Book reviews: Adventure BIble for Toddlers and Love Letters from God

Two quick book reviews today:

Adventure Bible for Toddlers 

“Toddler” Bible is really a misnomer for a collection of picture Bible stories. The slightly puffy cover and sturdy board book construction are great. It would be nice to have a dedication line (to write a child’s name) on the inside front cover, though. The illustrations and text are solid but not fantastic. The illustrations feel a bit dated (think typical Biblical illustrations from a generation ago), and the text lacks a robust read-aloud quality. Still this book is a solid offering and a nice addition to any toddler’s library.

Love Letters from God

This book, directed at children ages 4-8, takes a lovely approach to telling Bible stories. Each section tells a familiar Bible story, and the life application lesson is introduced as a love letter from God. It’s a sweet concept, and lifting the flap of each letter is a nice way to pique children’s interest. Each letter comes with a top flap decorated to look like a postmarked envelope. The text is fairly dense for a picture book, so this is too long for a single-session read. I enjoyed the concept very much and think I will give the book to a child in my church. It’s not overtly masculine or feminine in theme or color scheme, which is nice.


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