Win an Anastasia Vitsky mug from Yong Takahashi!

Have you been naughty?

Attention Taliasman fans! Yong Takahashi is offering an amazing gift! She designs promotional items and is thinking of offering creations for others, especially authors and readers. (Nooooo! I want her items all for myself! You can’t have any!) She designed the AMAZING apron I wore for M&M last week.

Now she’s done it again! She’s created this amazing mug as a prize for Taliasman’s release. She’ll mail it to one winner in the contiguous 48 states of the US. What do you have to do? Comment saying what kind of products you’d be interested in from her company. Examples include notepads, cards, (no aprons! that’s mine!), mugs, and other merchandise.

What would you like Yong to design for you? Comment below, and one random person will win the mug! (This contest is combined with the Facebook posting, so the winner may or may not be from this blog post.)


8 thoughts on “Win an Anastasia Vitsky mug from Yong Takahashi!

  1. catrouble says:

    Wow…Yong is very talented! I would love an apron. 😉 Okay…I like mugs, notepads, notecards, pens, bookmarks…just to name a few.

    Sorry I missed the party…yesterday was miserable at work and I couldn’t break away until very late and you were just winding up. Congratulations on such an excellent release for an awesome book! 😀

    Hugs and Blessings…


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