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If you’re at Moonlight and Magnolias, you can win one of these!

Prizes available for my wooden spoon drawing:

1. “Books are dreams of love” Christmas tree ornament or wall hanging
2. “Love Goddess” sign
3. “Inspiration” mini chalkboard
4. “Attitude Adjuster” ruler
(#1-#4 are all hand etched by yours truly)

5. “Princess in Training” tote bag
6. “Witch Parking: All Others Will Be Toad” oven mitt
7. Ocean breeze scented candle
8. V.s. Morgan gift bag (pen, flashlight keychain, and memory stick)
9. Candy and balloon pack
10. Wooden Spoon Goddess T-shirt

Please check FB, Twitter (@ AnastasiaVitsky), and for prize winner announcements! I will announce the winners at the end of the book signing at 6 PM, and you’ll have until the end of cocktail hour (7:30 PM) to claim or let me know you’ll claim your prize. After cocktail hour, I’ll draw for new winners if there are any unclaimed prizes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 7.18.11 AM

One more prize! Please consider donating to Lost-n-Found Youth, a non-profit that helps LGBT homeless youth in Atlanta. I’ll be accepting donations on their behalf at the book signing, but you can give it to me any time during the conference (or send money directly to them).


Happy Saturday!

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