Thursday Thankfulness, quilting edition!

(I will refrain from making a snarky comment about the changes to WordPress’ interface. It’s Thankfulness Thursday, after all. Hehe.)

This will be another quick version of Thursday Thankfulness as I am rushing to a morning with quilting grannies. I haven’t been able to attend for a while due to all of the craziness of events and projects, but today is a special day. 😀 Isn’t today always a special day?

Thursday Thankfulness, let’s hear it! I’m thankful for:

  • Robin Williams’ genius, laughter, and the warmth he conveyed to everyone who saw him perform. Watch this amazing duet with Wayne Brady on Whose Line is it Anyway?
  • A WIP that’s rocketing along at unbelievable speed. It might be finished *ahead* of schedule. Holy cow!
  • That the main character, Ana, from Ana Adored, is no relation to yours truly. Completely different person.
  • All of the amazing talks, brainstorming, strategizing, and collaboration of my first attempt at co-authoring.
  • Maren Smith! She knows why. 😀
  • Sleep! I need to get some more often. (Wait, that’s not how it was supposed to come out…)
  • This brilliant Frozen parody of the Fifty Shades trailer. It’s almost enough to make me like Anna! (We all know Elsa’s the best…) Thanks for showing it to me, Louisa Bacio!
  • Wooden spoon photos sent to me this week. Can never have too many wooden spoons. 😀
  • All of the wonderful friends who helped me with questions about horse riding. Thank you!
  • Finally signed and sealed the contract for Taliasman to join Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairy Tales series! Still hoping for publication in early fall.
  • Thankful for resolving printer issues so I could sign and seal the contract. My printer tried to claim (for two weeks) it couldn’t recognize the printer cartridges. After kicking, screaming, and calling the printer mafia, I tried the high-tech solution of taking each printer cartridge out, shaking it, and putting it back in. Worked like a charm. Well, then.
  • I’ll just go ahead and say this. Next Tuesday will be a hard day for me. It’s an anniversary of what should be a celebration but has always brought up mixed emotions. So I am thankful, ahead of time, for the support and understanding of friends and loved ones.
  • Thankful for the unexpected chance to see one of my favorite quilting grannies yesterday. She had a health scare and stayed home for a few weeks, and I’ve missed her. We all have. It brings tears to my eyes whenever I think of her because she came into my life when I needed someone like her. We all need someone to beam at us and think we’re special, and she does that every time. She doesn’t often let me do things for her, but it always makes me happy when I can. The worst part of making friends with people a great deal older than I am is wondering how much time they have left, but isn’t that true for any relationship? Thankful for every day, every smile, and every expression of love.
  • Sweet, understanding visitors who continue to visit and leave comments even when Bad Ana hasn’t gotten a chance to reply yet. I ADORE reading your comments and thank you so much! Please don’t stop.

I’d say more, but I’m late. As usual! Hugs to everyone, and tell us your thankfulness in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness, quilting edition!

  1. Renee says:

    Oh Ana, I thought I was the only one who had arguments with their printer/technology… There is always the did u turn it off, wait a couple of minutes, then restart it option. That’s always hubby’s comment.

    Thankful that we made it to our son’s college, now if I can just not cry as we drive away with one less teen in the car.

    Thankful all my teachers are hired before school starts.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers next Tuesday.


  2. awesomesub says:

    Hi Ana,
    today my three nieces have been here and we had one heck of a time. This has been the absolute highlight for me this week and I am grateful to have them and that I can spend time with them.

    I am grateful that someone invented cupcake moulds in the shape of a bum in a pair of jeans. Ask my nieces, they are grateful for these too. 🙂 (there are two pictures of the moulds in my latest blog entry)

    We had great fun because of these moulds, too, and I am grateful for some good laughs, because parts of the kitchen conversation were going like ‘I don’t have any pants. Give me some pants’.

    And I am also very grateful because hubby stuffs cushions everywhere around and under me when I try to sleep. It is less the cushions that I am talking about, it is more that hubby cares so much which I am grateful for. The cushions are the important icing on the cake, though. 🙂




  3. Julie says:

    I’m thankful that you posted the link to Fifty Shades of Frozen :), and thankful for a few weeks off from school. Going back has been more difficult than I expected.

    I didn’t know very much about Robin Williams until The Crazy Ones. We loved that show, and my dad encouraged me to look up his comedy performances on YouTube. What an incredibly quick mind. Even though I didn’t quite get all of the references, his comedy was so, so smart and funny. It’s sad when anyone has to battle those kinds of demons, but I think it hits especially hard when it’s someone who projects so much enthusiasm and joy.


  4. catrouble says:

    Bad Ana? ROFL And just who is going to spank her? Hmmm…need to get some more do ya? *snicker*

    Very happy you have so many good things happening in your life…you deserve them. Thank you for sharing the videos…they are so fun. Hope you had fun with the quilting grannies! 😀

    Hugs and Blessings…


  5. Roz Harrison says:

    Wonderful list Ana, loved the Frozen parody! LoL, thank you for sharing that. Hope you had a wonderful time with the grannies and yay on the WIP!

    Will be thinking of you on Tuesday.



  6. Katie says:

    You sound really happy, Ana! 🙂 I’m happy for you. You also sound really busy in a great way. Wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing the links. I saw the Fifty parody the other day. Very clever and the person did a great job with it. Fun.

    Enjoy your quilting grannies and I too will be thinking of you on Tues. Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie


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