Mistress on Her Knees: Keeping silent

Welcome to Saturday Spankings and Snippet Sunday!

Mistress on Her Knees is still doing well! Thank you to everyone for your support.

Ten years ago, Trinity Maddox cheated on her partner, Graciela Fairbanks. Worse? Trinity slept with Graciela’s best friend. Graciela kicked her out. For good. Trinity became a professional Domme, just like Graciela, and resolved never to allow anyone into her life again.

Then, the unspeakable happened. Trinity fell for a client, Mira, who also fell for her. Mira’s relationship with her own partner is in shambles, and Trinity is responsible. What can she do?

She calls Graciela for help, but she forgets one thing: Graciela won’t tolerate fools.

Part 1: Whining

Part 2: My fault

Part 3: Injured party

“Yes.” She cracks her agreement like a whip. “When Hana brought Mira to you as a paid client, it was about them. When they invited you to their home as a guest, it was about them. When you played on a vulnerable girl’s emotions and taught her to love you, was it about them?”

“I never—”

“Accepted an invitation to visit them in their home and abused their trust?”
Every excuse rises to my rebellious lips, but I keep silent.


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Mistress on Her Knees

Thou shalt not covet thy host’s submissive

When a Domme loves a Domme, strange things can happen. When a Domme loves a Domme who is her former submissive and cheated with her best friend, all of the usual fun with handcuffs turns into something darker.

Graciela struggles to control her attraction to the headstrong, beautiful woman who broke her heart ten years ago. She offers temporary shelter to a fellow human in crisis, nothing more. But when Trinity buckles under Graciela’s righteous anger and begs for forgiveness, Graciela’s resolve wavers. Can she ever trust again? Does Trinity deserve a second chance, or is this yet another manipulation?

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38 thoughts on “Mistress on Her Knees: Keeping silent

  1. rozharrison says:

    Hi Ana, congratulations on the sucess of Mistress! Oh goodness, Graciela doesn’t sugar coat does she lol. Great snippet 🙂



  2. awesomesub says:

    Hi Ana, that Mistress on Her Knees is still in the top ten is wonderful. Congratulations!! I love this snippet because Graciela drags Trinity over the coals and is doing so with great justice. 😀




  3. Lynn says:

    I’m glad the book is doing well for you, Ana but now I’ve had time to read and process I’m still not sure what to think of it.

    I still don’t like what they did to Mira and it didn’t really feel consensual.


    • Julie says:

      Hi Lynn. I think this is one of the interesting things about reading a book that we’ve already read pieces of, and discussed both with other readers and the author. Normally when we read we at most will have read some short reviews of the work. In that situation as readers we can easily make our own decisions about characters and actions: are they good, evil or a little of both; are their actions justified, understandable, or unreasonable. The author might lead us one direction or another, and in many cases the answer is obvious, but we make the decision independently.

      But here, those of us who’ve read and discussed the snippets and excerpts don’t come to the story with a blank slate. In the case of Graciela and what happened with Mira, we know not only other readers’ opinions, but also Ana’s opinion. And Ana’s opinion ultimately is the truth of the story.

      When our opinion doesn’t match those of most readers, and especially when it doesn’t match Ana’s, it’s not surprising that “not sure what to think of it” is the result.

      I’ve been there too. 🙂


      • Anastasia Vitsky says:

        LOL Julie.

        Okay, I am tempted to let you and Lynn (and others) go at it. Should I put up a discussion post someday where you can all hash out your opinions on the (non)consensuality? I’d love to see what you come up with!

        Ana’s opinion is not the right one…it’s just the loudest one here on the blog. 🙂 Once the story goes out into the world, readers have their own opinions that are equally valid. Unless, of course, it’s something like, “Mira’s really a teenage boy.” 😀


      • Lynn says:

        Hi, Julie 🙂

        Do we know Ana’s opinion though? I remember arguing about whether it was fair or sensible but I can’t say I remember discussing consent.

        Not that I’m saying we didn’t; just that I don’t remember. That was when this ear infection (which still hasn’t gone 😦 ) was at its worst so a lot of those few weeks is a blur.


          • Lynn says:

            Hm! I wonder why anyone would have that impression 😉

            The dizziness is better but not gone. The ENT Consultant thinks I probably have benign paroxysmal positional vertigo but apparently I have some ‘soft markers’ for neurological involvement so I’ve got an MRI scheduled next week. He’s not that concerned or they would have done it sooner, so hopefully everything will be fine.


        • Julie says:

          I’m pretty sure we know Ana’s opinion in general – to quote her, “the disciplinarian is always right”. 🙂

          The consent question is trickier, but I think the idea is that Mira agreeing to her safeword being taken away makes it consensual. Ana won’t be surprised that I believe subs can easily be put in a situation of “non-consensual consent”, or questions that are only allowed to be answered one way. Or that I find those situations troubling. For me that’s the situation Mira was in – she “agreed” to her safeword being taken away, but of course had no choice. [And, as an aside, it happens so, so often with Kat. 🙂 ]

          But that can be the beauty of it – Ana’s writing, when she’s at her best, gives the reader room to decide how they feel about characters and their actions. We can dislike characters’ actions that she, as the author, is clearly fine with. And we can still believe they are wonderful characters (cough, cough – Natalie) even though our reasons for thinking they’re wonderful might be different than hers.

          And that’s why we read her and love her writing. We can go anywhere to read about spankings, or d/s, or ageplay, or BDSM. But (and I obviously haven’t read everyone), I haven’t found anyone else writing in this genre – or these genres – that is producing this level of literature.


          • Anastasia Vitsky says:

            And as I always say, my opinion is more nuanced than that. 😀 Remember our discussions about fair and unfair?

            But it IS true that I don’t think female dominants are given the respect they deserve, due to sexism and a lot of varying factors. So, yes, I sympathize with the dominant character as she is typically fighting to be treated as she is due.

            The consent/non-consent issue with Mira is a complicated one and deservedly so. When boundaries are violated to that degree (Trinity, Hana, and Graciela, to varying levels of complicity), fixing the problem will be almost as brutal as creating it. Think of the pain in cleaning/healing an infected wound. Ouch!


          • Lynn says:

            I was thinking more about the “If you walk out you can’t come back” comment. You can’t consent with a figurative gun to your head. Or a literal one for that matter!


            • Anastasia Vitsky says:

              Right. It was not, in that way, consensual. But at the same time, relationships involve drawing a line. Trinity did not consent to be kicked out by Graciela, but the warning was clear: Cheat on me, and you are done. In some way, being part of the relationship *is* consenting.


                  • Lynn says:

                    Well if you like, but I’m not sure Julie and I have much to discuss as we agree with each other. It could be summed up thus:
                    Lynn: Ana’s a disgrace, Julie! That was so non-consensual.
                    Julie: You’re so right, Lynn. She certainly is!

                    You are the one who needs pinning down, Madam and that seems fairly impossible. You throw out these provocative statements and then neatly sidestep questions 😉


  4. Karen Michelle Nutt says:

    Great snippet! I think she’s been holding back too long. lol Have to agree with Iris– love this line: “She cracks her agreement like a whip.”


  5. chellecordero says:

    “was it about them?” Gee, she takes no prisoners. Very strong words, I like the way she hurls the accusations. Great snippet.


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