You did ask for it: #SatSpanks and #SnipSun

Here’s an eight-sentence snippet from Kat and Natalie’s latest adventures, as part of the Saturday Spankings bloghop:

Natalie wipes down the counters, a dishtowel slung over her shoulder, and an assortment of spatulas, slotted metal spoons, and other large spoons in her hand. “Give me the wooden spoon,” she says, dumping the serving utensils into the dishwater. We wash everything in the dishwasher, but she insists on pre-washing by hand.

“No,” I complain, fighting with the stiff oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough. “I’m not done yet.”

“C’mon, Kat,” she remonstrates, holding out her hand.

So I scrape the cookie dough off as best I can, and I whack her with the dough-y wooden spoon before hiding on the other side of the counter. “You did ask for it,” I point out, and for once she agrees.


20 thoughts on “You did ask for it: #SatSpanks and #SnipSun

  1. annapurna1951 says:

    You got to love Kat’s hit-and-run tactic. I’d be hiding on the other side of that counter too. I wonder what Natalie’s response will be? I hope it’s a good one.


  2. Nina says:

    This is so cute. I love it. I think hit-and-run is something hopefully many have played – as adults. 🙂 I’d love to play this right now, but hubby would always be the winner these days. … And he wouldn’t approve of me running either. It would be more like rolling anyway.
    If Kat is always as teasing, she’ll surely get many spankings. But in this scene she deserves a good one, for being a little cheeky but so charming.




  3. annapurna1951 says:

    When I was growing up, my mother told me but one thing: never smack a hornet’s nest with a stick.

    Now look at what Kat has gone and done with a wooden spoon. That’s got to be worse than using a stick and Natalie’s sting has got to be worse than any old hornet. I figure that spoon is going to be chasing Kat around a bit before she really gets it, and probably on the bare too.

    Mind you, I’m just speculating.


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