Spanking for Heart Health!

Tracey Gee and Jessica Cale have teamed up to fundraise for the American Heart Association (US) and the Heart & Stroke Association (Canada). To help their cause, I offered an incentive: if ten people donated at least $5 each by midnight yesterday, I would post another sneak peek of Mistress on Her Knees. Guess what? You responded, and with such generosity! It’s not too late to donate! Click on Romance Has a Heart to find donation links. Jessica will give a hand-made glittery valentine to every donor, and some authors are offering prizes.

And, as thank you for your donations, here is a peek at Mistress on Her Knees. Pre-order will be available during Love Spanks!


[Please check back for publication status of this book. Thank you!]


Mistress on Her Knees(2)

Mistress on Her Knees

Thou shalt not covet thy host’s submissive

When a Domme loves a Domme, strange things can happen. When a Domme loves a Domme who is her former submissive and cheated with her best friend, all of the usual fun with handcuffs turns into something darker.

Graciela struggles to control her attraction to the headstrong, beautiful woman who broke her heart ten years ago. She offers temporary shelter to a fellow human in crisis, nothing more. But when Trinity buckles under Graciela’s righteous anger and begs for forgiveness, Graciela’s resolve wavers. Can she ever trust again? Does Trinity deserve a second chance, or is this yet another manipulation?


13 thoughts on “Spanking for Heart Health!

  1. Sophie Kisker says:

    Oh, poor Trinity! I’ve been where she is. Being told to be patient and wait can nearly kill you when you suddenly discover a side of yourself you never knew and all you want to do is jump in to explore its depths. Somehow, though, I have a feeling she’ll get everything she wants – and more. Soon.

    Thanks for this treat!


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      The irony, of course, is that now Trinity is more convinced than ever that she wants to try kink. I feel sorry for Graciela, actually. It’s hard to be the one to put on the brakes.

      Hugs and glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for supporting the fundraiser.


  2. awesomesub says:

    Hi Ana,
    I can see where Trinity’s confusion comes from as she tries to decide whether to go downstairs or not. All in all, she tries to please Graciela as much as possible, and she won’t have any of it. I know that Graciela’s reasons for keeping her distance are good ones, so is it just that Gracie simply does not know how to behave less awkward towards Trinity, lest she’d have to acknowledge that she is already in love?

    I love how Trinity discovers Graciela’s secret. For me it was exciting, it has something sneaky, and maybe it is also because the scene was focused on Samantha and Graciela who I imagined in a rather dark room, with only Sam and Gracie in some light, like you have it in some paintings.

    It was a short intimate moment that left innocent Trinity with more questions and confusion. Gracie still tries to stick to her way of being responsible towards Trinity and I endlessly enjoyed that Trinity did not give in and instead fought for her right to be spanked in a consensual way. Trinity is so blunt and direct in this, her demanding way contrasts so well with Gracie’s hesitation. Hehe, Gracie was caught off-guard.
    That’s why the ensuing exchange between them is great fun to read, because Gracie’s first attempts to get Trinity out of the basement are doomed to fail. Trinity won’t accept any made up excuses why spanking is not possible.

    Finally, when the two of them sit down and Gracie actually gives real reasons, she is my star again! Gracie is careful with Trinity, due to her horrible and abuse past, but when they sit down on the bench, Gracie accepts Trinity far more as a young adult than a kid.
    And at that point Trinity and Gracie have already reached a new step in creating their own relationship. The secret is out, Gracie has given valid reasons why she wouldn’t spank Trinity for now, and Trinity actually is kind of happy when she gets this little whap. This is the real start of how they grow together, isn’t it?

    Towards the end, with Gracie’s explanation, the old uneasy way Graciela had with Trinity has vanished and it looks as if they have established a new way, more open, where Trinity might actually dare asking questions about all sorts of things. She could lose some of her shyness, which does not mean that there are no new boundaries. Gracie has set them, but they are reasonable and Trinity can understand that.
    I loved reading this scene and can’t wait for more, I like that I can feel so much like being in the characters and want to see them grow and connect. Thank you for this.



    p.s.: what happened to the rather rude phone call btw? Maybe it doesn’t really matter, just wondering if Gracie will call back in another chapter, as it sounded important.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Wow, Nina, could you save all of these wonderful comments and write a companion commentary when the book comes out? You’re amazing! 😀

      This was a hard scene for me to write because I want Graciela to spank Trinity SO much, and the suspense is terrible.

      Trinity is coming out of her shell, for sure, although she does have some missteps along the way. I don’t think Gracie knows how much she loves Trinity already. If she knew, it would open up all kinds of concerns and questions–and she is not ready for it.

      As to the phone call, you will just have to wait and see, little madam. 😀 Hugs.


      • awesomesub says:

        Thank you, Ana. I am glad when there is something worth reading in what I write. 🙂
        I can imagine how difficult this part must have been, because you have to create it so that the reader wants to read on … and bite her nails. 🙂 I enjoyed this scene very much, and one reason for that is the more lighthearted touch you had in it, compared to the other more intense scenes. I loved those too, but this creates a balance, so that the overall impression about the story is not a gloomy one.

        Oh hey, and I want to see Trinity spanked too, just like Trinity wants it. One of my secret hopes is that she’ll enjoy it endlessly and since Graciela looks so closely after her, I guess this will happen.
        I also thought that Gracie hasn’t recognized yet that Trinity is the one for her. She knows that she is attracted to Trinity, but that could be attributed to sexual appeal and Graciela’s motherly instinct, so, I am curious how Graciela will react when it dawns on her. 🙂


  3. SH says:

    Ooh another peek into the story, I am doing a happy dance 🙂 I am gonna really love this book 🙂

    Hey, look at that.. no whining or stomping…better write that down 😉


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      LOL. For the record, I never complained about the whining and stomping. I rather enjoyed tormenting you. I suppose that’s the real reason you stopped! 😀

      It is SO close to finished. I will probably show at least one more sneak peek before it goes up for sale. Hugs!


      • SH says:

        Well, don’t worry I haven’t become a complete angel by any means, I was just not awake enough this morning 🙂 Cuz you know piece by piece drives me crazy and I am not always the most patient person 😉 Hugs!


  4. Joelle Casteel says:

    I do love this scene, although I wanted to yell at Graciela for the too young comment. That’s probably more based on the fact that I got active in BDSM at 15 and I’m sure she’s considering what Trinity has been through more. It’s intriguing to get Trinity’s thoughts here and see how she doesn’t understand the separation of relationships- thinking about her thoughts on Samantha


  5. rozharrison says:

    Wow Ana, just wow! What an awesome scene. This had me gripped from beginning to end. Um, I wonder if Gracie’s mom was still on the phone waiting? LoL

    I love the inner confusion and conflict going on with both of them. Trinity thinks she knows what she wants. I think mostly, she craves approval from Graciela and reassurance. Poor Graciela, conflict for her too trying to do the ‘right’ thing by Trinity.

    Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂



  6. JoanneBest says:

    I’m sorry it took me so long to comment, but thank you so much for this peek into what’s to come. For some unknown reason, I can relate to Trinity so much, I wonder what that reason is 😉 ❤


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