Taste Us! You’ll Like Us! Meet Louisa Bacio for #LoveSpanks! (Yummy sacrilege)


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What Not to Do with Your Chocolate Cross …

By Louisa Bacio

It’s bad enough when Easter rolls around, and children across the world eat the heads off sweet bunnies. Or Christmas and Santa gets decapitated. The husband has a tendency to buy gifts that are a little bit, let’s say non-traditional.

A few years ago, I opened a chocolate cross. What was I supposed to do with it? It seems a bit blasphemous to eat it. Right?

[Ana’s note: It’s chocolate! Eat it! Jesus said to take and eat, right? 😉 ]

So rather than putting together a recipe of what to do, Ana suggested what not to do!

[Ana’s note: For reference, Louisa mentioned her chocolate cross dilemma LAST Easter. I loved it so much that I’ve posted about it on the blog once and still refer to it. I’m sure Chickie empathizes.]

  • Melt it – Oh my, that’s just wrong. As a base for most recipes, chocolate is melted.
  • Suck it – Rather than biting, you know how some people prefer to suck? The shape may be perfect, but the idea is not.
  • Dip it in marshmallow – Such a nice contrast of chocolate and cream, but mental picture = oh no!
  • Play with it – I’d rather not say anything else on the subject, but it is a bit phallic.
    [Ana’s note: This is the benefit of living in a F/F world!]
  • Eat it – In any sense of the word.

And on that final note … I’m not sure if it’s worse but they also sell a chocolate Jesus fish. Hey, wanna bake it?

Make sure to read my contribution for #LoveSpanks, “Sweet Sherrie.”

There’s nothing quite as sweet as two friends, tussling between the sheets. The “shy one” Sherrie wants to explore a physical relationship, but not before teaching her sorority sister bestie Desiree a few lessons on teasing.

Any ideas what not to do with a religious artifact turned into a sweet confection?

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13 thoughts on “Taste Us! You’ll Like Us! Meet Louisa Bacio for #LoveSpanks! (Yummy sacrilege)

  1. renee200 says:

    Goodness, I wouldn’t ask this group what not to do with it. Did you see what they did to the elf on a shelf during advent? You probably don’t want to turn it into a devil’s food cake…


  2. SH says:

    This made me laugh thinking about it. I have seen them in the store around Easter time. I have never had the urge to buy one, I mean who would I give it to? My grandbabies will eat chocolate rabbits just like their parents did and I hardly think my parish priest would appreciate it as a gift….maybe my MIL…..hmmmm, she would hate it so maybe I should cuz it would be a gift after all….. 🙂 Not sure my Hubby would find the humor in it though 😉


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