#SpankorTreat is almost here!

Maren Smith and I have a different focus for our writing. She creates lush visual settings and…um…steamy sex. I like internal dialogue. the understated, and emotions. She puts in a joke about stripper music; I take out the name of a sex toy. Our commonality, however, includes a love for spankings, discipline, and the complex interplay of one adult using dominance/submission to love another.

Putting these two voices together into one coherent narrative of ‪#‎AnaAdored‬ was challenging and exhilarating. For ‪#‎SpankorTreat‬ this weekend, you’ll see the dichotomy at its strongest. In “Mistress Mine,” Maren will show you a sneak peek of Ana and Miranda kinking things up. In “After Ana,” I’ll show you professional BDSM Mistress Miranda at her most tender and vulnerable.

Come and join the Spank or Treat fun! Details to follow. Ask for an invitation to the FB event if you haven’t already.

(And in other news…Taliasman has seven 5-star reviews already!

4 thoughts on “#SpankorTreat is almost here!

  1. catrouble says:

    Getting so excited for Spank or Treat and I am going to find some way to get it all in…even if I have to call in sick to work!!!!! LOL

    Hugs and Blessings…


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