#Satspanks and Snippet Sunday: #SeoulSpankings

Kickass Girls


Since people are not remembering the previous excerpt, here it is for context only. This week’s excerpt is the bolded second one.

“Say my name,” she demanded, startling me with her fierceness. Korean For Foreigners had told me saying someone’s name was rude.

“Hee-yon,” I stammered, unable to form the alien syllables. “Huh…huh-yawn.”

She pursed her lips, circling my chair. “Indi Go,” she enunciated in the odd, separated manner seeming to order me from her presence. “Here I am not Ee Sajahng. I am Hyunkyung Han, and you will call me by name.”

“Ee,” I faltered. Some of her employees had said something familiar. “Ee?” I latched onto the only sound I could replicate.

“Ee Sajahng,” she repeated. “Founder. Investor. A title, not a name. Call me Hyunkyung.” This time, as she walked around me, her knee brushed against mine. A tiny gymnast vaulted somewhere underneath my ribs, and I spoke without thinking.

“Can’t I say HK?” After all, her staff called me Miss Go. Why insult her by butchering the sounds I couldn’t form?

She paused behind me, delaying long enough to highlight the ludicrous nature of my request. Yo, Barack ol’ buddy. I can call you BO, right?

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

“Americans are so familiar,” she said, in an undertone.

“Koreans are so formal!” I protested.

“Yes,” she answered, tapping one manicured finger against another. “Let’s show you how formal.”


This snippet follows the preview shown with the cover reveal for Seoul Spankings.  Indigo, an Iowa farmgirl, has received a 1Night stand plus a one-way ticket to Seoul, South Korea from her great-aunt Matilda. Hyunkyung Han, CEO for the multi-billion-dollar Han Incorporated, has designs for Indigo. Let’s just say that Indigo is in for a surprise. 🙂

The tiny gymnast saluted the judges before pummeling her feet on the runway toward the springboard.
“Stand,” she ordered. I obeyed instantly, scooting the chair backward. Would she lecture me on comportment or inspect my fingernails? “Hold the back of the chair.”

Confused, I turned around to rest my forearms on the rounded leather top.

“Like this?”

From the other side, she drew my hands over the back of the chair to grip the corners. She slid a hand underneath my torso to pat my stomach. I flinched, thankful my long hours at the gym had melted away the extra layers brought on by the pints of ice cream I’d devoured after leaving Greg.

Seoul Spankings2_1300x2000


You’ve met (and feared) the Mistress. You’ve adored Ana. You’ve pre-ordered Living in Sin.

Now it’s time to meet Seoul Spankings!


Broken-hearted when her live-in boyfriend impregnates her best frenemy, Indigo Adams accepts a one-way ticket to Seoul, South Korea, and a challenge from her Great-Aunt Matilda: Forget that boy. Go and make something of yourself.

Bruised from an international public relations nightmare as the new heir to the multi-billion-dollar Han Incorporated, Hyunkyung Han seeks positive publicity in the form of a wedding. She consults with Madame Eve to find a nice, well-behaved Korean American with bilingual and bicultural skills.

Instead, Madame Eve sends Indi, a naïve philosophy major graduate working for minimum wage at the local pub. Enraged to find Indi can’t speak one word of Korean, Hyunkyung orders her sent home on the next plane to Spillville, Iowa.

Then Hyunkyung shakes Indi’s hand, and the sparks fly. With all of her professional responsibilities, how can Hyunkyung allow herself to fall for the wrong woman? How can Indi feel attraction for a woman who despises her?

Seoul Spankings offers a light-hearted romp through the perils and joys of navigating an intercultural romance. Certain to delight all fans of a happily ever after with a kinky twist.

Since the pre-order special was so successful for Mistress on Her Knees, I am offering the same deal for Seoul Spankings. If you email your pre-order receipt to ana_stasia2007@yahoo.com (put “Seoul Spankings pre-order” as the subject line), I will draw one name to receive a sneak peek of the book.

Don’t forget the release parties! We will have a brief meeting on Wednesday the 25th (release day) followed by the party beginning at noon EDT on Sunday the 29th.

Hope you can come!

We’ll have games, possibly another roleplay, a discussion about dominant women, and a peek at some deleted scenes from the book. Plus discussion about the title. Seoul Spankings was a compromise. 🙂



15 thoughts on “#Satspanks and Snippet Sunday: #SeoulSpankings

  1. chellecordero says:

    The gymnast intrigues me, you mention it twice, once in last week’s excerpt (under her ribs) and then in this week it seems to be an actual gymnast in competition? I assume there is a specific symbolism.
    The snippet is good and I want to know what happens next.


  2. rozharrison says:

    The gymnast intrigues me too Ana. Ooh, could it be Indigo’s inner self? Great snippet. So difficult trying to come to grips with new cultures.



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