Breaking Glass

While you’re waiting for today’s Advent Calendar post, take a peek at this new Kat and Natalie story. Fireside Chat to follow!


“I beg your pardon?” Dr. Mitchell’s pen pauses in its note-taking.

My voice is clear and each word enunciated. There’s no reason to repeat myself, but I do it anyway. “I have one younger brother, Jason, who was born when I was eight.” Since that doesn’t seem to be enough, I explain to the silence. “I know you want to be thorough, but I can assure you that I have no issues with my family. My parents were wonderful, my little brother is great, and I had a happy childhood.”

The pen taps against the page. “Forgive me for bringing in outside information, but I understand from Katherine that you also had a little sister?”

I cross one leg over the other and rest my clasped hands on top of my knee. “Oh, that!” Now that I understand his confusion, I hasten to clarify. “Yes, not exactly a little sister…

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2 thoughts on “Breaking Glass

  1. Tina s. says:

    I just finished The way home and Lighting the way. I loved them and can relate to Kat so much it’s scary. I am so excited that there is another book. It’s kinda nice to see that Natalie can break down and not be the strong one all the time. I hope she finds the closure she needs.


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