Irishey’s sass earns another spanking!

My late (again, sorry Mistress Blake!) entry for Saturday Spankings:

Last week, our intrepid heroine, Irishey, got herself into a barrelful of trouble by sassing Evil Mistress Kate. Instead of accepting her well-deserved spanking, Irishey argued until Kate had to stop spanking. Evil as Kate might be, she didn’t want Irishey to get herself into more trouble than she could handle. After a good spanking, Kate placed Irishey in the corner. Irishey fumed and walked away…right into our beloved Headmistress Blake!

“What do you think you’re doing?” Headmistress Blake challenged, halting the wayward girl with a single raised eyebrow.

“N-n-nothing,” stammered Irishey. She fumbled for the sass that had made her famous, but nothing came out of her mouth. Perhaps Fate intervened to save her from herself.

“I do not hire mistresses for girls like you to flaunt your disrespect, young lady. Save your energy for developing a positive attitude and working hard.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Irishey said, clasping her hands behind her back. “May I go now?”

“Bend over the desk,” came the answer, and Headmistress Blake picked up her rattan cane.


23 thoughts on “Irishey’s sass earns another spanking!

  1. catrouble says:

    Uhoh Irishey…now you’re gonna get it! You’d better just hush your sass, bend over and take your licks…just a suggestion. 😉 Better you than me! *snicker*

    Hugs and Blessings…


  2. Irishey says:

    Lol! Double-teamed, and bearing weapons! I think you and your ladies are beginning to realize who they are not dealing with. Snort!

    But, for shame, Ana. You are a much cleverer writer than this. Even outlandish parts of a story must be somewhat believable. Irishey allowed a spanking, and “fumbled” for something to say. You’ve painted me easily turning into milque-toast?! Pfft. Who could believe that? This clearly is attempted baiting of the bear.

    I understand your reticence at describing what really happened to our poor Mistress Kate and Headmistress Blake. I agree, it wouldn’t do at all to share that with the masses. After all, these two good women have enormous responsibilities in maintaining discipline over our rowdy friends during multiple major events. You’re such a saucy minx of a writer, and we all know you cannot resist turning fact into fantasy to tell another tale, but to twist it so and (ahem) upend the truth…

    No, I shall not disclose details, and will let your over-eager readers fantasize over your words at my expense. It’s silly fun and harmless enough to me. Yet, I will caution the three of you, once again, that my indulgence – though great – may have a limit.

    To the peanut gallery making comments: Have a care, else you may find yourselves whisked off to the spoon room.


    • annapurna1951 says:

      Irishey, fear not, for I will stand by your side against the rising tide of mob rule; we will fight the impossible fight and dream the impossible dream together; somehow we will prove your innocence and show that you have been falsely accused, and by so doing, vanquish all ignorance of your alleged skullduggery.


        • Irishey says:

          Lol! Umm, rotflol! I can’t see me running away! My “flight” option cowes to the “fight” response. Just get behind me and watch my back against anyone sneaking up. I’ll take care of the ones coming at us head on. I’ll consider a tactical advance to the rear, if that gives us an advantage. Lol!


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