Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 18: Sex Toy Story 2


Apologies: Yesterday I forgot to include photos with my post. I’ve updated the post here.

Kate Richards of Evil Mistress Kate fame reprises last year’s wildly popular Sex Toy Story, a finish-the-story challenge. This time, her story is set in Missy and Kevin’s home, which was the location for Kate’s Spank or Treat story this year and for the Witty Bard flash fiction contest prize–a roleplay spanking with Evil Mistress Kate.

While the main couple in this story prompt is heterosexual, feel free to change gender as best suits your imaginative preferences.

Governing Ana is not responsible for NSFA (Not Safe For Ana) material. Please keep your story endings PG-13 or under. Thank you!

’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the dungeon

Missy Sue had strewn greenery to fight winter’s doldrums

The floggers were hung on their hooks with great care

In hopes that someone playful might soon be there

And Missy Sue in her nightie

And her Sir, hand raised to slap

Were settled on the sofa

She was over his lap


The sharp buzz of the doorbell jerked Missy Sue out of her daze. With her silky red Christmas nightie lifted over her back and her bare bottom stinging from the holiday spanking Kevin called her first present, she glared at the door. Their new cat, Barlow, rode past on the Roomba, further breaking the mood.

“Don’t answer it.” She drew a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to regain the space she so enjoyed. The scent of the Christmas tree just a couple of feet from her nose and the spicy mulled wine on the stove combined with the flickering Yule log in the fireplace to create a magical ambiance for their first Christmas as husband and wife. “It’s probably more of those freaky neighbors. Mr. Anderson was chasing old lady Hendrix when Mrs. Blakely caught him, and they all groped at each other then disappeared into his house.” What was it about an old wrinkled fellow of at least eighty in light-up Rudolph boxers that brought out the animal in the ladies?

He brought his hand down in a sharp swat and she jumped. “You topping from over my lap, Missy?”

She shook her head. “No, sir, it’s just that…owww.”

“I hate to say it but they might call us freaky if they got a look at the Kinky Kingdom downstairs.”

“At least we keep it in the house!”


From out on the porch there arose such a rapping

Kevin swooped her to her feet and gave her bottom a whapping

Away to the doorway she flew like a flash

Peeked through the peephole

And opened the door with a clash

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow

Gave a luster of midday to objects below

When what to her wondering eye should appear

But a special surprise from Kevin so dear

With a tall sexy lady so gorgeous and sweet

She knew in a moment she was her Christmas treat

Her eyes how they twinkled,

Her dimples so merry

Her cheeks were like roses

Her nose like a cherry


The cold air whipped around them but Missy was stunned to ecstatic silence. On the steps stood the sexiest blonde witch ever, their good friend and sometimes playmate, in a long, black coat open to reveal an elegant red dress molded to her voluptuous breasts and scooping along her small waist and flaring hips. Her arms were filled with boxes and she had a twinkle in her eye. “Regine!” This must be her second present! “I thought you were in Florida on business…when did you get back?”

“Merry Christmas, Regine” Kevin appeared beside her, chuckling. “Let me take some of those packages from you.” He relieved her of all of them and added a lingering kiss to her lips.

Missy watched with pleasure.

Their friend was a switch, which made for interesting times, since she never knew until they got started which role the blonde was taking

Missy’s cheeks heated, but Regine, with her arms now free, used them to embrace Missy, holding her tight and dipping her head to press her chilled lips against hers. Missy shivered from the cold and the kiss and slipped rapidly back toward the subspace she’d been riding when the doorbell rang. Regine’s tongue teased her lips apart and lapped the inside of her mouth with the same slow strokes she’d used on several occasions when Missy was tied down, her legs spread eagled and ….

“Missy!” Kevin’s firm voice drew her back again. What was it about these two together who could send her off into places she’d never dreamed even existed. Places of mindless ecstasy, of endless orgasms, of…. She gulped and tried to even her breathing as Regine left one arm wrapped around her waist, only stepping aside to shrug off her coat and hang it on the coatrack and they moved over to the fireplace together. Kevin closed the door with a click and flicked off the lights. Behind them, she heard the rustle as he laid the gifts under the tree with the others. Even though Regine hadn’t agreed to spend the holidays with them, claiming she didn’t want to come home from her meetings for a few days and have to fly right back to Florida…

Only the multicolored glow of the twinkling tree lights and the red-orange flames of the burning log provided any illumination. Missy’s heart thudded in anticipation of their night together. When Kevin took her arm and drew her down to the fluffy rug in front of the hearth, she noticed he still held one small package wrapped in shiny red paper tied with a giant gold bow.

He lifted it and showed it to Regine, who’d followed them down and sat on the rug on the other side of Missy. “This the one?”

Regine nodded and smiled, showing so many teeth, Missy knew she was in trouble. They’d gone from A Visit from Saint Nicholas to another sort of tale entirely.

“My what big teeth you have,” she murmured and the other two laughed.

“The better to eat you with, my darling,” Regine replied in kind, and Missy’s stomach flipped.

Regine urged her to sit up and grasped the hem of her silky nighty. She tugged it over her head and Missy sat naked between the two people she would most choose to spend Christmas with. Regine still wore her red dress which draped over her over-the-knee heeled black leather boots and her handsome husband his maroon robe unbelted over black silk pajama pants tented with his erection. Her mouth watered…for both of them.

But her eyes were drawn to the wrapped gift. “Sir…what is it?”

He grinned at Regine and winked. “How would I know? Perhaps you should ask Regine.” He knew, the devil, but he was like a child at Christmas. In fact, she’d fallen in love with him on their third date when he invited her to dinner and they ended up driving around town instead, admiring Christmas lights.

Still, she could play along. “Regine, what’s in the box?”

Rather than answering, the blonde bent past her to kiss Kevin and the issue of a gift drifted into the back of Missy’s mind. The flames in the fireplace cast their faces in shadow, but surrounded them in a halo of light. Dark hair and pale, they were so elegant, so beautiful her heart squeezed in yearning. She felt so ordinary, so earthbound next to them. But, at the same time, Missy soaked in the magic that their kiss brought to the night.

To Christmas, the most magical night of the year, when dreams came true.

Kevin and Regine held their kiss for a long, sweet moment. She marveled that no jealousy marred the relationship that grew between the three of them

A relationship.

The first time she’d thought of it in that way.

But it was true. Their times together had stretched from overnights to weekends. And Regine spent more time at their home then her own. Perhaps she didn’t need a separate home? Watching the two break apart and turn to focus on her, she decided to wait until morning. Over their special Christmas pancakes, golden and dripping with real maple syrup. For tonight, she would show them how much she cared by making herself theirs in every way she could think of.

“What do you want of me?”

Regine took the gift box from Kevin and held it out to her. “Merry Christmas, Missy Sue. From Kevin and me.”

In trembling hands, she accepted the package and untied the wide ribbon. A sex toy!

What happens now? Share what you think might happen next and what might be in the mysterious present…. The sex toy I like the most will be incorporated into the final ending of the story to be posted on my blog on Christmas Eve…and the winner will receive a ten-dollar Amazon card in thanks.

[Reminder from Ana: Governing Ana is not responsible for NSFA (Not Safe For Ana) material. Please keep your story endings PG-13 or under. Thank you!]

Merry Christmas! And thank you Anastasia for creating another great event!


Kate Richards always writes a holiday ménage, inspired by all the love in the air. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached at Her holiday ménages, Avalon for Christmas, Two Men and a Virgin, and Two Dads for Christmas are available at and all your favorite online bookstores




76 thoughts on “Ana’s Advent Calendar, Day 18: Sex Toy Story 2

  1. Jay says:

    Ok I am not good at writing so I am just going to throw some ideas out there to what I was thinking was in the box all along…

    In the box was a collar… not just any collar but one from both Regina and Sir… a collar that meant she would belong to both of them and serve them in ways she could only imagine. A simple gift yet one that meant so much and had so much promise…


  2. ruthshulman says:

    I’ve always felt the best toy is one’s imagination. Perhaps there are books, art, music, or whatever might stimulate “Missy Sue” and mind… and then Sir and Regine add in their imaginative desires and *excuse me, I have to leave for a moment…*


  3. Mary M. says:

    I am horrid at writing, which is why I am a mere reader, but I think it would be fun if it was an Xmas Fun Kit, complete with candles, reindeer hide flogger, peppermint chocolate body paint, and, for the gift that keeps on giving, the We-Vibe 4 plus, so that Regine and Sir can reach out and touch Missy Sue via a cell phone app at any time, even if they are on a business trip. Oh, and a wooden spoon, of course. I think they have come to a place in their relationship where they could all live together, so perhaps some keys as well?


  4. catrouble says:

    What did she find in the small box? A glass candy cane…so many interesting uses for this along with feathers, a mask, silk scarves and a stack of small printed notecards. Missy Sue was told to hand the candy cane, feathers and scarves to Regine, the cards to Kevin, to put the mask over her eyes and remain quiet. Now…what could be on those cards? 😀

    Thanks Kate for such a fun story…looking forward to reading more about Missy Sue, Kevin and Regine.

    Hugs and Blessings…


  5. Joelle Casteel says:

    Continuing from catrouble… Regine sniffed, Are those Jelly Belly candy canes? The world fell into darkness when she obeyed and put on the mask. She wished she could use her fingertips like a blind person reading braille and could figure out what was on the cards. She feared they were challenges for her to meet.


  6. sassytwatter says:

    Yummy yummy story!! And wow each year it gets spicer and spicer. You should of warned me not suitable to read while with an infant! I am not a writer but I’m imagining in the box a shiny plug with a little bling.


  7. Holla Dean says:

    I didn’t read the other replies so I hope this one at least isn’t exactly like any of the others. The box holds fur lined cuffs (faux fur of course), a bullet vibrator, and a perfect sized glass butt plug. Just think of Missy spread out and cuffed to the bed posts, with….let your imagine go wild…instructions were to keep this PG-13 and my mind is definitely in the XXX-rated mode right now.


  8. Holla Dean says:

    Just read the other replies and I love the We-vibe idea from Mary M. I didn’t know you could ‘reach out and touch’ with a cell phone. Interesting…very interesting…not to mention intriguing. Hmmmm…is it time to go shopping?


  9. P.T. Wyant says:

    Sadly, I’m feeling completely uninspired at the moment — the thought of going to work is hanging over my head and dragging me down — so this is bare bones, but…

    Sue stared at the contents of the box until Regine reached over and took it from her, removing the delicate chain. Clamps hung from each end of it and Sue watched them swinging, hypnotized by their movements. Regine leaned over and teased one of her nipples with her tongue while Kevin played with the other. Sue’s eyes closed in pleasure then opened in shock as the clamps closed on her erect nipples.


  10. katerichards says:

    I see lots of good ideas. As you know, in the interest of saving Ana’s delicate sensibilities we try to keep things PG13…which is why the STEAM will be my Christmas Eve gift to you on my own very very naughty blog. I am reading all of these and while one reader will win the prize, I will probably be including a lot of bits and pieces in the ending (because they are too good…errr bad ….to avoid.


  11. Renee says:

    Continuing PT’s line of thinking. Sue eyed the box hesitantly when she realized there was one more chain and ring in the bottom. It hooked onto the chain she was already wearing and her clit. The two green shiny gems from the nipple clamps and the red on from the clit ring represented their triad relationship.

    Sorry not really a writer.


  12. Chickie says:

    Continuing from Renee…

    The chains connected all the rings clamps and whatnot and then The Voice from up above bellowed, “Mom-meeeeeee”

    And that’s all I’ve got. That’s how we roll lol


  13. michellewillms2013 says:

    I think I’ll agree with Jay that there was a collar, but not any collar: it was a submissive’s dream, constructed of interlocking platinum and gold links and held securely with a gold/platinum padlock decorated with diamonds. Only her two partners could remove this little toy. There was also a lovely whip of softest leather and another made only of feathers for delicate work. There were expensive binding scarves too and some delicately scented massage oils. Her two companions immediately tied her gently, but securely to the large bed in the master bedroom and began to massage the oils all over her lovely body. When she was properly primed (I’m leaving out all the good parts because there’s no way to make this suitable for those pre-teen ears), the whips, lips, and tongues began to explore her body in earnest.


  14. JC says:

    To Missy Sue’s surprise the box contained everything needed to make a huge delious ice cream sundae. Although upon closer inspection she realized it was missing a vital piece. The Ice Cream.


  15. Sarah says:

    Cookies in the shapes of her favourite toys! The box contained cookies!! And Mary Sue put on her maid uniform, prepared a tea tray and served Regine and Kevin, presenting her cleavage and pert bottom enticingly for punishment by the cookies.


  16. AFOdom says:

    Hmmm. It’s a small box. What might fit in a small box…?

    In trembling hands, she accepted the package and untied the wide ribbon. A sex toy!

    Missy lifted two black plastic rectangles from the box. Each had a power switch and a dial.

    “Those are ours.” Regine said.

    Kevin took them from her hands and passed one to Regine. “What’s left is yours.”

    Missy pulled out a scrap of bright red silk. A thong? The fabric started trembling in her hand, and Missy jerked her eyes up. Regine laughed and held up her part of the gift. “Remotes, Missy Sue.”

    Kevin leaned in to kiss Missy, but stopped just shy of her lips. “Put on your new panties. Only good girls get rewards.”


  17. pieclown says:

    I love some of the the stuff so far. OK

    Missy looked at the orange sex toy. It was not big, but looked almost like a carrot. Next was two small dark chocolate candies. and then on the bottom was 2 jars of marshmallow fluff. Kevin said in a sing song way ” We want to build a snowman’. Regine then chimed in sing ” a snowwoman”


  18. Katy Beth McKee says:

    Love what is here but I can’t find one creative spark in my brain except in my excuse for not having something better. My head is congested and my throat is all scratchy. And work today was over six hours of whiny children having meltdowns and the holiday isn’t even here yet. Boy is this girl looking forward to next Wednesday and a holiday break.


  19. Shannon Love says:

    In trembling hands, she accepted the package and untied the wide ribbon. The box was empty. The wide ribbon was used as a blindfold. Missy Sue is guided through a scavenger hunt to find the rest of her gifts. Each thing she opens is either a food item, a scented item and a tactile item. Maybe even one that buzzes when a button is pressed . . .


  20. Kyra says:

    I won’t even try writing this time of night. I say that when she opened the box out came a red glass butt plug with tinsel a deer tail, a red nose and antlers..hello Rudolph!!


  21. Laura says:

    With a smile on her face and her eyes all aglow,
    Missy looked at her knobby gift,
    Knowing that once it was placed down below,
    She’d feel it with each and every shift.

    Off Kevin went to shape it into a plug,
    As Missy put her booty in the air,
    Regine made sure that the fit was oh so snug,
    And the burn started quickly to flare.


  22. Amy says:

    Inside the box lay a small, silver key. Puzzled, Missy Sue tilted her head at Regine, but the other woman only grinned. Kevin stood up and took her hands in his, leading her to the other room; Regine followed.

    Missy Sue tried the doorknob, but it wouldn’t budge. Regine tapped her shoulder and said, “The key.”

    Sliding the key into the lock–how had she never known this door had a lock?–Missy Sue slowly turned it and opened the door. At the sight inside, her jaw dropped.

    The whole room was lit with peppermint-scented candles, and the room had been decked out in holiday fashion. But the real Christmas treat was in the center of the bed. There, sprawled enticingly, was a very attractive and very, very naked man.

    Kevin leaned in and whispered, “Just for one night, don’t you think it would be fun to let your new toy play with me for a bit?” He nipped at her ear. “Don’t worry–he’s a friend.”

    “Oh, he’s certainly friendly, all right,” Regine agreed.

    Missy Sue gulped. “Let’s see how friendly,” she suggested, stepping farther into the room and closing the door behind them all.


  23. lara estes says:

    Or something more devious? Missy Sue slipped her fingers through the riddon and in doing so cut herself. The smell of fresh blood sent Kevin into a frenzy. But before he could reach Missy, Regina grabbed him and cuffed his hands behind his back then chained him to the staircase. Regina moved in taking Missy’s finger in to her mouth tasting her sweet blood. Missy open the box, her eyes widening with excitement. She looked into Regina’s eyes and then at Kevin knowing full well who would be pulling the slay (sled) this night.

    Finding it really hard to maintain the holiday spirit.


  24. laurellasky says:

    I thought of a new toy. You spin the dreidel and take off an article of clothing. It’s called strip dreidel and when everyone clothes are off evil mistress Kate shows up with wooden spoons and she spanks everyone and makes them stand in the corner. Since Ana is playing she gets whacked also. While we are in the corner we plot to get revenge, we grab mistress Kate and strip her and smack her and make her stand in the corner, in this game everybody wins. YAY.


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