Love Spanks registration!

While you’re waiting for tomorrow’s installment of Hana and Mira, register for Love Spanks!

Also, check out my post for KT Grant’s Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event. 


22 thoughts on “Love Spanks registration!

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  2. JoanneBest says:

    I answered to the best of my swiss-cheese-mind ability 😀 For example, I’ve been published before but the short stories I wrote weren’t relationship oriented, they were more ‘family friendly’ horror-ish type thingys. Also, I don’t remember if I reached VIP status for last years Love Spanks because, swiss-cheese-memory 😦
    But I know I was an Ambassador and would love to do it again. I also plan on writing my first F/F for the Witty Bard thing so I’m kinda straddling the line between author and reader 😀

    Happy dance!!!! xox


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