Summer Spanks: Back-to-school woes for Kat, Mira, and Ana

Welcome to Summer Spanks and Saturday Spankings! This weekend is an extra-long post, complete with an opportunity for prizes. My personal prize will be an ARC of Ana Adored, a Castle special co-authored with the amazing Maren Smith. In addition, commenters who leave a review for any of the Kat or Mira books (The Way Home, Lighting the Way, Desire in Any Language, Mira’s Miracle, and Mira’s Desire) will earn one entry (per review) in a special drawing for a Back to School kit that includes special school-themed items for your very own kinky play. (Shipping to the US only; international winners can opt for a gift certificate instead.)

Not one but three of my characters enjoy the fun of spanking and back to school, The first and most famous, of course, is Kat from The Way Home and Lighting the Way.


Newer generations of college students get the benefit of online self-selection of roommates, but one writer speaks wistfully of a time when students got assigned randomly to a roommate and made unexpected friends. Such is the case for eighteen-year-old farmgirl Kat, who walks into her freshman dorm and finds a dark-haired, self-possessed whirlwind named Natalie whose parents absorb Kat into their family at first glance. Natalie has plans for this timid girl who bursts into tears at the gift of pink carnations, and Kat doesn’t know what to make of it. In filling out their roommate agreement, Natalie sets the terms of what will become a lifelong relationship between soulmates.

She writes on the sheet and shows it to me. In the space next to “Cleaning” she has written, “Room will be cleaned thoroughly once a week by both of us.”

“Hey, wait,” I protest. “I didn’t agree to that.”
“It’s non-negotiable,” she says.
“I thought we were both deciding!” I exclaim. There will be no more cleaning for the rest of

my life, at least if I can help it.

“I’ll be doing it, too,” Natalie says with infuriating calm. “Or you can pay the penalty.”

“The penalty?” I ask in disbelief. Mentally, I tell myself to stop repeating whatever she says, but with no success.

A little smile creeps into the corners of Natalie’s mouth, and she gazes at me directly as she says, “A spanking.”

The words hang in the air for a moment as I struggle for a response. I wait for her to laugh, or crack a smile, or to tell me that she is joking. Instead, I feebly repeat her words yet again.

“A… a… spanking?”
A firm nod.



Kat and Natalie’s adventures continue in Lighting the Way, in which they strive for a more equal balance between protector and protected. Kat learns how to stand up for herself, and Natalie learns to solve problems without resorting to spanking every time. (Don’t worry. There’s still plenty of spanking!)


The schoolgirl theme continues with Mira, studying abroad to become a translator. In Desire in any Language, Mira comes to terms with her secret, shameful desire to be spanked.


She meets diplomat Hana Takahashi, whose aunt Atsuko is a childhood friend of Miranda Hardwick at the world-renowned BDSM luxury resort, the Castle. Atsuko persuades Miranda to invite Hana and Mira to the Castle for a week of kinky fun, and Hana immediately seizes on her favorite fantasy: to dress Mira up as a schoolgirl. Mira balks, not understanding the fun of roleplay or the unspoken rules of bratting to get a fun spanking. She wreaks havoc in the Castle as she rebels against the rules of schoolgirl roleplay.

I tug at the stiff, scratchy collar of the white blouse starched within an inch of its life. Hana swats my bottom, not seeming to care that Jillian, the morning nurse, watches with open interest. She says my regular nurse is at breakfast but will wait for me after school. I protest I won’t visit any school, but Jillian holds out a thick ruler to Hana.

“It’s not my place to interfere, but I think your little girl could use some old-fashioned medicine, if you get my drift.”

“By all means,” Hana invites, and Jillian lets the ruler fly against my skirted bottom. “Stop it, Hana!” I hiss, rubbing out the sting. “Don’t let her do that!”
“That’s Okasan to you. Or Haha. And remember, I’m Hina here.” Hana ignores the rest of

my words.
I roll my neck to the side, trying to escape the itching of the fabric. Jillian pronounces me

“pretty as a picture” in my oxford shoes, navy knee socks, pleated navy skirt with yellow trim, navy blazer with yellow piping, and the detested shirt. Maybe Hana grew up wearing a school uniform and considers it sexy, but no one else would.

Mira and Hana’s story is also collected in a single volume, Mira’s Desire.


Unbeknownst to Mira or Hana, proprietress Miranda Hardwick has found herself a brand-new submissive in Anne Ruth Klein, a preschool teacher known to her friends as “Ana” (and who is no relation to yours truly, of course!). In between taming three-year-old terrors, Ana manages to kill plants and find an online plant guru who goes by the handle of “CasMisMir.” CasMisMir stands for Castle Mistress Miranda, a reserved, quiet British woman who watches Hana and Mira with more than a little envy. When Ana’s preschool breaks up for a two-week vacation before the fall term, Miranda invites her to the Castle for eight days of no-strings-attached fun.

The problem? Ana’s girlfriend, Peyton, flips out when she discovers the friendship. Caught between a jealous girlfriend and a gracious friend whose every action shows she would like something more than friendship, Ana struggles to follow her heart.

I hope you’re happy. I named the ponytail plant Miranda, and now you’ll die within the week. Remember, this was your idea.

Miranda chuckled. Bratty thing, no wonder Ana fantasized about spanking. She begged for one with every other sentence. She took a sip of her morning coffee and launched into their usual teasing. Maybe I’ll name a plant after you, Miss Sassy. Probably a tomato.

Tomato? Why?

Because someone needs to tie them down and kept in line.

Ooh, bondage? Kinky!

Miranda pictured giving Ana a lovely rope corset and shook her head. Focus. Brat. Ever see a baby tomato plant?


Miranda sent her a link to a site with tomato plants tied to wooden stakes. See?

What are the sticks for?

Spanking naughty young ladies such as yourself. Wait! She should let Ana decide the timing instead of re-introducing the topic. Before Ana could reply, she changed the subject. Better take good care of my namesake.

 Happy back to school spanking to everyone! 🙂



30 thoughts on “Summer Spanks: Back-to-school woes for Kat, Mira, and Ana

  1. laurellasky says:

    Great photo. I don’t know how it’s done but she looks innocent and evil at the same time. I loved the first book about Nat and Kat. From the beginning Kat used a Woden spoon on Nay, even thought Nat tried hiding them. It was so traumatic when Kat was attacked and Nat ran away. It took them a long time ti come to terms with it.I am thankful that they did. They both have grown in many ways and it’s a pleasure to see, ( except for the spoons) I hope to hear more about their adventures,


  2. Leigh Smith says:

    Very clever way to get people familiar with your writing.

    I loved Kat & Nat’s first meeting. My first and last college roommate was assigned and we became great friends. She was a spanko too, well at least I assume so because her boyfriend was always taking her over his knee.


  3. catrouble says:

    Hey Ana…I agree with Sunny…very clever way to get people familiar with your writing. I love all your characters but I have to say that Kat and Nat have a special place in my heart. 😉 Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and Blessings…


  4. Kristin says:

    Well Hi! I have reviewed a couple of your books and would LOVE to be entered in the drawing for the back to school kit. I read and reviwed the first two books with Mira and I think I did the castle one too! I swear I’ve reviewed on all three. Does that count towards the kit? I want it! haha

    OH! Another castle boook! YAY! That would be amazing. The first one you did with Mira was awesome.My email is Thank you so much for the chance to win Miss Ana!


  5. Michael says:

    Wonderful post, Ana. Kat and Natalie are two very special people and I adore them, but in your universe Mira has always been my favorite. Maybe because “Desire in any Language” was the first book of yours I experienced.


  6. Roz Harrison says:

    This was wonderful Ana, I enjoyed all the snippets and loved Kat and Natalie’s first meeting. I agree with Sunny and Cat, great way to familiarise people with your writing and characters.



  7. laurellasky says:

    Ana, one of the prizes is a wooden spoon. I suggested that the give it to you, as you know goe to use it , I’ll just make sure I’m out of you range, althought it might br fun. I didn’t say that, the little devil in me said it, 🙂


  8. pao says:

    Oh man, you are right, it’s back to school :O Different region, but almost the same time! I like the banter between Miranda and Ana. And I also like how Mira and Hana have been in the Castle universe 😀 Imagine if Nat and Kat visited as well!


  9. Joelle Casteel says:

    goodness, Ana- I saw “Mira’s Desire” and was worried for a moment you had another book I haven’t read yet. No wonder my Master threatens bad spankings anymore for me buying books- I’m working on another series I’m behind in, but “Lighting Their Way” will be next, darn it :D. I do love the scene with Kat and Nat though, going over the room agreement. The snippet from “Ana Adored” is great; I can’t wait to read it.


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