Meet Freiya!

Since most of the questions centered on what Freiya and Sabrina are like, I’ll post a description of Freiya today. 🙂


Freiya Vargas is in her late 20s, but she is motherly and seems older than her age. She’s a kindergarten teacher. She loves apples, and she often wears apple-themed accessories. She is calm, gentle, and kind. She often says typical kindergarten teacher phrases (even when talking with adults) such as, “Isn’t this fun?” or “Let’s all calm down.” She is social, and most people love her at first glance. She has a strong conscience but hates confrontation. She can get overwhelmed, and she needs Sabrina to help her set limits. Freiya originally trained as a Montessori teacher, but she didn’t like the rigidity of rules. She eschews worksheets and achievement tests and emphasizes social development activities for her students. She always carries a packet of smiley apple stickers, even outside of school, and she gives stickers to any children she meets.

As far as I know, Freiya has never worn her pants inside out to school. 😛

Award for best guess goes to Pao who gave this reason for Sabrina spanking Freiya:

Freiya being too accommodating which puts her in difficult situations makes Sabrina spank her?

Yep! It’s hard having Mother Teresa as a partner. 😀 “Why, yes, Mrs. Principal, I’ll gladly give up all of my free time for the next two weeks for an unpaid project that you failed to plan in advance. Oh, oops, sorry, Sabrina, I forgot that I promised you we’d spend time together this weekend so I could help you with the deck renovations. You don’t mind, do you?”

Minelle commented (apparently not interested in asking questions):

Knowing how much those Catholic school teachers love to ‘party’ I am thinking Freiya goes out with a few of the wild faculty. Of course she is tempted to disobey the one drink rule and established curfew set by Sabrina by several drinks, and comes home hours late. She will be one sorry lady!

Renee asked:

As I am the principal of a small private K-12 Christian school I would bet it is one of two things. One) Freiya was seen out on the town having too good a time, by one of her student’s parents and reported. Or two) she responds inappropriately to a parent about their parenting choices (or lack there of). Something that will get you in trouble quicker than anything else in my school is to disagree with a parent’s choices and feeling the need to show that disapproval either directly or indirectly through the student. As long as there is not any threat of abuse or danger to a child, a teacher must be able to positively handle diversity in all forms.

My question is when is the story expected to be published?

Freiya is not the partying type and is safe from being reported for a wild night on the town. 🙂 However, now I am a bit worried about your safety, dear Minelle and Renee! Hehe.

However, you are correct that parent-teacher conflicts are one source of trouble for our dear kindergarten teacher. Who knew? 😀

Sabrina and Freiya’s story will be published in June from LazyDay.

Blondie proposed this reason for Sabrina to get spanked:

Freiya acts like a child, the students are rubbing off on her. When she misbehaves, Sabrina has no choice but to teach her a lesson. She certainly won’t be sitting comfortably for awhile.

Hm. Not quite, although Freiya does get stuck in kindergarten-teacher mode. You know how teachers tend to treat everyone like children, even if they are adults? Sometimes it can be good, and sometimes it can be bad. Telling your partner to calm down, take a deep breath, and focus on the positive probably isn’t the best response to, “You are in so much trouble, Freiya!”

Michael asked:

Since Sabrina teaches older students she can see how in some cases early mistakes in their education have adversely affected their scholastic progress. Sabrina decides to monitor the earlier grades and finds some flaws in Freiya’s teaching methods that even though the students are young could lead to problems for them in their future development. When Sabrina brings this to Freiya’s attention the kindergarten teacher bristles instead of taking the constructive criticism in a positive way. She views Sabrina as interfering with her academic freedom and acts petulantly and throws a tantrum just like her kindergarten students. Sabrina takes her in hand and insists that if Freiya behaves like a child she will be punished like a child and spanks her then stands her in the corner like a naughty girl.

My question piggybacks on Minelle’s – If Sabrina and Freiya are the main characters where does Ana fit into the story, and how does she end up being spanked?

Another question is what races and ethnic backgrounds are Sabrina and Freiya, and what are their ages.

That’s more than one question so I know where I’ll be spending most of my day tomorrow. 😦

Ana is a wholly innocent young lady and above such silliness. 😀

And only one question, Mr. Troublemaker. I’ll see you in the corner, on the double.

Freiya is actually pretty level-headed. She doesn’t get upset easily, and she doesn’t throw fits. What Sabrina finds most exasperating is Freiya’s talent for ignoring reality in favor of her own idealism. “But, Sabrina, I’m sure that these two people would get along wonderfully if only given a chance to work together.” “But, Sabrina, he asked me for money. How could I refuse? I’m sure he needed it for a good cause.”

If you’ve ever lived with a saint, you’ll understand Sabrina’s annoyance. Saying “no” is an important life skill that Freiya never learned. The community adores her, and Sabrina is forced to play villain to Freiya’s saint.

Roz asked:

This is fun Ana 🙂 Yay, I guessed right! lol. Darn it though, teachers did cross my mind too but I didn’t say it in my comment! lol. I think perhaps Sabrina loses it with either a spoilt, badly behaved child or parent.

My questions, does Sabrina get to spank Freiya? lol. When will the book be released?

Yup, you did guess right. Yay! You’re right on the money about a spoiled brat of a child and the spoiling parents. It’s the bane of every teacher’s existence.

LOL Roz. Is that some wishful thinking? Sabrina is far too alpha to allow anyone to spank her, but I’ll have to pass your idea along to Freiya. She’ll get a chuckle out of it…at least until she can no longer sit down. 🙂

Release will be in June.

Pao said:

Freiya being too accommodating which puts her in difficult situations makes Sabrina spank her? 🙂

Is it still Saturday? Do I still get to ask a question (Those are not the questions, by the way!) Does Sabrina have a preferred implement?

Well done, Pao! And if you have to ask me the days of the week, I’m afraid you need more help than I can give you. 😀 In all fairness, the post got delayed yesterday because I was under the weather. Full steam ahead today!

Sabrina likes whatever gets her message across the most quickly and efficiently. She has several paddles, both leather and wood, that are marvelous for changing Freiya’s attitude and behavior. Would work well for you, too, my dear.

Irishey said:

My goodness. All sorts of fun going on around here and I’m missing out.

Why does Sabrina spank Freiya? She showed up at school wearing her pants inside out? 😉

My question is about Freiya’s name. Is it an alternate spelling for Freya, Norse goddess of love, beauty, fertility and war? She was a very strong person, a magician, a leader of warrior women. If so, it’s interesting, that Freiya should be the spankee in your story.

LOL Irishey! That is the best idea yet. I wish I could put it in, but it doesn’t fit Freiya’s character. Sabrina keeps her too well-ordered to go to school with her clothes inside out, but it would be hilarious. 🙂

Yes, Freiya is an alternate spelling for Freya who is the goddess of love (and other things). Freiya shows enormous courage in the book, even if she doesn’t always use the best judgment. You’ll learn more about her courage once I reveal the title of the book.

I think we’ll all agree that submission is for the strong, eh?

Cat said:

I think Freiya lets the parents of one of her students know how incompetent they are…in no uncertain terms! And Sabrina decides she was not diplomatic (even though she was right! LOL)


Freiya was supposed to spank Ana for being naughty and since she didn’t, Sabrina is going to spank Ana and then give Freiya the same punishment! 😀

Lucky for you, Cat, I was one day late as well. 😀

Freiya doesn’t tell parents they are incompetent, but she refuses to go along with some orders from the school administration. What kind of orders? We’ll find out later. 🙂

And I refuse to answer the second question, Miss Instigator! I’m sure Michael will take care of you. 🙂

All right, there’s your introduction to Freiya. Today, you can ask questions about Sabrina. One question per person. That includes you, Michael!

I’ll post the answers tomorrow or Wednesday. Happy spanking!



8 thoughts on “Meet Freiya!

  1. pao says:

    I blame the time zones for having to ask you what day it is 😛 Hmm, no thank you, no paddles! Hands are the best cos they hurt the least 😛 (I might regret saying this)

    I have a friend who’s a teacher and she has stickers as well. She just feels like keeping them for herself, though.

    Does Sabrina like Oreos? 😀


  2. Renee says:

    Is this part of the Corbin’s Bend series??? Are Sabrina and Freiya partners or friends? Did they meet at the school or prior to the school? Thanks for the update. Glad you are feeling better. Renee


  3. sassytwatter says:

    Loved reading through everyone’s comments! Looking forward to the release. Just one thibgs why apples and not lemons?! So much more fun & fruity 😜


  4. Irishey says:

    Absolutely, submission is for the strong – both the one doing the submitting and the one receiving the submission. If either are weak…

    When the power goes out, or unforeseen circumstances conspire to cause one to rush like mad to get out of the house, even the most organized and structured of people can end up wearing shoes of different colors or inside-out clothing. Just sayin’. 😉

    “Does Sabrina like Oreos?” Rotflol!

    My question about Sabrina can’t match that one! So, I want you to choose one thing about Sabrina that nobody else knows, not even Freiya, your publisher, editor or beta readers. Don’t tell me/us, just use it to build on a sequel or continuing saga. 🙂


  5. minellesbreath says:

    Hmmmmm… I still think Ana should be spanked- hard!
    I believe that we teachers work so hard pleasing our principals… Ahem… Poor Freiya. I completely sympathize.
    Mistakes can be made with clothing!


  6. catrouble says:

    I do believe I’m going to like Freiya! Has Sabrina always been a spanker? Has she been in previous relationships? If so, did she spank them? Is this the first relationship for Freiya? If not, was she spanked in previous relationships? Who introduced spanking into their relationship? More than one question? Pffft 😉

    Oh and BTW…Michael can’t ‘take care’ of me…he has to stand in the corner! *snicker* 😀

    Hugs and Blessings…


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