#Satspanks and #SnipSun: Speaking Up

Hello and welcome to week three of the Freiya’s Stand snippets! We’re still in the introductory phase, setting the scene for Freiya and Sabrina’s conflict. Take a look at the first two parts if you haven’t already. St. Agatha’s, their private Catholic school employer, has called a faculty meeting to address falling test scores. No one is happy about it, of course.

Meet Freiya

Cost of Education


“What about the kids who can’t concentrate because their parents haven’t fed them breakfast before sending them to school?” Melinda, the fourth-grade teacher, complained at every meeting that the school needed to institute a free lunch program for scholarship students. “I bring in bulk boxes of granola bars and raisins every week, and the kids still are hungry. Who cares about test scores when they don’t know where they’ll get their next meal?”

Freiya blinked. Melinda and Dale sat motionless, without having spoken a word. She had imagined their responses in her hope that someone would speak the words she wanted to hear. In her hypothetical faculty meeting, someone would speak up.

Thanks for visiting! If you missed the conclusion to the Hana and Mira serial, you can find it here.





30 thoughts on “#Satspanks and #SnipSun: Speaking Up

  1. awesomesub says:

    Hi Ana, if nobody speaks up the meeting is pointless. Well, since it is only this silly kind of meeting it is only an event to give the headmaster a chance to scold his staff, I’d say.
    So this leaves Freiya frustrated because there is no change to the better in sight. Or worse, she thought something would change after her speaking up (outside her dreamy moment), she feels elated and then the downer comes: nothing changes and Freiya is reprimanded.
    I think poor Freiya has my sympathy before I even know much about her. 🙂




    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      She hasn’t said anything yet, but she isn’t off the hook yet. I feel sorry for Freiya as well. Of course she will go through torment but you knew that already, right? Hehe.

      And yes about the meeting being pointless. Renee’s comment the other day about meetings made me giggle.


      • awesomesub says:

        yes, she was imagining two of her colleagues speaking up, so that she would not have to do that. If she does. Hmmm, her torment has already started, I mean, sitting in such a pointless meeting sounds like it, there is nothing positive in this situation. Poor girl!

        Besides, you have written this, so, yes, if anything, I knew there was going to be some tormenting in it! 🙂


  2. Julie says:

    I’d comment, Ana, but you know I’m shy. I’m sure someone else will say the same thing I’d like to say about what’s happening in the story.

    But I will say the snippet seems so short and…snippet-y. You’ve been spoiling us with story installments.

    That’s not a complaint. 🙂


  3. Renee says:

    It is so funny that she has like this whole meeting going on and nobody actually said any of it. It is also too true in today’s schools. The fear our society has created when it comes to speaking against the status quo… Too often keeps us silent. Blessings. R


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