#SatSpanks and #SnipSun: Careless Words

Meet Freiya

Cost of Education

Speaking Up

Continuing the Freiya’s Stand snippets (see above for the beginning).

How could the teachers produce brilliant test scores with fewer resources and more students, particularly students with extra needs? One of her students had been expelled from his previous school because he refused to play with dolls. That’s not how the former teacher had phrased it, but she had labeled him antisocial and unable to mix with other children. Now, Freiya struggled to get the boy to open up to her. The humiliation from his past teacher had indeed made him wary of socializing. She wished more teachers would realize the amount of damage they could inflict with a few careless words.


8 thoughts on “#SatSpanks and #SnipSun: Careless Words

  1. awesomesub says:

    Hi Ana, this sounds like a catch 22 for teachers, doesn’t it? I couldn’t even imagine how to get the trust of a boy who was treated that way, and maybe he does not even understand. If he does not trust anyone who is connected to schools, this sounds like a long way to go.
    Then again, someone like Freiya could be just the right one, because she seems to be very compassionate. … She’ll end up in a lot of trouble because of it, won’t she? After all, she was so frustrated from the nonsensical meeting and might just be too fed up to take much more of this. Though, it could be completely different, too.
    I loved the title, because a few words can hurt so much; and I am curious how this story continues. Thank you for the snippet!




  2. chellecordero says:

    This is a very timely discussion with teachers being “graded” on their success and so many students graduating without basic knowledge. This teacher sounds very caring and the type our children need more of. This is a very interesting snippet for both the topic and your intriguing writing.


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