Dancing in the aisle

Last weekend, I spent some time with a friend and her four-year-old granddaughter. We sat together at a gathering, and the little girl (I’ll call her Mia) was determined to make her mark.

Friend: Now, once the speaker begins we’ll have to listen and not talk. Okay, Mia?

Mia: We’ll see.

I was completely unhelpful as I burst into laughter. If the little girl had said it in a bratty way it wouldn’t have been funny, but she said it with the seriousness of a CEO considering a business merger. As if her grandma were offering a suggestion for her approval. 🙂

Then, during some music, the little girl popped up to dance in the aisle. She sashayed back and forth, twirled her bright-colored skirt around her, and held her grandma’s hand as she did a sort of jitterbug.

I can’t remember many words of the gathering, but I can recall each vivid flower print on Mia’s dress.

At the end, as people made conversation, my friend led her granddaughter to give greetings. Mia held out her hand to an adult standing more than twice as high. I thought she was asking for something (pen, piece of paper, etc.), but instead she beckoned for the tall adult to bend over. She wanted to give a hug.

“If Mia ever gives you a hug,” my friend’s friends have told me, “take it. You never know when you’ll get another one.”

Little Mia flitted around the room, holding court and dispensing hugs. I tapped her on the shoulder to give her the Happy Meal toy I’d been saving for her, and I was rewarded with a hug of my own.

I’ll never be able to dance, but I’ll always enjoy watching little girls conducting ballets to their own music.

Dance in the aisle today. You never know what might happen…


22 thoughts on “Dancing in the aisle

  1. pao says:

    This is so sweet and precious 🙂 You describe her like she’s a princess. That’s wonderful to watch, that being at ease and comfortable doing your own thing. Thank you for sharing this 😀


  2. chickie says:

    awww… my daughter does that too 🙂 Cannot hear music without moving something. Shame we can’t all just let loose like that without worrying what somebody thinks about it.


  3. catrouble says:

    Awww Ana…thank you for sharing such a sweet story. I’m a lot older than four but I dance through the aisles of Walmart, the grocery store, Target, etc…anything that is playing music…dancing in the aisles is so much more fun. Oh and for the record…I can’t dance either but I really don’t care what anyone thinks. 😉

    Hugs and Blessings…


  4. annapurna1951 says:

    A child’s wonder, feet floating over the ground, and hair twirling about to music unheard is the smile I covet to see on a child’s face, like Mia’s, a beginner’s mind that we strive so hard to find, but never quite reach. The energy of childhood, so effortless, is precious, for we were all once children, but have forgotten. Let us dance in the isle today with her so we can remember, and be happy for the love that flows freely through us all, even now—with childhood so long lost.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      When we’re actually in childhood, it’s a time of mixed emotions. Grief, anger, jealousy, fear, etc. But those moments of joy are so intensely real. I think we all envy that. 🙂


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