Guessing Game

Today, I’ll give you two quick clues about my new work in progress, to be published in June by LazyDay.

  • The two main characters are named Sabrina and Freiya.
  • One spanks; one gets spanked.

Who do you think spanks the other? What do you think the story will be about?

If you wrote a story about two women named Sabrina and Freiya, how would *you* write their story?

Best answers will be featured tomorrow!



14 thoughts on “Guessing Game

  1. sassytwatter says:

    Really?! And you are talking to me about names? I’m thinking Sabrina gets spanked she sounds sassy. Oh I am hoping they are restraunters opening up a restraunt together ones the chef ones the baker!


  2. minellesbreath says:

    I agree with Sassy, however I believe I would change the SPANKED to ANA!
    But if you don’t take my advice…I would make it a story one never seems to be able to stay out of mischief!

    Oh wait that WOULD be you!


  3. Blondie says:

    I would guess Sabrina gets spanked and Freiya is the spanker. Freiya is the head of housekeeper at a rich family’s estate. Sabrina gets hired by the man of the house who has trouble keeping his thing in his pants and hopes that Sabrina, who is super cheerleader cute, will be an easy target. Instead, Sabrina makes one mistake after another while working in the large house. Dust is swept under the rugs, clothes are shrunk in the laundry, and salt is mistaken for sugar in the kitchen. Freiya recognizes that Sabrina, not only needs to learn to take her job seriously, is also a very submissive person who needs a strong presence. What Freiya doesn’t know is that Sabrina has been so attracted to Freiya that she is making the mistakes on purpose, trying to get Freiya to notice her. By the time Freiya figures out what Sabrina is doing, Sabrina finds herself over Freiya’s knee. Sabrina becomes a model employee and when mistakes happen, she gets her bum beat.


  4. Leigh Smith says:

    I’m think Sabrina is the spanker. I never go along with the program. As for the story, I have enough trouble coming up with my own, nevermind fodder for someone else’s. 🙂


  5. Roz says:

    Hmm, I think I’m with Sunny on this one to.. Subrina is the spanker. As for the story, oh gosh. My imagination is eluding me at the moment. I love Blondie’s idea though 🙂



  6. Michael says:

    Ana, congrats and much luck with the new book. Since you write of such varied worlds such as futuristic sci fi, the music industry, editorial & literary business, and the far east just to name a few I have no idea where your next adventure will transport your readers. All I know is it will be a fun and satisfying ride. My guess is Freiya spanks Sabrina only because when I hear the name Sabrina I think of Audrey Hepburn and I always thought this ethereal beauty was very spankable in a sensual way.

    If I wrote their story I would have Freiya as a world renown journalism professor in present day Argentina with roots in Germany. Her family came to Argentina from Germany in the closing days of World War II when her father, a general in the German army, knew defeat of the Third Reich was imminent. There is a secret in her past as to whether her now deceased grandfather – the German general – was just part of the German Wehrmacht military or was also a member of the Nazi Party.

    Freiya is in her mid-thirties and one of her graduate students is twenty-four year old Sabrina, who is an Englishwoman with an undergraduate degree in history from Cambridge. Sabrina has come to the Universidad de Buenos Aires to specifically study under Freiya whom she has had a crush on since hearing her and meeting her as a guest lecturer at Cambridge. Even though it is forbidden, which only makes it that much more thrilling, teacher and student have a torrid affair based on equal parts love and lust. Freiya mentors Sabrina both in the classroom and in the ways of domestic discipline as she takes the young student in hand to guide her to fulfill her potential.

    A crisis arises when Sabrina decides for her final thesis to research Freiya’a grandfather and his role in World War II. Will she uncover long lost secrets better left in the past? Will she publish information which will disgrace Freiya and her family or will she suppress valuable historical data to protect her lover and the person she cares for most in life? Which will prevail, Sabrina’s budding journalistic ethics of following the story to its conclusion which will be a springboard for her career or her emotional heart which Freiya is tenderly holding in loving hands which caress her young lover as well as corrects her when needed.


  7. Michael says:

    It is Freiya’s grandfather who was the German general. I mistakenly said both father and grandfather at different times. My bad. 😦


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