as for hiccups (remember that great Calvin and Hobbes cartoon about curing hiccups?), but I’ve heard some great ones:

  • Eat raw garlic
  • Eat raw onion
  • Put a raw onion beside your bed to “absorb” your cold, and throw the onion away the next morning
  • Drink red pepper flakes in alcohol
  • Listen to jazz music (no, I’m not kidding!)
  • Eat chocolate (I don’t care if this works or not; I’m still going to do it!)
  • (for a sore throat) Wrap bacon around your throat (er, no thanks)
  • Whiskey, lemon juice, and honey
  • A bag of asafetida
  • Echinacea
  • Orange juice and vitamin C (studies disprove this, but it still “feels” like the right thing to do)

Good thing cleaning for company also means disinfecting my home. πŸ™‚

Behave yourselves! And if you have any tried-and-true remedies for colds, or if you have heard wacky ones, please share. I think we could all use a laugh.

Happy Friday!



36 thoughts on “Wacky cold remedies

  1. pao says:

    Hmm, I’ve heard of ‘eat raw onion’ cure but I have not heard of the rest! Listen to jazz! πŸ˜€ I wonder if the person who shared that had some other substance in them… I’ve heard of a cure for nosebleeds, and it was to stuff your bleeding nostril with leaves from a vegetable. Yuk.

    Mm, I usually take lots of fluids, only because a drippy nose and congested airways dehydrate me. I think…warm soup helps. Maybe some… rice porridge? πŸ™‚ Keep warm, and air your rooms, I guess. Always good to have fresh air. Get well soon, Ana! You could be Darth Vader for a night πŸ™‚


  2. Nina says:

    Ana, I am sorry to hear that you have a bad cold. I think self-made warm chicken soup is good against a cold. Drinking lots of fluid is always good, for sure and I usually have warm milk with honey right before going to bed. It helps me to sleep better and is good for the throat, too.

    I hope you get well soon


  3. Usedtodo Spankedhortic II says:

    I have to admit that I had to use the link to find out what Asafoetida was. It surprised me to see that it came from the root of plants from the genus Ferula. The rods of the plants of this were used extensively for corporal punishment by the ancient Romans. Presumably it is taken orally to cure a cold and it does make one wonder if it is enhanced when the rod of the plant is applied to the rear end of the sufferer simultaneously. Get well soon πŸ™‚



  4. quiet sara says:

    My husband and some of our friends swear by this drink called EmercenC. It’s like a dry packet of stuff you mix with water and drink. It takes a little like Tang. I don’t like it but they swear it helps. Hope you feel better soon.


  5. sassytwatter says:

    These were ones i haven’t heard before. Hoping yiur feeling better.

    My aunt wen I lived in Sweden she swore by garlic she had me out garlic cloves in my ears for an infection worse thing ever didn’t help and for weeks everything smelled like garlic.


  6. laurellasky says:

    One old one which I tried is pretty wacky. Instead of rubbing Vicks vapor rub on your chest, eat a spoonful. Another that has helped me is to take a non drowsy decongestant . It will temporally clear your head for quite a while and makes it easier to deal with. Another is to drink like a stiff hot toddy, it won’t help your cold but you won’t care.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Big hugs, Laurel


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Eat it? Wow! I have never heard of that! I wonder if it’s even safe.

      I do take decongestants. It helped the first day, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference today.

      LOL about the hot toddy. πŸ˜€

      Hugs back.


  7. catrouble says:

    LOL Ana…I’ve heard of quite a few of these but never heard of the red pepper flakes, jazz music, bacon chocolate or Asafoetida treatments! I do know that Zinc and Echinacea are supposed to shorten the time you have the cold and the severity. I take them along with Vitamin C drops because they sooth my throat. I also make homemade chicken noodle soup with plenty of garlic and homemade noodles.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Hugs and Blessings…


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      I had never heard of some of these tips, either. πŸ™‚ Hot tea, with or without honey/lemon, works well but I don’t often have the patience to make it or sip it. I finally had some today (about 7 cups!) because I was so tired of my sore throat, and it helped a lot. Yum, homemade noodles. With a pasta maker or rolled out by hand? I hope to do that soon. πŸ™‚


  8. Michael says:

    Ana, a good cold remedy is to strip naked, pour ice water over your head. Stand on your balcony at midnight- if no balcony stand on your roof. Hop on one foot turning in a circle until dry. REPEAT.
    That’s a great remedy to catch a cold. What? Oh, you’re trying to cure a cold. Never mind. 😳


      • Michael says:

        So this is the welcome back I get, Miss Anastasia Vitsky? I poke my head out and you immediately stick my nose in the corner! HARUMPH. That’s a fine how do you do. Fair warning, I have an in with the Easter Bunny and with the holiday only a few weeks away see if I don’t whisper in her ear (Most folks don’t know the Easter Bunny is a woman – just picture Jessica Rabbit with a fluffy bunny tail) and you will be getting an Easter Basket filled with carrots, parsnips and turnips instead of marshmallow peeps, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies.


  9. laurellasky says:

    I love Michaels reply. I can just picture it. It reminds me of some telephone prank calls I made as a kid. After you stand on one foot, cluck like a chicken. lol
    Hope your feeling better and enjoying your company.

    Big hugs, Laurel


        • Michael says:

          Hi Laurel! *waves*
          I can’t believe I forgot the clucks like a chicken part. Thanks for having my back unlike Ana who likes to smack my backside.

          I must admit that when I was a rascally kid – unlike the serious adult I have become – my friends and I used to have fun making crank phone calls.

          Ana, I NEVER asked to be sent to the corner! I am exiled there by an authoritarian figure misusing and abusing her power by punishing sweet innocents like me. Not mentioning any names, mind you, but let me remind you, Ana, that with the great power of being a Blog Mistress comes great responsibility. Remember that as you are chuckling at my predicament of standing in the corner with my bare rosy bum on display. Just assuming you will be giving me the full Monty.

          Laurel if you join me in the corner I would love the pleasant company, but fear I would get you in trouble with meanie Ana as I know we would have a fun time cutting up and drawing cheeky caricatures of our wardress on the walls.


          • laurellasky says:

            I would love to get into trouble with you, that’s if Ana gives me the same as you. lol oh I remember the phone calls we made that made us lol. If you ever watched Fraiser he did an episode where some radio jock were planking him with phone calls and getting him to do very funny things, like your cold remedy.

            Big hugs Michael


  10. terpsichore7 says:

    elderberry syrup at the fist sign of a cold has worked for us to lesson the cold. I know they say vitamin C does nothing for a cold but I take it anyways because it makes me feel like I am doing something. Hot tea with honey for a sore throat. Chicken soup for the soul. Staying hydrated and getting lots of rest. Soft tissues. Hope you are feeling better. Hugs


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