Report for Mistress Kate



Evil Mistress Kate, aka Kate Richards, (not pictured above) would like a report from you on all the reasons why a sweet, kind Ana should be spared…

Okay, okay. No fibbing this time.

So, here’s the deal. Sweet, kind, benevolent Mistress Kate Richards​ *might* be asking for reports on why I need a birthday spanking on Sunday.

If you have pre-ordered Mistress on Her Knees and email the receipt to, I will place you in a drawing to win an ARC copy. (If you already sent the receipt for Love Spanks, you don’t need to do it again.) Drawing tonight at midnight EST or whenever I wake up after falling asleep at my desk, whichever comes sooner.

Mistress on Her Knees-Amazon

(Click on cover image to pre-order.)

The second point is independent of the first. It’s not bribery. But I *am* putting chocolate in the party favor bags. And I do love you. And…

Please put your report for Mistress Kate in the comments below. Remember, I have chocolate.


35 thoughts on “Report for Mistress Kate

  1. Mary M. says:

    Mistress Kate, Ana needs a spanking to correct the odd idea she seems to have that she should feel guilty for planning such a fun Birthday party.


  2. TH says:

    Dear Mistress Kate, below you’ll find my many grievances against Anastasia. I humbly request you redress these terrible injustices forthwith (or at the birthday party…whichever is your pleasure, naturally).

    Over the course of a mere two weeks–yes only two weeks–our dear Ana did:
    1. Send me to the corner on many occasions, absolutely unprovoked.
    2. Take away my toy — yes, my new battery-operated sanity-saving device — merely because she has an intolerance for bratty women. Hey, I should not be made responsible for her lack of patience.
    3. Use words like “play” “come” “pleasure” “secret” “goody” “private” and, of course, “spank” on many, many occasions while failing to take responsibility for turning me on.
    4. Make me write 500 lines about orgasms. No seriously, that’s what I think she said.
    5. Threaten my backside with spoons, whips, and hairbrushes on multiple occasions and NEVER ONCE DELIVERED promised welts.


      • TH says:

        Dear Mistress Kate, Ana just won’t stop. Now she’s talking about the things she will do with a pencil and I am just beside myself. And this on top of taking away my battery-operated toy! I have faith in your considerable powers of judgment to redress this and other wrongs. With sincere gratitude, your humble servant, Sweet Teresa of the Order of the Entirely Innocents.


  3. renee200 says:

    Mistress Kate, Ana needs to be spanked just because… she is such a naughty elf. And because she needs to know that we care for and love her enough to make sure she gets a birthday spanking. We would not want her to feel like she missed a special part of her birthday celebration. Thank you for helping to make her birthday special and helping her get out of the corner.


  4. Michelle Stevens says:

    Mistress Kate, Ana needs spanked because she keeps trying to get out of it. She has tried to sell her spanking on eBay and craigslist, give it away to the many miscreants she teases, and even bribing people to take it for her. She begged for this birthday spanking and should have to take it herself. We love her and want to make sure she gets what she needs.


  5. rozharrison says:

    Dear Mistress Kate, our dear Ana needs a spanking because … well, it’s her birthday after all, and there simply must be a birthday spanking. Also for tbe notion of guilt that she should have a party. Of course she should, so that she knows we love her:)

    Our naughty Ana has also been such a tease lately, and here she goes again bribing us with chocolate!



    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      But there are so many volunteers to be whipping girls, and shouldn’t the birthday girl share the fun? 😀

      I’m sucking on a chocolate chip at the moment. This chocolate goodness could be yours if you come to the dark side. You know you want to.


  6. JoanneBest says:

    Dear Mistress Kate,
    I am on the fence as to whether or not our Dearest Ana needs a Birthday spanking.
    On the one hand, she has been teasing us all quite a bit, perhaps more than my newbie little heart and unspanked bottom can take.
    But on the other hand, it’s her party and she can spank if she wants to, which logically transfers to it’s her party and she can give her spankings away if she wants to, also, chocolate ….
    As a designated spankee, I am sure you can understand my quandary.
    Since you are much wiser than I could ever hope to be, I am sure you will make the correct decision. Until you do, I will wait in the corner, as per usual. 😀

    With Love and everlasting Respect,
    Joanne =^..^= ❤


  7. awesomesub says:

    Dear Mistress Kate,
    🙂 I think that Ana’s birthday should be a wonderful one, and that usually means you shouldn’t be able to forget it within a few days. Especially the birthday girl shouldn’t be able to forget such an awesome day. Therefore she needs a spanking that will remind her of something wonderful whenever she tries to sit down. 🙂

    🙂 Maybe the more important reason for spanking Ana is her intention of feeling guilt on her special day (ducking unbelievable!)! I think Ana needs a wonderful way out of this and the best solution could be a spanking that conveys the message how much Ana is loved and cherished and that there is no reason for her to feel guilty on her birthday.

    🙂 Not only in her vicinity, but on a worldwide scale Ana has left the lasting impression of being very excited about her birthday So, there is a real lot of emotion involved. Therefore, a spanking might also be the right thing to calm her down just enough to take the greatest joy and pleasure out of her party.

    🙂 Ana is an angel most of the time and even though she is not too keen on admitting this, she’d be dead disappointed if she didn’t get the traditional birthday spanking. She has been talking about it for more than two weeks by now and as the good woman she is, deserves her expectations fulfilled.




    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Aw, Nina! You are just so cute and sweet that I can’t pout (too much). Your logic is impeccable. Rats! I will just say…how lucky I am to know such wonderful people. I may need to buy some new pillows for Sunday, though!

      LOL about ducking unbelievable.


  8. pieclown says:

    Dear Mistress Kate. Ana needs a spanking. Why? To beat some sense into her. She feels that she is NOT special. She is and we all want her to know how special she to us. Her work can be read about in this blog. The efforts with the Kindles is prime reason to celebrate her birthday, but she feels she not worthy of praise. Yes she needs to be taught a lesson that she like everyone else IS special. Pie pie 4 now. Pieclown


  9. SH says:

    Dear Mistress Kate,

    Ana is always the good girl, she does everything for everyone and never complains, she made goodie bags to give to everyone who wanted one, even though she originally was only going to do a few, she has planned an awesome birthday party for herself when really we should have planned it for her, she gives so much of herself to others she hardly sleeps it seems, she writes fantastic books and keeps us begging for more, she is generous and kind hearted beyond measure and we love her for it.


    Ana has tried numerous tricks, bribes, fibs…. trying to get out of her birthday spanking. If you look at the FB page for the party you will see ALL of it, honest! Frankly, I think it’s time for Ana to experience the other side of the coin 🙂 She will pout, she has all week, she will bribe, she has all week, she will probably stomp her feet and all of this makes her so deserving of the experience.

    I will leave the ultimate decision to you because I am sure in your infinite wisdom you will make the right choice for her.




  10. thelongbean says:

    Dear Mistress Kate
    Ana is trying to squirm her way out of a Birthday Spanking. In my opinion, this is justification enough to deserve an particularly memorable Birthday Spanking.
    What is more offensive is her attempts at bribery with chocolate. These attempts have no effect on me as I have not eaten chocolate for over 30 years.
    So there are 2 good reasons for a fully deserved and memorable birthday spanking.


  11. catrouble says:

    Dear Evil Mistress Kate…Ana deserves a birthday spanking for the following reasons:

    1. She has tried to kiss up by suddenly renaming you “Sweet, kind, benevolent Mistress Kate” when she is the one who named you Evil Mistress Kate and has threatened most of us with your wrath.
    2. Ana has tried to bribe and threaten others to take her spankings.
    3. I heard that she also tried to sell her spankings on Craigslist.
    4. She has designated spankees.
    5. She has threatened to and followed through with uninviting me to her party not one, not twice, but multiple times! Once she even re-invited me just so she could uninvite me!
    6. Ana posted that she feels guilty having a party for herself…she really needs the ‘guilt’ spanked out of her!
    7. Bottom line *snicker* it is her birthday and she deserves to be spanked with a wooden spoon! 😀

    Hugs and Blessings…


  12. Lynn says:

    Dear Mistress Kate, Ana is clearly begging for a birthday spanking since her attempts at bribery and then lying about said bribery are so blatantly obvious that she clearly wishes to be caught.

    Happy a Birthday for tomorrow, btw 🙂


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