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14 thoughts on “#SpankOrTreat question page

  1. ameliahfaith says:

    Hello Ana, Thanks so much for everything.
    I am unable to post a comment on Tara’s page. I am going to leave it here. Thanks again! I would like very much to see what happens before and after this scene!
    Thank you!
    Ambassador Princess Brat W, VIP


  2. laurellasky says:

    I tried twice to leave a message at Virginia Nelson and it didn’t show. My commen is
    My comments disappeared so I’ll try again. I loved the hot excerpt and the back and forth between Pepper and Jadon.
    I can’t wait to read the whole thing. My favorite candy is dark chocolate and tootsie rolls.


  3. Myra Leann says:

    OK, Im just posting all my comments here because it’s too difficult to figure out the differences between these blog thingys.

    1. ANA- Awe. I love this story. Ana and Miranda having a wonderful happily ever after just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love seeing in black and white how much Miranda adores Ana. I can’t wait to read Ana Adored.
    2. Geonn- What a fun way to combine spanking, wooden spoons and love in one little story. I love seeing the setting in your own Squires Island. And, I wonder if these characters will pop up in any future Squire’s Island books.
    3. Maren- First…Wow! Now that’s a steamy if somewhat painful story. I love that you so eloquently convey the depth of love and adoration Miranda has for Ana. And second…I would rid the world of judgment without knowledge. I believe that with knowledge comes understanding and with understanding judgment becomes impossible. Essentially, this would then eliminate hate, war, and any of the more negative results of people judging each other.
    4. Kate- Oh my! I like that Missy always has the ability to stop everything. I think you successfully described the thought of the characters which made it more understandable to someone with no experience. What a steamy, sexy scene. I enjoyed it. I did copy and paste it to a white background though because I couldn’t read it well with the print behind it.
    5. Erzabet- I loved it. What a fun story. The suspense was fabulous waiting to find out what she had conjured up. I would love to have had more to read as it looked like romance was looming on the horizon.
    6. Carole- I have never been more entertained while reading a story that I did not understand at all. I loved the characters and would love to read more. You’ve cobbled together the effect of the day while only giving the reader enough information to keep them reading. I was laughing out loud by the end.
    7. D.L.- I want to read more of this story. I was fascinated by the world you hint at in this too short glimpse. I finished the story and kept looking for more through your site. I’m not very tech savvy so couldn’t find it. Please let us know where we can read more of this.
    8. Jessica- I love the idea of shifters but never thought of a phoenix that was fabulous. You gave us the whole story with the beginning, middle and end and yet I could read more and more about these characters. Really well done, Thank you.
    9. Jolynn- Your story gave me visions of the Wizard of OZ with a spanking twist. It was fun reading. Not a he fan of the nonconsensual situation but it was a pretty simple spanking so it did not send up any red flags for me.
    10. Leigh E.- It may be nonconsensual but the last sentence tells the reader a whole different story. What a very fun idea and great characters. I really enjoyed the story.
    11. Leigh S.-FUN! FUN! FUN! I loved your story from the sentence “She rubbed her hands’ together several seconds and then took my knee into her hands, which were as hot as coals.” I immediately thought, “Oh, she’s not a witch. She practices Reiki,” I was so happy when you revealed the same thing later in the story. I love that sometimes my friends call me a witch and liken what I do to voodoo when I do any kind of energy work on them. I think it is kind of “witchy.” Thoroughly enjoyed the story.
    12. Louisa- Very cute story. I love the friends before… thinking. I also appreciate that you were very clear on the consent issue. I like your characters a lot. Both very different but also very likable. I would love reading a longer story about them. Thank you.
    13. Sara- Awe, you wrote a spanking romance. They fell in love and that was the best part of the story. Ok, the searing hot sex may have added just a little. But it was very romantic spanking and searing hot sex.
    14. Siobhan- Ha! I love that story. Beautiful set up for more magic and mayhem. I would love reading more about these characters. They were just fun!
    15. Tara- I so want to have a magical fight with somebody. That was awesome. I can’t wait to read more in the anthology. I want to see where these characters go from here.
    16. Virginia- Steamy story! I would like to know a lot more about the world they live in and the characters themselves. I love reading witches and magic. I am also curious about the consequences of the interactions.


  4. Mary M. says:

    I read that you need to use the same name in all comments, but depending on the blog, some of them sign me in automatically as kaisquared, while others sign me in as Mary M. or Mary McCoy. I put the same email emmasmom69 AT gmail DOT com in all my entries, will this work? BTW really enjoying my second Spank or Treat!


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