Great reviews, upcoming release dates, and more!

Just a quick hello as I rush around trying to corral my “creativity” also known as my mess. 🙂 I’m picking up a guest at the airport today, and we have a packed schedule before she leaves tomorrow.

It’s a good thing guests visit, or else my home might never get a good cleaning. 😀

Mistress on Her Knees and Ana Adored have played tag with the top 3, 4, 5, and 6 spots in lesbian erotica. Currently, Mistress is #5 and Ana is #6. So…Mistress is beating Ana. *giggle*

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 2.17.25 PM

They’re both listed as “hot new releases,” and the reviews…wow! The reviews! Eight 5-star reviews and one 4-star review, and the newest one by Jeanne D stunned me:

Mistress on Her Knees is an intense experience. The writing is tight and masterful–the author has absolute command of her craft and the storytelling is impeccable. It feels almost cliche to compare the author to a Domme, but the analysis fits here. The narrative is masterful and deliberate. Anastasia Vitsky’s story is difficult to read at times. It’s erotic without sex. It’s emotional–painful in places– and yet the reader always feels as though the author is in absolute control. She opens up the story and shares the darkness and the light of the characters with deft strokes. While the story is essentially a Dom/sub love story gone bad and brought back (with a secondary love story within the story), the author manages to tell the story in a way that readers totally unfamiliar with Dom/sub experience, mindset, and emotion will feel as though they understand. You may not agree with Graciela; you may be confused by Trinity’s choices… but you will relate and care.

Short in length, the story could be devoured in a single sitting, but I took my time and came back to it. The visual descriptions are spare yet flawless, told with a well-balanced hand.

The author is gifted and this tight story is an intense treat. Don’t expect “erotica” here–no explicit sex. This is storytelling with emotion, with intellectual depth, and with power dynamics that confound genre labels.

Julie’s review had a wonderful analysis:

Another compelling story from Anastasia Vitsky . Mistress on Her Knees is centered around Graciela and Trinity, two women with a domme and sub, teacher and student history from long before who find themselves needing to reconnect. But Trinity is now a domme and disciplinarian herself, and re-accepting her former role isn’t part of her plan. Graciela’s belief that Trinity *needs* to revisit that role is at the heart of their story. Mistress on Her Knees explores not only the nature of dominance and submission, but the nature of relationships. Is forgiveness possible? To what lengths will you go to help someone heal? And to what lengths will you go to rid yourself of guilt?

As with most of Ana’s characters, Graciela and Trinity have flaws – they are capable of making bad decisions, manipulating situations to their advantage, and acting in their own interests while rationalizing those actions as being for others’ good. And even when they act with the best of intentions, their actions can be questionable and the results can be ambiguous. In other words, they’re human. Ana doesn’t write “Smack – OW!” fiction, where the story and the character’s actions exist merely to move from one scene of discipline to the next. Ana’s stories are fully realized studies of characters and situations, where discipline and punishment occur as a natural result of the choices characters make. Reading this story I found myself thinking about the nature of consent, and whether consent is always truly consensual. And about whether dommes and subs are ultimately defined by their roles and unable to act in any other way. And about where the line is between punishment for someone’s own good, and punishment for personal satisfaction – or even if there is a line at all. You may find yourself thinking about the effects of betrayal, and the suffocating impact of guilt, or the healing power of love.

But Mistress on Her Knees *will* make you think. I highly recommend it.

And this comment by A.F. Odom made me laugh:

…this author has a light touch to sex scenes, even when she includes them. I often find her books full of tease with little release for the reader. Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, —- and then it’s the next day, and the sex happened, but the reader didn’t get any.

Poor frustrated readers. 😀 Did you expect anything less from the Queen of Tease?

There are so many wonderful, thoughtful reviews that I can’t list them all here (or my guest may find my home still in a mess), but thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed, and shared the news.

In other news, Seoul Spankings and Living in Sin will be book baby twins! Both are scheduled for March 25 publication. Phew. This is an insane month. Four book releases in four weeks, plus three writing deadlines. Oh, and I do sleep once in a while (contrary to popular opinion).

I was not planning to hold a party for the next release as I have so many writing deadlines, but if the two books are coming out together…what better than a spicy/sweet party? Living in Sin is non-erotic and safe even for young adult readers. Seoul Spankings is…well, let’s just say my editor’s first response after reading was, “OMG, Ana! This is NSFA!”

Is it wrong that I’m a little proud? 🙂

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope your day is terrific.


5 thoughts on “Great reviews, upcoming release dates, and more!

  1. renee200 says:

    Yes Ana it is wrong to be a “little” proud. You should be a lot proud. Congratulations, both Mistress and Ana Adored are great books. Different but both are hot… Stand up tall and be proud of what you wrote. Your characters will demand nothing less. Enjoy your visit. Blessings. R


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      You are so sweet. 🙂 It is such a joy, every single day, to realize that the old voices were not true–the ones that said F/F didn’t sell and no one would read it. Thank you for all of your encouragement and support.


  2. awesomesub says:

    Hi Ana, these are awesome reviews and I could only agree with what is said in them. Well, I don’t know why anybody could not agree with Graciela of course 😀 (in Jeanne’s review), but both, Julie and Jeanne have stated wonderfully why Mistress on Her Knees is definitely awesome. I think that Julie nailed it when she mentioned that ‘Mistress’ will make you think. It is a book I could return to and discover something new.

    I am so curious by now about Living in Sin and Seoul Spankings, and if one of the two is a NSFA book, this will be the one I am going to read first.
    Uhm let’s see … long nights, loads of work, top of the amazon releases, … if not now, when else should you be proud of having been so successful with your books!? Enjoy this moment!!!

    Glad to hear that you do sleep 🙂 on occasion, and I hope you have a wonderful day.




    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Thank you for all of your support…and love for Gracie. 🙂 Still curious how you will respond to Hyunkyung in Seoul Spankings!

      I do love to make people think. 😀

      NSFA, hm? Naughty. I wonder what Gracie would say to that?

      Hugs back.


  3. rozharrison says:

    Hi Ana, congratulations on how well your books are doing! That is so awesome and you should be ‘very’ proud 🙂 wow, book twins! That definitely deserve celebrating:)



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