#ThursThreads: You asked for it

“I can’t get the hook unfastened,” Ally called from the bedroom.

Sarah pounded at the keys of their battered desktop computer. “Three thousand words!” she crowed. “I’m going to finish this chapter tonight!”

“Of the brand-new bra and panty set I got at Victoria’s Secret this afternoon.” Ally stroked the satin cups and pulled her hair to one side, propping her heel on the edge of their mattress. She’d bathed and dabbed her favorite green tea perfume behind each ear.

“Shh.” Random profanities echoed through the still, unfriendly house. “The wheel of death! I didn’t have time to save my last chapter! I’m going to smash you against the wall and whack your brains out.”

“Rather inelegantly expressed.” Ally appeared in the doorway, abandoning her plans for the night. Nothing attracted Sarah’s attention during Nanowrimo. “I asked you to try impact play, but if that’s how you prefer to take me…”

“What?” Darkened shadows under Sarah’s eyes made her look like a confused panda. “If I don’t get this chapter back to my editor by tomorrow morning…oh. Oh, my.” She leaned back in her chair, taking in the sight of Ally in red satin glory.

“That’s what we’ve come to? Oh, my?” Ally straddled across chair and bent over so her pert bottom wiggled in Sarah’s face.

“What, are you going to twerk?” Sarah laughed and patted the tiny bit of fabric.

“Read, Ms. Writer,” Ally ordered. Emblazoned across the back of her panties were the words, Spank me.

“You asked for it.” Sarah picked up her Anastasia Vitsky spoon and prepared to deliver the first blow.


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