“Kneel” (Saturday Spankings and Sunday Snippets)

Two weeks ago, I posted an unedited snippet from Taliasman, my newest book. It’s part of Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairy Tales series, and it’s a retelling of “Our Lady’s Child.” (Google the story! It’s obscure and jaw-dropping.) In my version, Vina the heavenly queen takes Talia the willful girl to the palace. In the previous snippet, Vina decided to show Talia who was boss. In today’s snippet, Talia realizes she’s in over her head.

Uncomprehending, I bend to inspect the parquet for a dropped fork. “Kneel,” she commands, and the blood courses through my veins. I double my fists, but she takes no pity. “You refuse to take your place at my side, so you may kneel at my feet. Or shall I strip you of your clothes and beat you into submission?”


She has proclaimed my happiness for the past year, and each assurance deepened my resentment. I did say this would be more honest, didn’t I? The powder blue velvet of my dress crushes beneath my knees as I fall to the ground.


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20 thoughts on ““Kneel” (Saturday Spankings and Sunday Snippets)

  1. Roz Harrison says:

    Ooh, great powerful snippet Ana! Talia is really fighting against submitting! I’m going to have to Google this too!



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