Spanking spoons of love!


Have you been spooned by love? *grin*

Spoon fan

In preparation for a conference next week (if you’re in Atlanta, stop by! There’s a public book signing Saturday afternoon, and I’ll be giving these one-of-a-kind spoons to fans), I’ve been decorating 260 wooden spoons. That’s right. 260 wooden spoons. How many wooden spoons does an Ana need? MORE! 😀

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 11.03.01 PM



The lovely Heather Fortman gave me the suggestion for personalizing the spoons, and I picked up a simple woodburning (pyrography if we want to be fancy) kit. I was terrified of ruining good wooden spoons (a spanking offense, for sure!), so it took me a while to plug in the iron and apply it to wood. The above picture shows my very first marks. You can tell on the side where I had trouble getting an “A” and then where the tip wobbled throughout the entire name. (Why do I have such a long name? Argh!)

120 spoons later, this was my favorite of the bunch:

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 5.20.57 PM

It’s a quote, of course, from Talia in Taliasman. (Still don’t have a release date, but we’re just waiting on the cover art.) “Yes, my queen,” says Talia as she mocks Vina’s authority. And then, ahh…yes, then we have the fun times.

Which one is your favorite? What would you like to see?

Not pictured:


Spoonella, the Good Witch

Cry, Baby!
Spoon This!
Sweet & Sassy
Naughty or naughty?
Cooking up mischief



9 thoughts on “Spanking spoons of love!

  1. Renee says:

    Goodness I wish Atlanta was a little closer. I just asked its 7 hrs from me. Would have enjoyed meeting you. I absolutely love the spoons. You can never have enough wooden spoons. I like the cooking up mischief saying. Cause that’s what I’m always doing. Have fun at your conference and hope you give out all your spoons


  2. hafortmanauthor says:

    I love them all and KNEW you could do it! *hugs* I so wish I could go to Atlanta! Sadly it’s a 12 hour drive for me *pouts* one of these days I’ll make it to the same con you’re at! I’m only going to one, (April in Ottawa, CA) maybe two (Cincinnati) next year.


  3. catrouble says:

    Love them Ana! Sure wish I lived closer to Atlanta…would love to visit with you. I don’t see my favorite here…Define naughty. 😉 Have a lovely trip and fun at the conference.

    Hugs and blessings…


  4. Roz Harrison says:

    They look fantastic Ana, love them! One can’t have enough wooden spoons right?:) Have a wonderful time at the conference 🙂



  5. Ami says:

    They look great! A lot of hard work! But did you know – I have an extra large spoon over here with your name on it that I put aside for an appropriate moment? Ha!



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