Ana’s Advent Calendar Day 4: Hating the Elf on the Shelf


Tracey is one of the funniest people I’ve met, and (with the company I keep) that’s saying something. When I first got to know her, I posted a cute picture of Elf on the Shelf. She proceeded to give me ideas how to bake poor Elfie in the oven. On a cookie sheet. At 400 degrees, for 30 minutes. When I protested, she asked, “Too much? Too crispy?”

When I threatened to spank her, she dismissed said threat. “Promises, promises.”

What could I do? I invited Tracey here to share her vendetta against the poor, defenseless Elf. Please torment her for me. I mean please enjoy her post and…oh, I give up. Just remember: No elves were harmed in the writing of this post. I hope. Tracey…Tracey!!

Elf Haters

Elf Hate: The Hate which Dares not Speak its Name

There are two good reasons to hate The Elf on the Shelf.

The reason should be obvious:

  1. Ana loves him and
  2. My mission in life is to irk the Wooden Spoon Goddess.


Antagonizing Ana is a calling I answer. We can’t choose who we are, but we may choose to follow through—or not—with our instincts.

And right now my instinct says: Corner, Missy!

Oh wait, that’s the lovely Ana.

Infesto ergo sum.

I antagonize therefore I am.

In brief, I hate the Elf because it’s my nature. I could control my loathing, but I would have to deny myself my authenticity.


And besides, irking Ana is fun.

Loving Elf

Another reason I hate the Elf isn’t quite so clear, but my reason must be glossed a tad with the following (although following from Roland Barthes and his essay The Death of the Author, I know I can only control this discourse so much {ok, I pulled that out of hammerspace and my authorship of this blog, my hatred, and my “knowing” of the Elf are limited by the following}):

  • I haven’t seen the film.
  • I have no intention of seeing the film.


My Elf is different than yours. Mine is no more or less real than yours. My Elf is not mine as such. But he dogs me at every turn. Like his faux-capricious fictional-fictional counterpart whom I’ve never seen in film, only on FB pages, my Elf like my hatred of him is unique to me, and never leaves. EVER. Lurking little piece of…

Sorry, I was swept away by my bad rhetoric. Let me gloss again.

The Elf and I crossed paths years ago, quite innocently, or it seemed to the untrained eye. My Momfia friends (my birth club) were discussing the ugly beast (aka The Elf) and wanted to know who was going to use him to surprise and delight their innocent children (and one apparently sentient pot-bellied pig named Sit—no, I didn’t ask).

Now I’m a good 15-20 years older than many in this group (surprise baby at 45) so I’m a bit out of touch with this Elf on the Shelf thing.

Elf ballad

I had to consult Brother Google. Always an odious task because I know I’m doomed to Elf on the Shelf ads for the next six months.

What greeted me has haunted me till this day. Evil grinning little “googly” eyed (yeah, think about it) intrusive snitch feeding on the souls and slight misdeeds of sweet children. Hovering about their day-to-day spying and ratting them out to the Fat Man himself.

Wherefore forgiveness?

Alright. Three reasons.

Another reason to hate the Elf: I hate snitches. Remember, I haven’t seen the film, so The Elf may be a benign snitch, like your SuperEgo just doing its job. In the film he may be delightful and friendly, helping the wayward and knitting fashionable hoodies for puppies and kittens. There to protect you by keeping you in line from the Dark Forces of your Id.

Ok, I’ve slipped from Semiotics to Freudian. Sorry. I just want to appeal to Ana’s fabulous lit crit erudition (spoons scare me).

It’s reward-based, penalty-focused, like most good things in life.

Be good, you get treats. Be naughty, you do not.

Now for Ana, either way one wins. Be good, you get a spanking (maintenance perhaps?), be naughty, get a spanking.

Or give spankings. I don’t judge. Always better to give than receive, unless you have bilateral carpal tunnel as I do. Either way, I lose.

Maybe this is why Ana and I don’t get along so perfectly. Like tree bark and Nerf balls. Chalk and laminate flooring.

It’s the snitchery. Sneaky snitchery. Mistrust. You think Elfie is all lollipops and unicorn laughter. Well here’s my thoughtful reply:

We thought that about Google too. Remember ye the innocence of 1998 when we ran to Google, offering flowers, peace and grooviness, our full names, colour choices, shoe size, and ultimately marketing demographic information?

But Elfie’s not. He’s prying and sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong. Being whimsical with his hanging-from-the-kitchen-light antics.

Ok, four things.

The Elf scares me.

The Elf reminds me of Chucky, and that psycho clown from Poltergeist. Who likes clowns, I ask rhetorically (not counting Steve-O who is a different sort of clown whom I kinda like). I don’t think I need to gloss Chucky.

Elf on a Shelf

The Chucky Elf is what happens when Santa eventually downsizes. Elves go Chucky. And they know where you live and what you bought online from Walmart this festive season.

I think the last thing I or my wee’uns need is some SuperEgo manifest floating about the house strategically placed to surprise and delight, or instill fear and paranoia.

I don’t need Big Brother or little Elf reporting my misdeeds or good conduct to the Powers. I do my good deeds quietly and expect no reward (except self-administered).

I do my naughty things equally quietly, and pray for forgiveness, assuming I remember the misdeed (I am menopausal and suffer from Menopausal Moments).

Some Snitch ratting me out kinda goes against all that I work towards: self-restraint, impulse control, random bursts of Nutella, order and discipline.

He is creepy, as most mannequins are. He snitches, looks like Chucky, has no feet, and sports the eyes of a crazy horse. He reminds of the other darker nature of Brother Google, always watching distracting us from our suspicious minds with his adorable, sharable antics while he makes notes and reports them to unverifiable sources of power.

The lighter side are the Google doodles. Those, I like.

Is that 5 things? I forgot. But the most important:

Ana loves him. Therefore I must give in to my nature and antagonize the Mistress of the Spoon. I am an Elf Hater. I sing it loud and proud.


I know I know. From the corner. Yes Ma’am. I will sing it from the corner.


About Tracey Gee

Aside from my coveted role as a thorn in Ana’s side, I’m the “editor” (code for owner/operator/chief bottle washer) of I love cats, the Oxford comma, and zombie-killin’.

And Ana. I love Ana, even if she does love the Elf.


151 thoughts on “Ana’s Advent Calendar Day 4: Hating the Elf on the Shelf

  1. Irishey says:

    Ana, Elves on Shelves do not scare me. Tracey, however, SCARES me. Oh, not in a run-for-the-hills sort of way – this is the way in which Irishey advances menacingly with my very own, very old, pre-book/movie Elf who rarely sits on a shelf (but likes hanging around the doorknob and in the tree) in one hand and wooden-spoon-wielding Chuckie in the other. Back, back, back, Gee! Haw!

    Sheesh, Ans. I stopped by for a visit, only to find you in dire need of rescuing. Can’t let you out of my sight! Next time, I may bring the turkey as backup, too. 😉


  2. sassytwatter says:

    Omg!!! I love love love this post. I am laughing so hard right now that I woke the baby up who was quietly nursing & now she just keeps smiling at me like I am hilarious. All the reasons you voiced well a few of them anyway are why we won’t be doing elf on a shelf… husband finds him creepy and doesn’t want our daughter to get freaked out that he’s watching her and truth be told I think he is a Little afraid of him. As for baked ekf sounds like it would be tasty Id love a little nibble!!


  3. Tina s. says:

    Such a funny post to wake up to this morning. We don’t do elf on a shelf, as my youngest is afraid. Of course the 1st elf on a shelf picture he happens to see was him breaking a world record using a tubie syringe as a pogo stick. I as a mom of a tubie I thought it was the cutest thing in the world. Unfortunately Skyler was scared to death. Maybe next year


    • traceygee393 says:

      Thank you, Tina, for your kind words. A tubie syringe as pogo stick is quite the image! I may have found that endearing. Or not. 🙂 Thanks for reading and please, protect Skyler from the evils of The Elf.


  4. Laura says:

    Tracey – I am afraid for you. Not because you want to bake the elf on the shelf(in fact before you put the little critter in the oven, in deference to the season please slit his mouth and pop a cranberry in it and have a bottle of chianti on the side). More festive don’t you know. I’m afraid for you is because you are pulling the Queen’s tail.

    Have you no sense of self preservation? Have you never read one of Ana’s books? I’m sure you have but maybe you should reread a few! In her book(s) the Mistress will decide to take the miscreant in hand and then the tawse, cane, or other implements come to bear on the poor misfortunate’s bare bottom. Girrrrrrl…you are cruising for a bruising(pun intended). My advice to you to start groveling. Like now. No, I mean really start now and maybe after a while she will pardon your sorry behind and all will be forgiven. What are you waiting for – MOVE IT!

    BTW – I laughed so hard I almost peed myself. Thanks, this was a great way to start my day.


  5. Chickie says:

    Our elf ratted out my kids for being greedy and obnoxious the last week. Santa was not pleased! He emailed them videos, showing them around the North Pole and then chiding them for their behavior.

    Im not convinced the elf and his arrogant little smirk fly to the north pole each night though. Pretty sure the transmit their snitchety through or something. That’s where my kids’ videos were sent from. Santa knew their names, had their pictures, and knew exactly what offenses they’ve been committing.


  6. abby says:

    Oh my…first Tracey, i have tears coming out of my eyes…thank you. Did you give us a recipe yesterday…i do not remember seeing baked elf?? I think the elf is more for the parents enjoyment….who can be the most creative with the elf seems to be quite a contest. Tracy, i will defend your stance, but you will take all the spanks.
    hugs abby


    • traceygee393 says:

      Thanks Abby. I will take the spanks. But even the promise of a tawse in Ana’s next book cannot compare to the elliptical’s damage to my fesses, yesterday. I will take any and all spanks to hear the laughter of my fellow Elf Haters


  7. ameliahfaith says:

    Oh Tracey,
    I like you, I really, really like you! You have waxed poetically all the words in my heart for that deviant, evil miscreant, otherworldly being! And of course my Queen Mistress Ana!
    Thank you so much for the laughs!!!


    • traceygee393 says:

      Ameliah, I thank you sincerely. I thrive on laughter, whereas the Elf thrives on the sorrows of snitched-on children. Hopefully I can start an outreach programme for the Elfed.


  8. Joelle Casteel says:

    wishing I was better- dumb cold- because I believe I would have been laughing. I also didn’t have “Elf on a Shelf” when my now-teen was a little one. I must say though your hatred is still amusing, even in my “trying to breathe” state. Poor Ana to have to deal with such hatred of the elf. He does have crazy eyes though 😀


  9. SH says:

    Is there a movie about the elf? Seriously?! I agree with you Tracey, he seriously creeps me out. I saw several boxes of them, him?, at Costco yesterday and turned and ran the other way. Hard pass for me and when my FB friends post him on their pages, I cringe… then scroll…quickly.


    • traceygee393 says:

      SH, go to FB and search for The Inappropriate Elf (actually, Ana first sent me that link… yes she did). That will make you feel better.


  10. Holla Dean says:

    This was a funny post. Thank you, Tracy! I had no feelings one way or the other about the Elf on the Shelf. My children are grown (in their forties, but shhh…saying that gives away my age) and Elf wasn’t around when they were little. The grandchildren live 2000 miles away so I’m not involved in their day to day lives. I haven’t seen the movie and never thought much about the Elf other than it’s someone’s great marketing ploy to get parents to spend even more money.
    After reading these comments, however…I think I must side with Tracy. It’s a terrible thing for a child to feel like he’s being spied on by a tattletale. A vulture swooping down on its prey or a spying toy to make kids feel comfortable with the big brother surveillance that is becoming so prevalent.
    Yeah, Elfie isn’t a cute toy anymore. He’s just a creepy snitch.
    Thank you, Tracy, for that wonderful post telling us all what the Elf is really all about. Sorry, Ana, I love you but I gotta stick with Tracy on this one.
    I’m going to go hide now so Ana can’t chase me with her wooden spoon.


  11. Jay says:

    I am glad I am not the only one that hates that creepy little snitch… maybe it’s because I don’t have kids or maybe I worked in retail too long…
    he just creeps me out and I love posting all the pics of bad things happening to him…
    btw… isn’t Santa omnipotent??? Isn’t the elf a little overkill??


  12. nancygoldberglevine says:

    Funny post, Tracey. I don’t really have an opinion about the Elf except that I heard lots of people at work talking about giving and Elf to their kids. The Jewish version is The Mensch on the Shelf. I don’t think he’s as scary as that Elf.


  13. Lara Estes says:

    Laughing so hard my sides hurt. I’m with Tracey on this one, sorry Ana. But anything with pointed ears just freaks me out and must be dealt with accordingly. This also the main reason I hated Star Trek, dang pointy eared know it all’s. Love the posts 😉


  14. Irishey says:

    Lies, I tell you – all propaganda and lies, lies, lies being spread to discredit good Christmas Elves everywhere! I haven’t seen this movie, nor have I read the book, but what I am reading here tells me someone is out to make big bucks by commercializing a twisted tall tale at the elves’ expense. It is appalling. (Insert shocked emoticon here!)

    MY sweet elves are not nasty, evil, snitching, odious creatures. They hold places of honor in my home during the season, and bring smiles and joy to all who gaze upon them. (Insert sweetly angelic emoticon here!)

    I don’t think I want to know more specifics about the wicked imaginings of vile opportunists bent on destroying the reputations of such dear and useful helpers to Santa and Mrs. Claus. I’ve read enough to understand the misguided hatred and aversion on display in these comments. This skewed portrayal is horrible and dangerous.

    I am certain Mrs. Claus will muster her elvin troops against this preposterous threat. It’s time to arm ourselves with wooden spoons, helmet our heads with crockery cookie bowls, and don our battle aprons in defense of good shelf elves and other elves everywhere!



  15. AFOdom says:

    I also find TEotS creepy. I also don’t like the Big Brother aspect of him *or* of Santa Claus. I always stepped in when someone asked my kids if they’d been good so they could get presents. It drove me crazy. I’ve also had mixed feelings about the lying that goes with the Elf and Santa rituals.

    When my kids finally learned the truth about Santa, I explained it as a game – a way that we surprise each other with a little mystery behind it. Because we are a family of gamers, this explanation really excited them. Now they play Santa for us, too. I love this new tradition, and in retrospect, it’s a way we could have approached it from the beginning. Sneaking around to do sweet things for each other is really heartwarming and full of silly antics. No behavior conditions or creepy spying, just a game of giving.


    • Amy says:

      Oh, I love that! My kids never really latched onto Santa, mostly because I always felt so conflicted about the whole thing. I came from a mixed Jewish/former evangelical home, so we had Santa, but I was born a skeptic and gave it up by age 5. Then I got tangled in conservative religion myself, where Santa was verboten. When I left all that, I just didn’t know how I felt. I love the idea of playing Santa for each other, though. I think my kids would enjoy that.


  16. laurellasky says:

    Tracey, you owe me for my laundry bill. I had my cup of coffee (iced) took a big sip as I was reading your insanity and I started laughing and the coffee came out of my nose, I spilled it on my lap and got wet which didn’t matter as I wet myself while laughing. Good thing I don’t drink hot coffee.
    Hi Nancy, I like the mench on the shelf, I guess he sits near the elf. Hi Irishey, I missed your sweet remarks, lol.
    Ana, I wasn’t going to come every day but this madness is too much fun to miss.

    I wrote the following when I was just a little girl.
    I met a little turkey his name was Goggle Goo,
    I asked him in for breakfast, he ended up in stew,

    One day he came to haunt me, but I knew what to do,
    I took a great big hatchet, there is no more Goggle Goo.


  17. JC says:

    This post was so funny. What a wonderful way to wake up. I have to agree with Tracy the elf is creepy. Very glad I just woke up to a post about him and not actually him. That would certainly start your day off in the wrong foot.


  18. Ami Starsong says:

    Hi Guys! In my book you are now all officially “Them mad Elf-haters from across the water.” I was going to say ‘Yankies’ but I realised I had better be politically correct. Elves on Shelves indeed! Weird, very weird!

    On our side of the pond we have Cornish Piskies whose tummies like being rubbed; little green Irish Leprachauns who promise you the rainbow and the gold to go with it and then end up playing dirty tricks on you; and from where I come from we have the “little green men” who hide in the trees and who are a good deal more real than folklore would have you believe.

    I think you all need to come over here for some “Elf training sessions” – it’s time you were all introduced to the “real articles”. I just hope that all our real elves won’t take offence, magic away all Ana’s wooden spoons, and chase you all with them.


    I do have to agree with Tracy that the thing in the box on the shelf is macabre and the best place for it is definitely an oven! Sorry, Ana.




  19. Amy says:

    Oh, gosh. I haaaaaate the Elf. I tried, a few years ago, to like it. We had one when I was a kid (yes, they are that old; ours was from the early 1970s). I sucked up all my hatred, buried it deep, and asked my kids if they wanted one, just like their friends. They looked at each other with a “What the heck is wrong with Mom” look. Then the looked at ME with a “What the heck is wrong with you, Mom” look. As one, they chorused, “No way.” My daughter said they’re creepy. My son said they’re boring. Thus spake my offspring, and this is why I love them.

    Have you seen the Inappropriate Elf? Now that, I could support. 🙂


  20. pieclown says:

    Hi All, I was having a chuckle at the Elf hating, UNTIL, Tracey Gee started to bad mouth clowns. EXCUSE ME. (as I get on a soap box) If you pay to go in a Haunted house and you dont get scare by the clown there, he or she is not doing their job. “Who likes clowns, I ask ” guess what it not rhetorically. I like clowns. I am a clown and I will most defiantly loan Ana my large red slapstick paddle to teach to respect.

    Ok, I will calm down. I too have never seen the movie or read the book or what ever else out there. Now if I do bad, I know it and take like the sissy clown i am. If you feel that because Elf may tell Santa what you did, remember Santa Claus, The Movie with Dudley Moore. Santa checks not for nice being naughty but naughty being nice. And “he knows we’re just children (at heart) and that makes everything right”.

    Well I have blown off enough steam to cook a reindeer (no I am not doing that). I hope we can find a way to agree to disagree.

    pie pie 4 now
    Mistress Jennifer duh Pieclown

    Not meanness implied, just trying to have some fun


    • Tracey Gee says:

      I apologize most sincerely and indeed you are quite right, Pieclown. There are many lovely clowns out there. I would never feed a clown to my cats. Elf? Definitely. I yield to your eloquence. And you invoked Dudley Moore. ❤ Dudley Moore. I hearby retract my clown smirching, except for the Poltergeist clown which is, of course, an evil toy made to discredit clowns.


            • pieclown says:

              So you say that your cat have more sense then you? As for allergic to wooden spoons. I sorry, Ana you may barrow my red slapstick. It looks like this from Amazon Basic Beat 18″ Slapstick, but twice as wide. We clowns us it for spanking each other, but we stop, Tracey, I do not think Ana would stop. Your choice. Hug you cats for me. I think they make more then sense, they make dollars. haha


              • traceygee393 says:

                Dearest Pieclown. I have no doubt Ana would not stop. my cats have asked me to clarify. They said that they adore clowns. But not for eating of course but for fellowship. The lovable fur balls make no dollars but the value of their love is incalculable. They have steered me into the right direction regarding my old fear of clowns. Today I was reading this. which was fascinating. I deserve the spanks, but I have learned my lesson. Clowns rock. Still not sure about the Elf though. Baby steps.


                • pieclown says:

                  Very good Tracey, It is nice that you have read some things about clowns. I have read this in the past myself. And is something a lot of clowns learn. Knowing where you start helps to to know where you are going. Keep up the baby steps. I sure the wooden paddle/ slapstick will help.

                  It appears that my pun fell flat. That is the problem with somethings, they do not make sense or cents or dollars.


  21. Charmaine Butler says:

    Up until last year I have never heard of Elf on a shelf. I must say I don’t mind it, some of the pictures I’ve seen are really funny. I have no problem with him or dolls or Clowns. This was a fun post, but I don’t get why people find it creepy.


    • Tracey Gee says:

      Charmaine, you are quite right, I truly do intend that my response is very specific to me. Dolls terrify me. I can’t have them near me. Perhaps I met bad representatives of dolls and clowns in my youth. Clearly, once Ana is done with me after this post, I will have more positive thoughts (or at least say I do) on the subject of Elves. I envy you your lack of mannequin horror.


  22. Sarah Bennett says:

    I started out thinking EOAS was cute but then things got creepy as people began putting the elf in creepy situations.
    It became in my opinion a way to teach kids to do weird and mischievous things.

    I must admit, though, that some things people capture the elf doing, are kind of cute. 🙂 my sister did some cute things with their elf for my nephew a few yrs ago.

    Have a great day all!

    Enjoyed your post, Tracey 🙂


  23. Katie says:

    LOLOL Tracey!!! Your post totally cracked me up!! I am one of the lucky parents who raised four kids well before said Elfie came to life! I have to say, I have always loved all the fiasco that goes with doing the Santa thing. However, after having done years and years of the same, I rejoice in the simplicity of a nice easy does it holiday. I have a friend that professed Elfie to be a bit of a nightmare! LOL! Creepy stuffed doll prowling around the house, gathering intelligence, only to rat on innocent little children???? What has the holiday season come to?? Fun post! Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie


  24. catrouble says:

    Hey Tracey…I’m with Katie…I was also lucky enough to have raised my kiddos before that creepy, sneaky, snitch showed up! Hmmm…Not sure I would want to eat baked elf I do like easy recipes and your baked elf sounds very simple! Good way to get rid of the sucker! Thank you for the fun post…you had me ROFLMBO and I needed the laugh after today! 😉 AFODom beat me to sharing the pic of the dogs who destroyed the creep! *snicker*

    Hugs and Blessings…


  25. P.T. Wyant says:

    No kids (other than my pet rats) so no Elf on the Shelf here. But he is getting a bad rap as a snitch. I mean, long before he came into existence Santa knew if you’d been bad or good (so be good, for goodness’ sake!).

    On the other hand, he is kind of creepy looking.

    But on the other hand (I write fantasy — I can have as many hands as I want) he makes me kind of nostalgic for similar elves that my grandmother had when I was little. They weren’t creepy looking and didn’t spy, but that sat on or near her tree every year.


    • Tracey Gee says:

      Hi P.T. Grandma Elves are of a different sort. The good old days when apples still tasted like apples. Fantasy is good stuff which allows me to truly believe I am a cat therefore safe from the spanking I likely deserve from all this.


  26. Renee says:

    After an excruciatingly long day, I come home to find the elf haters are on the loose on Ana’s advent calendar. How much fun is this. I got the best laugh from your post Tracy. I am so glad I’m not the only person who can’t stand the elf on the shelf concept or reality. I have often wondered if he will explode gloriously in the microwave like the gremlins did or if he would just do a slow meltdown. Just wondered… Blessings, Renee


  27. Kyra says:

    I am with Ana. I love the elf on the shelf. He us so not like Chucky.
    I received a doll when I was a toddler named Cricket. She was battery operated just like Chucky. When I got older I finally saw Childs Play. Cricket scared the check out of me. The elf is not like Cricket….or maybe I am just older……
    Thanks for the post. After the day since had I really needed a laugh.


    • Tracey Gee says:

      For you and your kindness, Kyra, I retract the Chucky reference. I had a Mrs. Beasley doll (yes, I’m up there) and one day out of the blue, she terrified me and I had to call her Mrs Bumsley to make myself feel better. Perhaps that was the beginning of my spanking days as poor Mrs. Bumsley received many.


  28. Katy Beth McKee says:

    I hate the elf. I think he’s creepy too. My sister is always posting pictures on FB and actually my 24 yo and I have had a good laugh at some of the ways he is posted. My poor sister probably has no idea how some of those poses looks. We saw the skirt the other day you can buy to make the elf a girl. My son and i thought it looked more like a kilt which led to the whole will it be a worn like a real kilt discussion.


  29. Marybeth says:

    Tracy, I am right along with you in the Mrs. Beasley era!
    I was never enamored of the elf. I wanted to catch my kids doing good things. I mostly ignored the not so good! lol. So far, they are pretty good kids. Or young adults, I guess. I like the inappropriate elf the best.


  30. Minelle says:

    Hi Tracy! Ok, the movie isn’t so bad….but ewe to the Elf on a shelf! I dislike the entire commercialization of an elf! lol. Seriously how many magical creatures are checking that kids are naughty or nice!


  31. Shannon Love says:

    This has been a hilarious exchange about Elf on the Shelf. I totally missed the whole thing. It just kinda sneaked up on my one year and all over Facebook, friends were posting their ingenious placing of this elf. I don’t have that kind of imagination but some people have some pretty funny ideas.
    I’ve always thought the elf was creepy. No eyelids and just stares. It’s like the eyes in a painting that are always looking at you. I have to agree that Chucky comes to mind before Christmas fun.
    As for being a snitch to Santa. In my house, (that’s funny because that little creepazoid will never set foot in this house) I managed to make a mess of the whole Santa thing. Since my youngest son was an infant, I thought Santa suits were adorable. Every year, a new Santa suit. My daughter came along – Santa dress. Every year. I never had discussions with the kids about Santa, and I certainly don’t give Santa credit for the cool toys (Nintendo DS, remote control cars, etc). Santa sends out the socks and coloring books.

    The point to this is that I discovered last year when my oldest son was 8 and my daughter 6 that they don’t actually believe in Santa because they think they ARE Santa. I had no idea this happened. I’m trying to be more careful with my 3 year old son.

    Go ahead Elf, snitch to Santa. My kids will still get the cool stuff and I think they have enough socks for now. 😉


    • traceygee393 says:

      Oh Shannon! How nifty because in fact your children have it right, for those who observe, we are all indeed Santa. Santa brought me a Hello Kitty colouring book, last year. He brings the good stuff.


  32. Liz Castillo (@liz_josette) says:

    I’m sorry you don’t like Elf on the Shelf Tracey!

    I love my Elf on the Shelf, Bing! I have the movie, book and take daily pics of all his daily antics.

    However, I can see how antagonizing Ana would be fun, especially if she’ll retaliate by spanking me! 😉


  33. thelongbean says:

    Ohh Tracey, it is a bit brave to be antagonising Ana so early in the event:)
    Still we need to keep them elves under control……


  34. michellewillms2013 says:

    First, we have no shelves on which to store creepy little elves (room is at a premium). Second, who wants something creeping about every night, ratting on the already borderline naughty children? Third, I agree with the clown comment. Fourth, I have dogs who report to Santa, thank you very much. Go to hell, Elf.


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