The Grocery Store Debacle: Trying to keep my sanity in a fast-paced life

Have you ever felt discombobulated by the multiple competing demands for your attention? Have you tried to keep things straight, only to end up a confused mess? We know Our Lady of 15 Font Colors, Minelle, has shown up at work with her clothes inside out. (Wow, I didn’t know P was that good!) We scramble, trying to get it together, only to sheepishly admit to our shenanigans.

Every Sunday in the late morning or early afternoon, I go to the grocery store. The food is fresh, the crowds minimal, and I can plan the week’s menu in peace. Sometimes I watch the cooking demonstrations, and occasionally I ask for help. Where’s the curry paste? What is the price on this bag of green beans? Do you have any sugar snap peas? The local grocery store is staffed by friendly, courteous professionals who make my visit enjoyable.

Today, I loitered by the Easter/Passover clearance table. There was a sad, one-eyed chocolate Easter bunny at least a foot tall. I like chocolate, but ew. (At least it wasn’t a chocolate cross, eh Louisa Bacio?) Cadbury eggs, so horrifyingly over-sweet and yet filled with nostalgia for a childhood hoarding the precious chocolate. Chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. Yum. I’m a sucker for marshmallow and chocolate together, and everything was half price or less. There was a big selection of “Kosher for Passover” Matzo boxes. At only a dollar a box, I was curious enough to try some. Sure, what can taste good about flour and water, but it’s Matzo! I gave an apology to my Jewish friends as I considered spreading some Matzo with peanut butter for a snack. That’s not sacrilegious, right? (Louisa knows about sacrilege!) It’s okay if a non-Jew eats Matzo, isn’t it? I promise not to eat it with bacon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

By the time I got home and unloaded bags of food into my refrigerator and cupboards, I had a funny feeling something was wrong. I knew I’d bought a can of orange juice concentrate, but it wasn’t in my freezer. I searched high and low, in all of the bags, and went back to my car. Nope. Another search. Nope.

Puzzled, I phoned the grocery store. “This sounds really stupid,” I apologized. “But have you found a shopping cart with groceries still in it?” Maybe I had left some of the food in the cart. I couldn’t remember putting the cart back into its stall. Had I driven off with some bags still in the cart? Did the bagger forget to put some of the groceries in my cart?

“I’ll look,” the manager promised. “Who’s the cashier listed on your receipt, and what was the time? What were you wearing?” He took my name and phone number and promised to investigate.

Just a few minutes later, the phone rang. The manager confirmed the color of my hair, and he said, “I was at the desk! I saw you put the cart away empty, and the cashier says she gave you all the groceries.”

I went to my kitchen counter to look through the empty bags again. “This is so weird,” I said, perplexed. “I mean, one can of orange juice might have fallen out of my bag or rolled underneath my car, but I’m missing a lot more than that. Cough syrup, apples, a box of Matzo, vegetables. I don’t understand.”

The manager listened patiently. “Come back, and grab another of what you need.”

I stammered, “Are you sure? But if I bought them, and I lost them…”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said. “We’ll take care of you.”

I hung up the phone after thanking him profusely. I reached for my car keys…to find an ignored bag of groceries sitting next to my front door.



Cough syrup.






Oh, crap.

I blushed and considered not calling the manager back. How would I ever explain a second phone call describing even more stupidity than the first? At last, I decided I had to ‘fess up since I do go to the store every week. Better to let the manager know I’m an idiot over the phone, when he can’t see my face, than in person the next time I shop.

“Hi, I just called you about the groceries missing…”

“Yes, what can I do for you?”

“Uh…I’m really sorry, but I just found them. Sorry to bother you.”

The manager was lovely enough to thank me for calling back, but I’ve been embarrassed ever since.

So…that’s my Sunday afternoon. How’s yours?


31 thoughts on “The Grocery Store Debacle: Trying to keep my sanity in a fast-paced life

  1. sassytwatter says:

    Thanks for making me even hungrier!!! I loved this post. I have done something similar it’s amazing how embraased one can feel even over the phone. And cadburrys eggs are a must at least onse a year. And nothing sacateligious about pb on matza or even bacon mmmmm bacon. But you who like to make soup make Martha ball soup get some chicken smaltz and everything u normally use and it will be the best chciken soup you ever had cute all the ales.


  2. Nina says:

    I really needed some time to regain my composure because you made me laugh so hard. I could relate soooo well to this. I have done exactly the same thing, but not this year, yet. And I did not call the supermarket, because I knew that I had all goodies put into the car. Not finding the silly bag drove me crazy, and I had traced back every step from the car to the house and back again. Not even CSI would have been better. Well, hubby found the bag a day later, outside with some of the food ruined ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . And I still have no idea when I had put the silly bag around the corner. These things happen again and again, I have even thrown away keys, by accident, while tidying up. Uhm, only all the important keys, of course. That was expensive and I paid dearly for that.
    But this Sunday has been lovely here, with warm, sunny weather and we had a little picnic outside in the fields and we had all the time to be lazy. Itโ€™s one of those days here when you smell nicely from the sun and grass, and I think I have sniffed it all away from hubby on our way back home.




    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Hey, what’s the point of life if we can’t laugh at ourselves? ๐Ÿ˜€ At least you’ve gotten through nearly half the year without an episode like this. Really, it was like something out of a sitcom.

      Thank goodness I found my food before it spoiled! That would have been disheartening.

      Knock on wood, I haven’t lost keys yet. Hope I never do.

      Enjoy your lovely weather!


  3. Mona Lisa says:

    Lol, Ana I know exactly how it feels.
    It happened to me a few times .. you see, more than once .. i have paid and gone from the store without a single product …
    When the children were small and sat in the stroller ..
    At home, I checked under banrvagnen .. nothing.
    Same way back to the store and there stood my bags packed and waiting for me .. lol ..
    Once a young assisted told me, the time was about 10:00 .. “Is not it time to wake up?” .. Lol.
    I remember I said, “yes, that’s it. When it happens to you, remember this conversation” .. and went home in tears. I was simply exhausted and tired .. and had thoughts elsewhere. ..
    Now I laugh at it .. lol.

    Mona Lisa


  4. catrouble says:

    ROFLMBO! Oh Ana…I have pulled similar stunts. Actually started pushing someone else’s cart out of the store one day…oops! Have missed bags of groceries only to realize I left them at the store or put them in my back seat rather than the trunk.

    Go shopping with kids who take things out of your cart while you’re not looking and you don’t realize it til you get home and compare your shopping list against your sales slip! Bless their little hearts! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Here”s a true story goodie for ya…I pulled into our local Walmart yesterday to shop and parked next to the cart return. As I started by it, I realized someone had left her purse sitting in the cart! I took it into the store and left it at the service desk…don’t know if she came back looking for it or if they called her.

    Matzo crackers have no taste…ya gotta put something tasty on them! I used to work at a company that made different spices/mixes along with muffins/bagels/matzo crackers and was certified kosher. One of the perks of the company was taking home some of our products. I used to eat the matzo crackers with peanut butter or strawberry preserves or bacon jam! LOL

    Thanks for the giggles…
    Hugs and blessings…


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Although I can get a bit kerflummoxed, grocery store mix-ups are new to me. I hope this will be my first and last time. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Wow about the purse. I’m always afraid I will lose my wallet or keys.

      At least the little kids didn’t sneak a whole bunch of toys and candy into the cart!

      I figure matzo must be similar to Scandinavian flatbread…crisp and a good accompaniment to other things. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hey, giggles are always good.


  5. DelFonte says:

    Ana – you are so not alone with this. I brought my kids new school uniforms at the local supermarket, hung the bag from a hook on my trolley so not to get groceries spilt on them. Put the bags in the car, parked the trolley, drove home, unpacked the groceries. Then told my husband I had bought new clothes and …. couldn’t find them. They were still on the trolley. Drove back to the supermarket and went to customer services. Luckily for me, they had been handed in and I had the receipt still. I no longer hang things on the hook. I have also left a bag of meat in the back of the car for two days, hidden under a blanket. I’m basically a disaster at shopping.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Oops! At least you were able to get the clothes without having to pay for them twice.

      Sounds like a Tesco to me, school uniforms and groceries at the same store. How convenient!

      I hope it wasn’t summer when you left the meat. Ew, the smell!

      Hugs back.


      • nancygoldberglevine says:

        Nice of them to offer to place the groceries…the way things are going for me this year, I wouldn’t have been so lucky. Last year my cab driver friend took me to the grocery and when I got back and put everything away, I was missing a loaf of bread and some donuts. So I asked him if he found them and he said no he’s always really careful about checking to make sure he picks up all the bags. The next day he found them…LOL!


      • DelFonte says:

        Close with Tesco, it was Sainsbury’s – the big rival.
        It was winter and the blanket insulated the meat. We threw it away. Husband was not a happy man – he’s a meat man. fortunately this was pre-spanking days… it might have cost me quite a bit.


  6. minellesbreath says:

    Oh my —girlie! Can I trade places as the space cadet Minelle? We all knew you were a character who is a bit nutty!!
    I will tell you a secret….sometimes hubby forgets groceries…and he will go back so nicely!
    Annnndddd maybe when I forget I will go back…..or NICELY ask my Scotsman to go back for me….especially if I am overextended!

    BTW…I haven’t dressed inside-out in a while!


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      In a while? Meaning this has happened more than once? Oh, dear. You’re worse than we thought.

      You would know about nutty. ๐Ÿ˜€

      You ask nicely, or you ask not so nicely and said Scotsman has to remind you? *grin*


  7. Roz Harrison says:

    Hi Ana, sorry but I had to gigglr at this. Yep, done similar things here too. I have been trying, and failing to resist the reduced easter goodies … Cadbury eggs are s must!:)



  8. Ami says:

    Actually I think you did very well, considering. My worst experience was when I accidentally grabbed someone else’s nearly full trolley by mistake, added a few of my own items on the top and sailed happily through the check out without really paying attention to what I was packing.

    It was only when I reached home I discovered strange things like recycled toilet paper and canary seed, and I realised what I had done. We had some extremely strange meals that week. These days I do ‘all’ my grocery shopping via the internet. Much easier and I can keep an exact tab on my expenditure.

    PS We still have some Cadbury’s cream eggs in our larder cupboard.
    Minelle? You own a man who will shop for you for groceries?! Swoon!
    Strange fact – I love matzos with slightly salted butter on them. They are lower in fat than normal crackers, but I learned how to fix that.



  9. Annapurna says:

    This last Sunday, I spent a hectic day house cleaning, writing, and daydreaming, with an emphasis on the later. When I go shopping, I have to reframe from too much wool gathering; otherwise, it will take me all day to do what I should accomplish in about an hour. That means I have to stay away from the deli section and the romance novel rack, but the tabloids are fair game while I stand in the checkout line.


  10. Geonn says:

    Missed opportunity! You could have grabbed something, gone to the store, found the manager, and said, “You were part of a social experiment, and you responded with generosity, kindness, and charity. You’re a good person and I’ll make sure people know about it! Please accept this award.”

    “Is this a broom?”


    And then you run from the store.


      • Geonn says:

        I think reading this post cursed me… not half an hour after reading I went to the store (just 7-11, not any big groceries), put everything on the counter, and… no wallet. ::facepalm::


          • Geonn says:

            I did not! And the worst part about being well-known by the clerks (it’s a small town, it’s nearby, I’m in there a lot ;D) is that the clerks have no compunctions about laughing right in your face when you do something stupid like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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