Lake Kat (or the story of Natalie’s new spanking spatula)

Kat’s bad day takes a turn for a worse. Poor Kat! 🙂


I rub my forehead and lift my hair away from the back of my neck. I have committed many sins in my life, and Anatomy and Physiology serves as my punishment. I make flashcards, copy diagrams, look up pronunciation, weep copious tears, and still can’t remember the blasted things. What’s wrong with the foot bone being connected to the heel bone? Everyone understands what I mean by that. But no, I have to learn the names of twenty-six bones in the foot. Maybe I should stay a CNA. The work isn’t glorious, but I don’t have to memorize words I’ll never use again.

My phone beeps at me. Working late. Be home in an hour. Social worker tomorrow. I gasp and punch the “talk” button.

“I can’t talk—“

“What do you mean, tomorrow?” Normally I wouldn’t bother Natalie at the office, but she can’t drop a bombshell without expecting a…

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4 thoughts on “Lake Kat (or the story of Natalie’s new spanking spatula)

  1. annapurna1951 says:

    A heart-thumper it was for me with a happy ending, as Kat endured quite a paddling with two implements no less. Oh, to be in that position, I know the capacity of both spatula and paddle. I guess it’s been a long, sweet while, but my memory does still serve me well. A riveting tale indeed Ana.


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