Question page for Love Spanks 2015

Are you having difficulty commenting on an author’s blog? Are you confused?

Post your question below, and one of our friendly authors will get back to you soon!

Happy Love Spanks!



12 thoughts on “Question page for Love Spanks 2015

  1. Tina s. says:

    I think that I have VIP and ambassador status but I’m not sure. Don’t want to add to the comments if it’s not for this party. I’ve completed sci spanks 2014 and Ana’s Advent 2014.


  2. Joelle Casteel says:

    So maybe this’ll help others- On F/F author or non F/F author, does the rule count for unpublished or unpublished? Short stories or novel(las)? I’ve only finished your story so far, Ana, but I used the A because as far as what I have published, I have a FF menage short story within a diverse anthology and FF scenes within diverse novels, but either of the strictly FF novels I’m writing are WIPs


  3. Ray Dean says:

    sorry.. i posted this on the old page…

    Tried to put a comment on Katie Richard’s page, but it kept giving me errors.. I was trying to say “Sometimes a dream is more real than reality… Hope Tersi gets to live her dream.

    also having some issues with

    Tried to leave the comment.. Sometimes life throws you into the right place at the right time even if you didn’t know that it was right for you… sweet fun!


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