A wooden spoon, a pearl necklace, and an empty bottle of Chanel No. 5

Joanne Best has tagged me in the 24 Hour Wooden Spoon Challenge, started by…yours truly. Ah, yes. Cheeky miss. Her instructions are as follows:

Ok Anastasia, I might as well play big or go home (or back into the corner) so I’m biting the bullet and challenging YOU my dear. So let’s see, how about a wooden spoon (because of course!), a pearl necklace, and an empty bottle of Chanel No. 5. Genre of your choice. Should you choose to accept, I’ll do the happy dance. In the corner.

 A perfect trio of items for our favorite dueling Dommes, eh? Let’s take a trip down memory lane with two strong-willed women who had happier times many years ago.

Warning: As per instructions for this challenge, this is a rough draft and has not yet been edited. Or proofread.

[Please check back for publication status of this book. Thank you!]

Mistress on Her Knees-Amazon



21 thoughts on “A wooden spoon, a pearl necklace, and an empty bottle of Chanel No. 5

  1. awesomesub says:

    Hi Ana, I think Trinity’s problems are really created by herself only. She should listen to Jessie who may be vanilla, but understands what Gracie is waiting for from Trinity. Jessie must be a good teacher, because she manages to explain everything to Trinity so that she can understand some of the sense of the ceremony.
    I like Jessie’s idea a lot, and actually my sympathy for Trinity has grown a little, simply because (!) she gets so many things wrong … which can also be an annoyance, of course. So, if she hurts Graciela and others a lot, I know that I will feel second-hand embarrassment from that, but I would always hope for the happy ending. 🙂

    If Graciela only knew! The wooden spoon is such a great gift, but it does not completely come from Trinity. She did not think properly, instead Jessie did that job for her. Poor Graciela. 😦 I wished for that before, but now more than ever I want that Trinity learns and regrets what she did to Graciela. Oh, and along the way I’d love to have her spanked with exactly this wooden spoon, a lot, by Gracie.

    Trinity has worried about this ceremony a lot, too. But since she was more about the gift and did not like the obedience part, I’d say she is in love, but her submission seems half-hearted. …And again, poor Graciela. She has put so much effort into the ceremony, she has been thoughtful and enjoys the lovely ceremony for the right reasons. It was her idea and it has real meaning for her, it is a promise and a lovely symbol for their bond. I am not sure if Trinity is aware of how important this is for Gracie. And the last lines seem to scream that Jessie has her own doubts while she looks Trinity over. Poor Gracie.

    … I had wondered where you’d fit in the empty bottle. I liked that, because it could be part of another story and paves the way for the real present Gracie gives to Jessie. Jessie and Gracie are perfect as friends. Jessie could catch Graciela when her troubles with Trinity are the greatest and she is Trinity’s counterpart, I’d say.

    This episode got me thinking and I have this feeling Trinity is pretty unpredictable for a long while. This kind of character is exciting, can be great fun … and can be such a troublemaker. … Poor Gracie.

    Thank you for this story, loved it.




    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Wow, what an amazing response. I’m so honored that all of this came from my little challenge. 😀

      What can I say, non-spoiler-wise, about Trinity? She does get a lot of things wrong, for sure, but she’s also awed by Graciela. She doesn’t really know what she’s in for, but she knows she loves Gracie. We’re also seeing her about 14 years younger than when we see her with Mira and Hana.

      Absolutely, Miss Trinity will get her comeuppance and in spades. Don’t you think the spoon is a bit mild, though? Hehe. She will bawl her eyes out, and maybe even Miss Hard-hearted Julie will sorry for our recalcitrant Domme. 😉

      I love all of your thoughts as you process this story. Gracie wants to take care of Trinity and make everything right for her. Trinity hasn’t had an easy life. But, as we know, this didn’t happen. A lot of people got hurt in the process.

      Jessie. Ah, Jessie. I didn’t want to like her this much. 😦 But best friends don’t come out of nowhere, right? They have a history that’s good.


      • awesomesub says:

        Wooden spoons … we have a wooden spoon here that is soooooo stingy that I’d like to run from it whenever hubby has it in his hands. Destroying it by putting it into the dishwasher (head down, since there are good reasons to do so, as we have learned 😀 ) is no option to get rid of it. Hubby only bought two as a result and we had a no-wooden-spoon-in-the-dishwasher-rule afterwards.

        Anyways, Gracie’s repertoire of implements was so varied that there are surely far worse items for discipline in it. Poor Trinity, but she’ll change for the better,I hope.

        I really did underestimate just how much in awe Trinity is. This does not justify her mistakes, but it surely adds a lot to her confusion, and I can easily imagine that Trinity is not aware of what she is really in for. I would like to read more, … what a surprise. 🙂


        • Anastasia Vitsky says:

          True enough! Whenever people ask about wooden spoons, I tell them that in reality they sting like nobody’s business. OUCH. But Graciela has a much more formal punishment in mind for Trinity. At least, the first part. There will be quite a few steps.

          Psst. Wooden spoons crack if you let them soak in dishwater too long. Just saying…

          And of course, Miss Nina, you could always choose to behave instead. Hehe.

          And about being awed, well, again this is nearly 14 years ago. Trinity’s not in awe of Gracie today, or at least not in the same way.

          I just might have another sneak peek up later today. 🙂


          • awesomesub says:

            He, I am always good and behave (for a while). The formal punishment sounds exciting and it would be a real challenge to endure that, I guess. I don’t want you to reveal too much, but this sounds a lot as if it is about reconciliation, so that a kind of harmony can happen and it could be a test of Trinity’s willingness to submit and obey, too. … Or maybe I got it completely wrong. 😀

            Right, the story that plays today is about a very different Trinity, she has already learned something from her past mistakes and she has feelings for Graciela. And I never had the feeling that Trinity was indifferent towards Graciela in any way. Oh my, coming to think of it, these two have so many conflicts in different layers going on that I can barely wait to see that. 🙂


  2. Roz Harrison says:

    This was awesome Ana! Challenge accepted and met and I love how you incorporated all the requirements 🙂

    Beautiful ceremony. I wonder how Graciela would feel if she knew the spoon wasn’t entirely Trinity’s idea. Great gift! Jessie seems to understand a lot for someone who doesn’t live the dynamic.



    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      It was fun! The pearls fit perfectly as I’d already written that into their relationship. Wooden spoon, well, how can that not fit? The perfume bottle took a bit more thinking, but I ended up loving it as well.

      As to Graciela and the gift…sigh. Complications will arise. I’m sure that surprises you. 😀


  3. chickie says:

    I too wonder what Graciela would think about the spoon. I really feel for Trinity though. It’s impossible to shop for even a basic birthday gift for someone on a budget, who just gets what they need when they need it until there’s nothing left to get. Then the added pressure of it needing significance too? The changing perspective always throws me for a loop but it works here.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      I didn’t change perspectives for a long time, and in the middle I had my own struggles. I particularly liked Graciela’s instructions not to spend too much money. I think thoughtful gifts mean far more than expensive ones. But I agree that mandated gift giving is hard. Plus, who could live up to Graciela’s gifts? 😀


  4. catrouble says:

    Wow! What an intense story! I am also wondering what Graciela will think about the spoon not really being Trinity’s idea. You are going to tell us aren’t you? Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and Blessings…


  5. Julie says:

    Beautiful story, Ana. I loved the ceremony, and especially Trinity shopping for the gift. She was different then!

    But am I really the only one who is worried about the future well-being of *Jessie’s* bottom? It seems she’s more interested and curious than she should be. And Graciela “innocently” handing her a book on submission is definitely suspicious. Someone should tell Jessie that sitting comfortably is better than not sitting comfortably.

    Before it’s too late. 🙂


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Haha…I love how your mind works sometimes. 🙂

      Trinity was even more different when they first met (today’s story). It’s fun, although poignant, to delve into their history.

      And, my dear, sitting not comfortably is very good for a girl who needs to be guided and protected. 🙂


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