Ana’s Advent Calendar Day 9: Holiday carol sing-a-long



The post about my recent trip delivering Kindles to Lost-N-Found for Something Good has been postponed due to some unexpected personal difficulties. I hope to have it ready for you by tomorrow or Friday at the latest. Instead, I’ve moved a perennial favorite forward a few days.


One of my favorite events for last year’s Advent Calendar was the Christmas Carol Sing-a-long. Take a look, but be prepared to wait several minutes for the links to load. It’s a HUGE post with massive comments. We will follow (or flout) the same rules as last year. If you know songs for Hanukkah, Solstice, or other December holidays, please include those.

A repeat of the rules, with a few slight modifications:

PLEASE ONLY POST ONE LINK PER COMMENT. Otherwise, WordPress flags your comment as spam. If you want to put up multiple songs/lyrics/translations, post multiple comments. (You can comment as many times as you want.)


  1. Post a song title, a lyric, or translation of a holiday carol. (Translation must be a REAL one, not fed through Google translator.)
  2. Look at the previous song titles, lyrics, or translations. Guess the title, add to the lyrics, or guess the language (by replying to the comment).
  3. Get confused.
  4. Ask other people for help who are just as confused as you are.
  5. Have fun!

Example A:

Nantes per nives
in aperta traha
trans agros imus
omnes ridentes.
Tintinna tintinnant
animose sic,
laetissimi nos canimus
canticum hac nocte.

Tinnitus, tinnitus,
semper tinnitus!
O tantum est gaudium
Dum vehimur in traha! Ha!

(The next person should guess the language or the English title of the song.)

Example B:

Come, they told me pa-rum-bum-bum-bum.

(The next person should guess the title of the song or give the next line.)

Example C:

Silent Night

(The next person should give the first line or a translation in a different language.)

If you have a blog, feel free to add to the fun! Put up:

  • lyrics
  • a link or embedded video clip
  • translations in languages whose alphabets are not supported by the wordpress comment box
  • additional information about your favorite song
  • anything related to Christmas carols!Be sure to give us the link so we can go and check it out.

Challenge: How many languages can we represent in today’s sing-a-long?



221 thoughts on “Ana’s Advent Calendar Day 9: Holiday carol sing-a-long

  1. Tina S. says:

    It was almost christmas time
    And there I stood in another line
    Trying to buy that last gift or two
    Not really in the Christmas mood
    And standin right in front of me was a
    little boy waiting anxiously
    pacin around like little boys do
    And in his hands he held
    a pair of shoes


  2. kyra says:

    Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle, 
    Un flambeau, courons au berceau! 
    C’est Jésus, bonnes gens du hameau, 
    Le Christ est né, Marie appelle, 
    Ah! Ah! que la mère est belle, 
    Ah! ah! ah! que l’Enfant est beau!

    C’est un tort quand l’Enfant sommeille. 
    C’est un tort de crier si fort. 
    Taisez-vous. l’un et l’autre, d’abord! 
    Au moindre bruit, Jésus s’éveille. 
    Chut! chut! chut! Il dort à merveille, 
    Chut! chut! chut! voyez comme il dort!

    What language is this written in and what is the title of the song. You each can translate a line if you wish.


  3. JC says:

    Hark! how the bells
    Sweet silver bells
    All seem to say,
    “Throw cares away.”
    Christmas is here
    Bringing good cheer
    To young and old
    Meek and the bold

    Ding, dong, ding, dong
    That is their song
    With joyful ring
    All caroling
    One seems to hear
    Words of good cheer
    From ev’rywhere
    Filling the air

    Oh how they pound,
    Raising the sound,
    O’er hill and dale,
    Telling their tale,
    Gaily they ring
    While people sing
    Songs of good cheer
    Christmas is here
    Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas
    Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas

    On, on they send
    On without end
    Their joyful tone
    To ev’ry home


  4. Amy says:

    This is hard, since so many Christmas carols start with the first line being the name of the song! Anyway, here you go:

    She’d been drinkin’ too much egg nog
    And we’d begged her not to go
    But she’d left her medication
    So she stumbled out the door into the snow

    When they found her Christmas mornin’
    At the scene of the attack
    There were hoof prints on her forehead
    And incriminatin’ Claus marks on her back


  5. Holla Dean says:

    And the same song in another language:

    Csendes éj! Szentséges éj!
    Mindenek nyugta mély;
    Nincs fenn más, csak a Szent szülepár,
    Drága kisdedük álmainál,
    Szent Fiú, aludjál, szent Fiú aludjál!

    Who can guess?? This is fun!


  6. Leigh Smith says:

    Santa make her my bride for Christmas
    Santa, it wouldn’t cost very much
    Just a sprinkle of reindeer dust

    This is a Ray Coniff favorite of mine and if I did it right, I’ve embeded the URL. If not, well excuse me, I’m am technically challenged.


  7. Renee says:

    One of my favorites that I can’t get out of my head this year.

    My mother will start to worry – Beautiful, what’s your hurry?
    Father will be pacing the floor – Listen to the fireplace roar
    So really I’d better scurry – Beautiful, please don’t hurry
    Maybe just a half a drink more – Put some records on while I pour


  8. Laura says:

    My mom would put this album on every year and we’d all sing along. (hint, hint)

    Mae’n rhaid i Fod yn Santa !

    Pwy got barf sy’n hir a gwyn ?
    Siôn Corn cael barf sy’n hir a gwyn .
    Pwy sy’n dod o gwmpas ar noson arbennig?
    Siôn Corn yn dod o gwmpas ar noson arbennig.
    Noson arbennig , barf sy’n wyn …
    Rhaid bod Siôn Corn , fod yn Siôn Corn ,
    Rhaid bod Siôn Corn, Siôn Corn .

    Pwy sy’n gwisgo esgidiau a siwt o goch ?
    Siôn Corn yn gwisgo esgidiau a siwt o goch .
    Pwy sy’n gwisgo cap hir ar ei ben ?
    Siôn Corn yn gwisgo cap hir ar ei ben .
    Cap ar ben , siwt sy’n goch ,
    Noson arbennig , barf sy’n wyn …
    Rhaid bod Siôn Corn , fod yn Siôn Corn ,
    Rhaid bod Siôn Corn, Siôn Corn .

    For Abby’s new version of The 12 Days of Christmas…on the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 5 golden rings. (Not the kind for your fingers or toes either. Where you put them is your business).


  9. AFOdom says:

    One of my favorites growing up. I’ve found very few others who’ve heard it, but I always get excited when I do:

    Carolers singing “Silent Night”
    Crosby dreams of Christmas white
    We celebrate ’cause a King was born, with …


  10. Mary M. says:

    This is more for Hanukkah, but it is in honor of all those who keep the light burning in a dark world, have you heard it?

    Light one candle for the Maccabee children
    With thanks their light didn’t die;………


  11. Tracey Gee says:

    Oh Holy Night… when I get presents. Wait, that was the South Park version. I need to hear Bing and Bowie sing Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth every year or it’s not Christmas.


  12. Mary M. says:

    Here’s another fun song, and one of my favorites…..
    “I can see me now on Christmas morning
    Creeping down the stairs
    Oh what joy, what surprise
    When I open up my eyes……


  13. Joelle Casteel says:

    So I was serious earlier 😀 but… “The news has come out in the first world war/ the bloody Red Baron was flying once more.”


    • catrouble says:

      LOL SH…Rockin’ around the Christmas tree…”Jingle Bell Rock” but don’t know who sang it. 😀

      Hugs and Blessings…


  14. pieclown says:

    Ok I got one.

    Hey, maybe I’ll dye my hair
    Maybe I’ll move somewhere
    Maybe I’ll get a car

    Maybe I’ll drive so far
    That I’ll lose track
    Me, I’ll bounce right back
    Maybe I’ll sleep real late

    Maybe I’ll lose some weight
    Maybe I’ll clear my junk
    Maybe I’ll just get drunk on apple wine
    Me, I’ll be just


  15. Katie says:

    On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 6 silicone spa-tu-las!
    5 big butt plugs… la la la
    4 deerskin floggers,
    3 leather straps,
    2 -ooh bruised bum cheeks
    Aa-and one sla-ash wi-i-i-th his whip!!!



  16. ameliahfaith says:

    Ok, I am not sure if I am doing this right so I am going to wing it and hope for the best.

    Tapu Te Po
    Tapu te po Tiramarama ana
    Tenai te po o te kai whakaora He Ao hara he Ao aroha kore
    Tu mai ra koe oho ki te wairua Nga tumanako tanga o Te Ao katoa
    Nga puawai tanga ata ko ta Ao hoa
    Ina nga reo ana hera
    Tapu te Po
    Te po tapu Te po-o ihu
    Te po, te po tapu
    Te Ao marama


  17. catrouble says:

    Okay…I’m gonna do what I did last year…just rewrite the lyrics of a popular Christmas song…

    (sing to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

    1st Verse:
    Up the stairs right now
    It’s for your own good
    Never, ever again I vow
    Oh sheesh he’s got the wood!

    Smack Ouch Smack
    Smack Ouch Smack
    Do you understand
    Smack Ouch Smack
    Smack Ouch Smack
    Darn that’s just his hand!

    2nd Verse:
    Staring at the floor
    O’er the darn man’s knees
    Wonder if he locked the door
    Oh lord I feel a breeze!

    Smack Ouch Smack
    Smack Ouch Smack
    Do you understand
    Smack Ouch Smack
    Smack Ouch Smack
    Darn still just his hand!

    3rd Verse:
    Have I made things clear?
    Now that your bum’s red?
    Do you know now why you’re here?
    I just nod my head.

    Smack Ouch Smack
    Smack Ouch Smack
    Am I understood
    Smack Ouch Smack
    Smack Ouch Smack
    Blast he’s using wood.

    This is why
    Wood is no good
    Leather is better
    Feather’s are best. 😀

    Merry Christmas…


  18. Katie says:

    Here is mine:

    The season is upon us now
    A time for gifts and giving
    And as the year draws to its close
    I think about my living

    This ought to date me! LOVED this song as a teen and loved John Denver too! 🙂


  19. P.T. Wyant says:

    I had a really hard time deciding which song to choose but finally settled on this one:

    (My other choices were “On Midwinter’s Day” by Damh the Bard and “Santa Claus is Pagan, Too” by Emerald Rose, but I chose this one because of the sense of family and healing that I get from it.)


  20. Laura says:

    Ana – I know that I’ll probably get a smack, but I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll wait in the corner.

    I broke my bat on Johnny’s head;
    Somebody snitched on me.
    I hid a frog in sister’s bed;
    Somebody snitched on me.
    I spilled some ink on Mommy’s rug;
    I made Tommy eat a bug;
    Bought some gum with a penny slug;
    Somebody snitched on me.


  21. Lara Estes says:

    Wow, so many songs that I have forgotten! And a few I have never heard of, okay I want to play. You have me almost feeling the Christmas spirit, careful. So here is my entry

    How could the Father tell the world of love and tenderness.
    He sent his son, a new born babe, with peace and holiness
    What does the Father ask of us, what do the scriptures say?
    Have faith, have hope, live like his son, help others on their way.


  22. Shannon Love says:

    Natten går tunga fjät
    rund gård och stuva;
    kring jord, som sol förlät*,
    skuggorna ruva.
    Då i vårt mörka hus,
    stiger med tända ljus,
    Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia.

    Natten går stor och stum
    nu hörs dess vingar
    i alla tysta rum
    sus som av vingar.
    Se, på vår tröskel står
    vitklädd med ljus i hår
    Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia.

    Mörkret ska flykta snart
    ur jordens dalar
    så hon ett underbart
    ord till oss talar.
    Dagen ska åter ny
    stiga ur rosig sky
    Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia


  23. Shannon Love says:

    I spent a year in Sweden when I was a teen. By the Christmas season I was pretty fluent in Swedish so I could really enjoy their celebrations. I thought this was a really pretty tradition (I was horrified when someone explained the history). The song is called Sankta Lucia and, yes, it’s St. Lucia.


    • Mary M. says:

      Saint Lucia’s Day is on 13 December, in Advent. Her feast once coincided with the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year before calendar reforms, so her feast day has become a festival of light. St. Lucia’s Day is celebrated most commonly in Scandinavia, where it is a major feast day, and even in Italy with each emphasizing a different aspect of the story. This feast is particularly seen the in Scandinavian countries, with their long dark winters. There, a young girl dressed in a white dress and a red sash (as the symbol of martyrdom) carries palms and wears a crown or wreath of candles on her head. In both Norway and Sweden, girls dressed as Lucy carry rolls and cookies in procession as songs are sung. It is said that to vividly celebrate St. Lucy’s Day will help one live the long winter days with enough light. It was celebrated in the dorms of my college with the procession going from room to room, singing in Swedish.


  24. Mary M. says:

    Here is another one we play at Christmas…
    My name is Francis Tolliver, I come from Liverpool,
    Two years ago the war was waiting for me after school.
    To Belgium and to Flanders to Germany to here
    I fought for King and country I love dear.


  25. Minelle says:

    I really love this song….. Mary, Did You Know. Not sure if it is really a traditional Christmas song.
    I know there are a few versions, One with Rascal Flats, but I love this one…..

    Other wise I love this one…..Minuit, chrétiens, c’est l’heure solennelle,
    Où l’Homme-Dieu descendit jusqu’à nous
    Pour effacer la tache originelle


  26. Katy Beth McKee says:

    Well I almost didn’t make it today. The last couple of days at work have been totally crazy and exhausting including sick children and I just found out I have to be early tomorrow. But this morning I found a kid’s Christmas play list on my Amazon prime music. Started playing it and was so much fun to see a bunch of 3 yo children dancing and trying to sing along. Reminds me of what pure joy looks like.


  27. thelongbean says:

    This is not quite in the spirit of Ana’s request, however I thought you may enjoy ( Ana, I hope you don’t mind me borrowing the logo at the top for the picture part)….

    Last year I hosted a music quiz and no-one got this one…

    All you have to do is say who you think it is!!!


  28. thelongbean says:

    Sarah Bennett and Mary M have got it spot on. Sorry Sarah you are not quite right, it is in a compilation on Youtube under the heading Metallica as a consolation you did get the title.


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