#SomethingGood: Kindles and ebooks for homeless LGBT youth

Here is the press release/mission statement for Something Good, a project I’ve launched with nearly forty other authors, readers, and publishers. For more information, find me on Facebook or Twitter. Or email your questions. I’ll put together a FAQ soon. 🙂 I’ll order the first shipment of Kindles (approximately thirteen) next week, load them with donated ebooks, and (I hope) have them ready for Lost-N-Found Youth by early to mid December. Please spread the word! –Ana


Something Good is an informal coalition of authors, readers, publishers, and editors that provides homeless LGBT youth with Kindles and ebooks free of charge. Our mission statement reads:


This group is dedicated to providing Kindles and LGBT ebooks for Lost-N-Found Youth, a non-profit in Atlanta, Georgia that helps homeless LGBT youth.

Our goal is to connect kids with books that show them, “It’s okay to be me.” Some of us never had that for our generation, and we want to provide that for the upcoming generation.

We will provide the shelter with Kindles that the residents can use to read, develop literacy, and find stories to give visions of a better life. We want to give each resident a personal library to fill his or her head with good thoughts instead of negative ones.


Rather than handouts, we wish to provide incentives and positive reinforcement for youth who are committed to changing their lives. For that reason, the Kindles will be used in one of three ways:


  • Two to three Kindles will be placed in the drop-in center for youth to sign out on a temporary basis. This will provide reading material for the widest audience.
  • Six Kindles will be given to the current residents of the live-in center for use during their stay. If they complete the ninety-day program successfully, the Kindle will be theirs to keep.
  • Additional Kindles will be available for use by other program registrants. When the shelter expands to an eighteen-bed capacity in March, additional Kindles will fill the need and replace those given to graduating residents.


Lost-N-Found Youth will receive the Kindles and deliver them to youth most likely to make good use of them. The youth will be able to opt in to a mailing list that will deliver LGBT books on a regular basis. These books would include young adult, new adult, and non-erotic adult LGBT fiction and non-fiction. Goals include:


  • Engage kids in positive activities. We want kids off drugs and hooked on books.
  • Reinforce self-worth and affirm identity as LGBT youth.
  • Promote literacy and open the door for education.
  • Provide access to technology that will increase marketability for employment.



To donate money toward Kindles, mobi files of books, or in-kind support, please contact Anastasia Vitsky at ana_stasia2007@yahoo.com with the subject line “Something Good donation.” @AnastasiaVitsky on Twitter. Thank you!


5 thoughts on “#SomethingGood: Kindles and ebooks for homeless LGBT youth

  1. Roz Harrison says:

    This is such a great cause Ana and a wonderful thing you and everyone else involved is doing. Wishing you the very best.



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