Saturday Spankings: #Taliasman #BeyondFairyTales

Welcome to Saturday Spankings and Snippet Sunday! To celebrate the publication of Sci Spanks 2014, an anthology of the Sci Spanks stories, I’ll show you a sneak peek of the second chapter. You may want to grab Sci Spanks 2014 first–it’s only 99 cents and an incredible deal! You’ll get to sample a wide variety of stories in all subgenres of speculative fiction, and all are sizzling hot.

In Taliasman, Queen Vina tries to threaten woodworker’s daughter Talia with a spanking. Stubborn until the bitter end, Talia holds her own.

“Beat me.” She juts her chin, standing with hands on her hips in the simple cotton nightgown Merda chose for her.

I nod my thanks to the girl who has served Talia for the past few months. It is a thankless job, but Merda never complains. She folds her lip inward as she leaves, her back stiff with disapproval. She is not angry on her behalf, but mine. I must talk with Merda privately and encourage her, but she will not listen. She will tell me everything is fine and I should focus on my own worries—but what are my worries if not to provide for those who have given me their lives?



Now available on Amazon, ARe, Smashwords, and KOBO! Appearing soon on B&N and iTunes.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings: #Taliasman #BeyondFairyTales

  1. annapurna1951 says:


    Nice lead-in to keep me dangling. I just hate/love that.

    Beat me indeed, but sometimes we have to top from the bottom to get the necessary effect! However, we might get more than we bargained for!

    Love it!


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