Me, mean?: #SatSpanks and #SnipSun

Here’s an eight-sentence snippet from Kat and Natalie’s latest adventures, as part of the Saturday Spankings bloghop and Snippet Sunday. Kat’s finished making her own birthday cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip) because no one wants to eat Natalie’s cooking, and Kat gets a bit too playful with her wooden spoon. She whacks Natalie for nearly the first time in their relationship. Still, it is her birthday, so Natalie rewards Kat with a special treat–a hand spanking and reminiscing of their favorite memories. Kat doesn’t agree with Natalie’s choice, though. 🙂

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

“That one doesn’t count,” I complain, blowing the ends of my hair away from my face. After all these years, I should learn to keep a hair elastic in my pants pocket for when Natalie decides to flip me sunny side up.

“And you tried to find the school dumpster to find the hairbrush I’d so lovingly chosen for your Christmas gift,” Natalie chortles as she tugs my jeans down to my knees.

“You didn’t think it was funny at the time,” I point out. “Besides, I never would’ve lost the dumb brush if you hadn’t been so mean about it.” After a full day of frigid silence, Natalie had taken the ping-pong paddle to me twice–once for the original crime, oversleeping and missing my eight o’clock stats class, and a second time for trying to maneuver my way out of the spanking she’d threatened.

“Me, mean?” Natalie’s voice drips with false surprise as she slaps my bottom with the practiced rhythm born of years–no, decades–nestling me in her lap, patting my back as each spank awakens a delicious, forbidden tingle.



18 thoughts on “Me, mean?: #SatSpanks and #SnipSun

  1. Roz Harrison says:

    I agree, love that too! Love the dialogue between them and Kat’s comment about the hair elastic for when Nat decides to flip her sunny side up .. made me giggle 🙂



  2. annapurna1951 says:


    You’ve created another spirited and provocative snippet for me to enjoy, so much so, I can’t concentrate on my housework! That’s very naughty of you!

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Natalie is no green pea when it comes to spanking Kat’s upturned bottom; she knows just how far to go, and by the sound of it, she’s hitting all the right notes. Kat should feel so lucky to be getting so much attention.


  3. Julie says:

    Ana, these Kat snippets are so much fun! It reminds me of when I first discovered Kat and Natalie, and waiting to see what would happen next.

    And this one put a smile on my face that just won’t leave, as I think back to Sebastian and one of Kat’s worst plans EVER!! I see re-reading in my future. 🙂


  4. Nina says:

    They are really close, aren’t they? I think Kat would not tell Natalie that she was mean, if she had no trust in her. I can’t wait to read more and their story is next on my reading list 🙂


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