#MistressPlease begins on Wednesday! #MistressonHerKnees #99cents sale!


You have knelt before the Mistress, but are you ready to say please? You know how she likes begging. 😀

Mistress, Please, the much-anticipated sequel to Mistress on Her Knees, will be available one chapter per day April 15-29. What will happen? Even I don’t know! 😀 I have copious notes, a few scenes sketched out, and a rough idea of the major story arc. Other than that, I’m entering this adventure just as ready for surprise as everyone else.

Mistress on Her Knees-Amazon

If you haven’t read Mistress on Her Knees yet, what are you waiting for? Click the image above for the Amazon buy link.

But wait! The news gets better! For one week only, you can get Mistress on Her Knees for the low, low price of 99 cents! That’s right…less than a cup of coffee. 😀

Are you Team Gracie or Team Trinity? Stop by on Wednesday to see who’s in the lead. 😀


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